What Does "Server Maintenance Underway" Mean in eFootball?

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Hey there fellow eFootball fan! Have you ever fired up the game, only to be greeted by the dreaded "Server Maintenance Underway" message? I‘ve been there too. There‘s nothing more frustrating than getting pumped up to play, only to be blocked by maintenance downtime.

But don‘t worry – in this guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to deal with eFootball server maintenance smoothly. We‘ll cover:

  • What "Server Maintenance Underway" actually means
  • How long maintenance usually lasts
  • When to expect the next maintenance period
  • How to check server status
  • Tips for staying busy during downtime
  • Whether maintenance results in compensation

And much more! Arm yourself with this knowledge and server maintenance will go from headache to harmless. Let‘s dive in!

Seeing the "Server Maintenance Underway" message means the eFootball servers are temporarily offline for maintenance updates.

During these periods, you won‘t be able to access online features and modes, including:

  • Online Versus Matches
  • Co-op Matches
  • Dreamball Earning Matches
  • eFootball Creative League
  • Matchday Mode
  • MyClub Mode
  • Ranked Matches
  • Friend Lobby
  • And more

Essentially, the entire online component of eFootball will be inaccessible. Bummer!

According to Konami data, eFootball averages around 2.4 million players daily. That‘s a lot of disappointed gamers when the servers go down!

But don‘t despair – this downtime is actually for the greater good. eFootball developers routinely perform maintenance to improve the game, including:

  • Deploying patches and hotfixes: Fixing bugs, glitches, exploits, crashes, and other technical issues.

  • Balancing gameplay: Tweaking overpowered mechanics, stats, skills, etc. to enhance competitiveness.

  • Introducing new content: Adding new game modes, events, players, skins, and other content.

  • Improving stability: Optimizing servers and infrastructure to boost performance and connectivity.

So while maintenance periods are inconvenient, they result in a smoother and more enjoyable eFootball experience overall!

The duration of eFootball maintenance periods can vary significantly depending on the scale and complexity of the updates being implemented:

Maintenance Type Typical Duration
Minor hotfixes 15 min – 1 hour
Major patches 2 – 4 hours
Massive seasonal updates 6+ hours
  • Minor hotfixes usually deal with pressing exploits or bugs that need a quick turnaround. These rapid maintenance periods typically last less than an hour.

  • Major patches that change mechanics or add new features generally require 2-4 hours of downtime. These keep the meta evolving.

  • Massive seasonal updates like the recent Season 2 patch can take 6 hours or longer. These dramatically shake up the game to keep it fresh.

During the Season 2 maintenance, some users experienced downtime lasting up to 8 hours due to complexity. Clearly, bigger updates equal longer maintenance windows.

The most frustrating part is the unpredictability of eFootball‘s maintenance schedule. Downtime happens sporadically as needed for patches.

Some players have called for a set weekly maintenance window for predictability. But Konami has yet to implement scheduled windows.

For now, keeping tabs on eFootball‘s Twitter and other social channels is your best bet for getting a heads up on imminent maintenance periods.

While unpredictable, there are certain occasions that commonly prompt maintenance periods:

  • Start of new seasons – Large patches pre-empt each new season, like the recent Season 2 launch.

  • Major tournaments – Updates surrounding events like the World Cup or UEFA Euros require downtime.

  • Significant exploits detected – Emergency patches are fast-tracked when gameplay is excessively impacted.

  • Teased/previewed updates – Konami previews major updates weeks before deployment, signaling upcoming maintenance.

  • Ongoing issues – Lingering bugs and glitches often get bundled into larger patches down the road.

Konami provides little notice ahead of maintenance, unless it coincides with a major event or announcement.

For example, the Season 2 maintenance announcement came just 12 hours before the downtime began. Enough time to squeeze in some pre-update matches, but not much else!

Closely tracking Konami‘s blogs, patch notes, and Twitter account is your best early warning for imminent maintenance periods. Otherwise, you‘ll likely get surprised.

Wondering if maintenance is still ongoing or the servers are back up? Here are a few handy ways to check live server status:

Konami‘s Server Status Page

Konami has an official server status page for eFootball. This displays whether servers are up, undergoing maintenance, or experiencing outages.

However, some users report this page fails to update promptly when maintenance begins or ends. Use it as a general gauge, but don‘t rely on it.

Twitter Updates

Following the official eFootball Twitter account is your best bet for getting real-time server status updates directly from Konami. Updates are frequently posted during maintenance.


Downdetector provides a live view of eFootball outage reports, clearly showing ongoing downtime spikes. Reports spike when maintenance kicks off and taper as it concludes.

Ask Friends

If servers appear offline on your end, ask eFootball friends across regions if they can access the game. If they can‘t, maintenance is likely global and still underway.

Combining these methods will give you the most accurate picture of current server status when waiting impatiently for maintenance to end!

Server downtime keeping you from your eFootball grind? Here are some productive ways to fill the time:

  • Play eFootball offline – Hop into Training, Local Match, or Edit Mode. Just remember your online progress won‘t carry over.

  • Watch replays – Study your past online matches to analyze strategy and improve your skills.

  • Manage your club – Tinker with your MyClub squad, contracts, formations, tactics and more while waiting.

  • Read patch notes – Get a head start understanding upcoming changes by reviewing new patch notes.

  • Catch up on tournaments – Throw on a stream or VOD of a recent soccer match until servers are back.

  • Clean up your backlog – Knock out a few single-player games that have been sitting untouched.

  • Touch grass – Get some fresh air and exercise in before the next intense eFootball session.

  • Socialize offline – Group up for some local multiplayer with friends who also can‘t access eFootball online.

No one wants dead time while they could be playing. But try to make the most of the forced break and you‘ll be back dominating the pitch before you know it!

I wish I could tell you that Konami offers Dreamballs, GP, or other in-game currency after extended maintenance. But sadly, no such compensation exists currently in eFootball.

Some online games provide XP boosts, premium currency, cosmetics and more to players impacted by lengthy downtime. However, Konami has no official policy of maintenance compensation for eFootball.

The only "make good" offered is the promise that maintenance improves the overall game. But some sort of compensation would certainly ease the pain!

If maintenance periods continue growing in frequency and duration, hopefully Konami will reconsider some form of compensation to appease the player base.

For now, your only recourse is to provide feedback on the lack of compensation through eFootball‘s official social channels and forums. Constructive community voices can potentially prompt policy change!

At the end of the day, server maintenance downtime is an unavoidable nuisance in modern online gaming.

By understanding the reasons for maintenance, how long it typically lasts, and when it‘s coming, you can stay upbeat and make the most of the situation when it strikes in eFootball.

Be sure to follow Konami‘s social channels and check server status pages to stay informed. And don‘t forget to voice your thoughts on compensation – community feedback can prompt positive improvements!

The more prepared you are to handle maintenance periods, the less aggravated you‘ll feel when they pop up. Stay chill, stay busy, and you‘ll be back dominating the pitch in no time. Game on!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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