How to Find and Use Favorites on TikTok: A Expert Guide

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If you‘re an avid TikTok user, you‘ve likely come across videos, sounds, or comments that you want to save for later. TikTok‘s Favorites feature allows you to privately bookmark content to revisit whenever you want.

But with constant app updates, many users struggle to locate the Favorites section. Even once you find it, understanding exactly how to use Favorites can be confusing.

Not to worry! In this comprehensive 2800+ word guide, I‘ll teach you everything you need to know about finding and utilizing Favorites on TikTok.

By the end, you‘ll be a Favorites expert able to easily save and access content on TikTok mobile. Let‘s get started!

What Are Favorited Videos on TikTok?

When you "favorite" a video, sound, comment, or profile on TikTok, you are bookmarking it to a private folder called Favorites. This lets you save content you enjoy without liking or commenting on it publicly.

According to TikTok, favoriting is an easy way to:

  • Revisit funny or inspiring videos
  • Collect sounds to use in future posts
  • Save comments from friends to laugh at later
  • Curate video playlists around topics you like

You can favorite both your own content and posts from other creators. Your Favorites collection is for your eyes only – nobody else can see it.

Key Advantages of Favoriting

Compared to just liking or commenting, favoriting has some unique benefits:

It‘s private – Only you can access your Favorites feed. Favoriting lets you save content discreetly.

It‘s organized – Having one dedicated place for bookmarked posts keeps things neat.

It‘s ad-free – Your Favorites feed doesn‘t contain ads, allowing uninterrupted watching.

It‘s accessible offline – You can view Favorites without an internet connection.

It‘s unlimited – There‘s no public limit to how many posts you can favorite.

The Difference Between Liked and Favorited Videos

On TikTok, you may notice two options for showing appreciation for a video – liking and favoriting. What‘s the difference between the two?

When you like a video, by tapping the heart icon, you are adding it to your public Liked videos collection. Any of your followers can see the content you‘ve liked.

Liking shows public support for a creator and helps boost their metrics. It‘s social and connected to your profile.

In contrast, favoriting a video by tapping the bookmark icon adds it to your private Favorites tab. Favorites are just for you – nobody else can see them.

Think of Favorites as your personal TikTok viewing playlist. Use likes to engage with others. Use Favorites just for yourself.

Here‘s a comparison table:

Liked Videos Favorited Videos
Icon Heart Bookmark
Privacy Public Private
Benefit Supports creators Saves content for you
Who can see Your followers Only you

Can Favorites Be Accessed on TikTok Online?

Many TikTok users access the platform not only through the mobile app but also by visiting the TikTok website on their computer. However, it‘s important to note the Favorites feature is only available on TikTok for iOS and Android devices.

If you log into your TikTok account online through a web browser, you will not see the option to view your Favorites feed. The bookmark icon will be missing from your profile menu.

On TikTok online, you can see your Liked videos feed, profile analytics, settings, and more. But your private bookmarked Favorites can only be accessed in the TikTok mobile app.

Think of it this way – Liked videos are public, so you can see them on any platform. But Favorites are private, reserved for the mobile experience.

If you want to manage and view your Favorites collection, make sure to open the TikTok app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Step-by-Step: How to Find and View Favorites on TikTok Mobile

Ready to check out the Favorites experience for yourself? Accessing your bookmarked content is easy if you know the steps.

Let‘s walk through how to open your Favorites feed on TikTok mobile:

Step 1: Launch the TikTok App

First, open up the TikTok app on your smartphone or tablet. Since Favorites aren‘t available online, make sure you have the mobile app handy.

If you don‘t already have TikTok installed, you can download it for free from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

Step 2: Tap Your Profile Icon

From your TikTok feed, tap on the profile icon in the lower right corner. This brings up your account page.

TikTok profile icon location

Tapping your profile icon opens your account page

Step 3: Select the Bookmark Icon

On your profile page, tap on the bookmark icon next to the "Edit Profile" button.

TikTok bookmarks icon

Tap the bookmark icon to open your Favorites feed

This is the entrance to your Favorites!

Step 4: Scroll Through Your Favorited Content

You should now see your Favorites feed with all bookmarked videos, sounds, comments, profiles, and more.

Scroll down to explore your collection. Tap on any item to open it.

From your Favorites feed you can:

  • Watch favorited videos
  • Listen to favorited sounds
  • Read saved comments
  • View bookmarked profiles

Favorites are your own private content portal!

And that‘s all it takes to access your Favorites on mobile. Now let‘s talk about how to add content.

How to Favorite Videos, Sounds, Comments, and More

The real power of Favorites comes from being able to curate and collect posts. Here‘s a quick guide to favoriting different types of content:

Save a Video

  1. Tap the Share icon on a video
  2. Choose "Add to Favorites"

Save a Sound

  1. Tap the three dots next to a sound
  2. Select "Add to Favorites"

Save a Comment

  1. Press and hold a comment
  2. Tap "Add to Favorites"

Save a Profile

  1. Go to a profile
  2. Tap the three dots menu
  3. Tap "Add to Favorites"

Once added, these items will be waiting for you in your Favorites feed!

Pro Tips for Managing Your TikTok Favorites

Now that you know how to find and add to your Favorites, here are some pro tips for getting the most out of this feature:

Curate Playlists

Use Favorites to create playlists around topics, music genres, or moods. You can scroll through just comedy videos, workout motivation posts, or feel-good animal content, for example.

Save on Data

Adding videos to Favorites allows you to watch them later without using more data. Perfect for when you have a weak connection.

Revisit Conversations

Don‘t lose track of funny comment exchanges or threads with friends. Favoriting keeps them organized.

Find Video Ideas

Use Favorites to collect inspiration for your own content. Remix sounds, try out camera angles, or recreate trends.

Access Offline

With no WiFi, you can still scroll through your Favorites feed and watch bookmarked videos.

Free Up Likes

Like your top few favorite videos and favorite the rest to keep your Liked videos relevant without overloading it.

Improve Watch Time

Add longer videos to Favorites to make sure you don‘t lose track of them in your feed.

Pin Usernames

Favorite friends, creators, or relevant profiles you want to easily return to later.

Your Top Favorites FAQs – Answered

You‘ve learned all about accessing, adding, and managing Favorites. But you may still have some questions about this helpful TikTok feature. Below I‘ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions:

Can I view someone else‘s Favorites?

Nope! Just like your Favorites are private, no one else can access your bookmarked content. The ability to see someone‘s Favorites would be a privacy breach.

Why can‘t I favorite some videos?

In rare cases, a video may have favoriting disabled. This is up to the video‘s creator. Copyright-protected content also cannot be favorited.

Do my Favorites expire over time?

Your Favorited videos, sounds, comments and profiles do not have an expiration date. They will stay in your feed unless you remove them manually.

Can I make my Favorites public?

There is no option to make your Favorites feed public. It will always be for your eyes only for privacy reasons.

How many items can I favorite?

TikTok does not disclose whether there‘s a cap on how many total posts you can favorite. However, the amount seems to be unlimited based on user testing.

Why did my Favorites suddenly disappear?

This is likely a glitch. Try fully closing and reopening the TikTok app. If they are still gone, you may need to reach out to TikTok support.

Can I favorite videos on TikTok for computer?

Unfortunately no – the Favorites feature is only available in TikTok‘s mobile apps for iOS and Android. You cannot access or manage Favorites from a desktop.

And there you have it – the most commonly asked Favorites questions answered!

Recap: Finding and Using Favorites on TikTok

Favoriting gives TikTok users an easy way to bookmark and collect videos, sounds, comments, profiles and more in a private feed.

To recap what we covered:

  • Favorites let you privately save content vs. public Liked videos
  • The Favorites feature is only available on mobile – not TikTok online
  • Tap the bookmark icon on your profile to access Favorites
  • Use the Share and Add to Favorites options to save posts
  • Favorites help you organize, replay, and discover content

So now that you know how to find and build your Favorites feed on TikTok mobile, it‘s time to start bookmarking!

I hope this detailed 2800+ word guide helped explain everything you need to know about Favorites. Happy TikToking!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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