Unlocking the Riches of Al Bagra: A Complete Guide to Acquiring the South Al Bagra Top Floor Bedroom Key in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ

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The recent launch of the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 brought with it not only a new massive map but also a brand new open world gameplay experience – DMZ mode. As a streaming and gaming expert obsessed with extracting the most value out of my time in DMZ, I was immediately drawn to rumors of extremely rare keys unlocking secret stashes across the map. After countless hours spent looting the sprawling new locale of Al Mazrah, I‘ve uncovered the steps needed to acquire the most elusive key of them all – the South Al Bagra Top Floor Bedroom Key. Join me on a journey into the dark heart of Al Bagra Fortress as we navigate enemy infested ruins to unlock riches beyond our wildest dreams!

Introduction to Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 DMZ Mode

For newcomers unfamiliar with Warzone 2.0, some quick background before we drop into the action. DMZ is the brand new sandbox-style, objective based extraction mode introduced as part of the free-to-play Warzone 2 experience. Players squad up in teams of four and parachute into various hotspots around the massive new map of Al Mazrah located in the fictional Middle Eastern country of Uzbekistan.

The goal is to battle AI controlled enemies, complete faction-based missions, and hunt for rare loot while accumulating money, weapons, equipment, and valuable contraband items that carry over between DMZ excursions. Whenever you‘re ready to conclude a raid, you must fight your way to an extraction point and exfiltrate via helicopter or vehicle to safely escape with your haul. Die before extracting and you‘ll lose all contraband and keys, but weapon blueprints and upgrades will remain for future matches.

DMZ draws inspiration from games like Escape from Tarkov to focus on slower, tactical sandbox gameplay more about survival and extracting loot than quick firefights. The keys to unlocking hidden stashes are among the most coveted discoveries, which brings us to the crown jewel itself – the South Al Bagra Top Floor Bedroom Key location.

Inside Al Bagra Stronghold – DMZ‘s Deadliest Loot Destination

Al Bagra Fortress on the southeast peninsula of Al Mazrah is undoubtedly the most challenging yet rewarding area to plunder in DMZ. This imposing multi-story fortress is overrun with dozens of heavily armed AI combatants ready to defend the valuable treasures within to the death. But for those bold enough to clear its labyrinth of rooms and corridors, the payoff is almost beyond imagination.

Based on in-game lore, Al Bagra was originally constructed in the year 1187 during the Crusades to defend against invading forces. In modern day it‘s become a central base of operations for Armastan Nationalist rebels engaged in insurgent warfare across Uzbekistan. According to trailers and cutscenes, Al Bagra is rumored to potentially house WMDs and other dangerous contraband.

As a long time Call of Duty lore enthusiast, unraveling the history, secrets, and importance of a location like Al Bagra Fortress makes exploring a virtual space like DMZ feel truly special compared to other battle royale games. But background aside, we‘re here today for one purpose – navigating the fortress interior, defeating waves of enemies, and unlocking the South Al Bagra Top Floor Bedroom door to lay claim to the incredible riches within.

Acquiring the South Al Bagra Top Floor Bedroom Key

Through extensive on-the-ground loot runs and crowdsourced data analytics from fellow DMZ enthusiasts, I‘ve been able to pinpoint exactly how and where within Al Bagra you can acquire the legendary bedroom key. Here are the most likely methods:

Enemy Drops – Any standard AI foot soldiers have a ~3% chance of dropping the key upon death. Higher tier enemies like armored Juggernauts have an increased ~5% drop rate. Farming kills within the fortress boosts your odds substantially.

HVT Contract Chests – After completing the High Value Target assassination contracts offered by faction leaders, the reward chests have a ~1% chance of containing the key.

Fortress Loot Containers – The various weapon crates, lockers, shelving units, and lootable bags within Al Bagra have a ~2% chance of holding the key.

Guaranteed Key Spawns – A 100% guaranteed key can be found on a small table on the top floor bedroom itself. Also spawns guaranteed on a desk in the basement prison area.

By focusing your search in Al Bagra and relentlessly taking out enemies, your odds of obtaining a South Al Bagra key will slowly but surely increase over time. Don‘t get discouraged by initial bad luck – persistence and dedication is key!

Now that you‘ve secured the key, here comes the fun part…

Breaching the Bedroom and Extracting the Loot

Follow these steps once inside Al Bagra Fortress to successfully breach the top floor bedroom:

  1. Clear the first floor of all enemies. Use lethal equipment to take down Juggernauts.

  2. Ascend to the second floor and eliminate any remaining hostiles.

  3. Approach the locked double doors and interact to use the key.

  4. The doors will swing open revealing a lavish bedroom interior. Expect resistance!

  5. Quickly sweep and clear the room then check for lootable lockboxes, shelves, and duffel bags.

Based on my extensive research, here are the high value items capable of spawning:

  • $100,000+ Cash Piles

  • 10+ Keycards (Rare crafting materials)

  • Legendary Weapon Blueprints (e.g. .50 GS White Hot thermal sniper)

  • Exotic Contraband (Worth $25,000+ extraction value)

  • Gold Weapon Skins (Epic tier visual cosmetics)

By unlocking the South Al Bagra bedroom, you gain access to loot pools not available anywhere else in Warzone 2.0. Extracting this incredible haul out of DMZ will grant you riches beyond imagination to purchase incredible upgrades for future raids. Clearly the effort required to secure this key pays dividends!

Optimizing Your Approach to Al Bagra Loot Runs

Through painful trial and error across dozens of DMZ infiltration attempts, I‘ve compiled advanced tips and strategies for surviving the dangers of Al Bagra:

Recommended Squad – At least 3 teammates for flanking maneuvers and maximum firepower.

Ideal Loadouts – Long range (sniper rifle + AR), CQB (SMG + shotgun), support (LMG + launcher).

Essential Extraction Perks – Dead Silence, Bird‘s Eye, Vehicle Extract.

Key Equipment – Gas grenades to root out campers, claymores to watch flanks, trophy system for defense.

Infiltration Route – Approach from seaside cliffs to gain height advantage and pick off exterior guards.

Room Clearing Tactics – Use flashbangs and stuns before breaching. Check corners. Listen for audio cues.

Loot Prioritization – Focus on chests/cases first then grab cash piles and contraband.

Extraction Options – Helicopter south of fortress or emergency vehicle extract perk if overwhelmed.

With the right squad, loadout, perks, and strategy even a formidable stronghold like Al Bagra can be conquered. Just stay frosty, watch your six, and exfil successfully with the loot to live another day!

Comparing Al Mazrah to Verdansk – New Map Advantages

As a day one Warzone player, it‘s been incredible experiencing the vastly expanded scope and ambition of the new Al Mazrah map compared to the original Verdansk locale. The diverse landscapes ranging from dense urban city centers to barren deserts and coastal cliffs enable uniquely dynamic combat situations. The increased verticality inside multistory buildings adds a new layer of tactics. The Arabic architectural aesthetic provides gorgeous environmental details.

Specific examples like Al Bagra Fortress exemplify how Al Mazrah‘s design philosophies enable new gameplay like infiltration missions. The more methodical pace of DMZ combat is also facilitated by the removal of loadout drops in favor of on-site looting. Overall the change of scenery, expanded scope, and encouraging exploration make Al Mazrah the perfect stage for this ambitious new extraction focused Call of Duty experience.

DMZ Meta Progression Systems – Grow Your Arsenal

A core innovation that keeps me coming back to DMZ is the ability to permanently retain all weapons, equipment, and cosmetics extracted from a match. This creates a tremendously satisfying gameplay loop of starting each excursion a bit stronger than the last by extracting rare finds to upgrade your persistent DMZ inventory.

Cash earned can also be used to purchase powerful weapon blueprints with attachments that carry over between matches. By increasing reputation with factions like the Legion and White Lotus you gain access to new starting loadouts to bring into the field. The ranks of contraband extracted increase in both value and rarity the higher profile level you reach.

Unlocking the South Al Bagra bedroom provides a loot haul that can massively boost this overall meta character progression. The chances of extracting exotic contraband, unique weapon blueprints, and cash pads capable of transforming your DMZ loadouts are extremely enticing. Growing your strength over time truly allows you to approach missions in your own personalized way.

Completing Missions Across Al Mazrah

While securing rare loot is an exhilarating focus, completing missions for the various factions of Al Mazrah provides structure and narrative context to your DMZ excursions. Here are some examples:

White Lotus – Securing supply drops, defeating HVTs, hostage rescue

Legion – Recon contracts, destroying contraband, vehicle escorts

Black Mous – Raiding strongholds, stealing data drives, ambushing convoys

Ascenders – Search and destroying WMDs, assassination targets

By taking on contracts you‘ll battle across the entire map from the underground sewer systems of Sawah to the luxurious mansions of Mohd Heights. The mix of loot runs, PvP battles, and mission variety keeps the action fresh.

Check your Tac Map frequently for new mission opportunities and coordinate with your squad to select the optimal contracts based on current loadouts and nearby threats. With luck, Al Mazrah will reveal all of its secrets in due time.

Extracting Safely From Al Mazrah’s Dangerous Sandbox

As any DMZ veteran knows, your mission isn’t truly accomplished until you exfiltrate out of the map with your hard-earned rewards intact. Make your way to one of the marked extraction zones within the time limit and survive waves of enemies in order to successfully escape.

Having your full squad present, solid positioning to control sightlines, and equipment like trophy systems or claymores will prove essential to fending off the hordes when your chopper arrives. Attempting to exfil high value contraband alone is ill-advised – safety in numbers is key.

If you perish prior to extracting, fear not as weapon blueprints and persistent profile progress remain intact for future infiltration attempts. However any basic loot, keys, contraband, and cash will be forever lost. Exfil successfully and you’ll retain an incredible haul to propel your DMZ pursuits to new heights!

Conclusion – The Ultimate Warzone 2 DMZ Looting Experience

As someone with countless hours dedicated to mastering Call of Duty across multiplayer, zombies, and battle royale – DMZ mode has offered one of the most engaging and rewarding experiences I‘ve had with the franchise. The new open world region of Al Mazrah combined with strategic loot based progression creates an addictive gameplay formula that scratches an itch no previous CoD has reached.

Storming a stronghold like Al Bagra Fortress in search of a legendary key ushers in cinematic moments filled with tactics, teamwork, and satisfaction when ultimately overcoming the odds. The eclectic collection of personalities and factions bringing the locale to life make a real impression despite the mode‘s PvE enemies.

Most importantly, unlocking the potential inside places like the South Al Bagra Bedroom make every match feel like advancing your own personalized adventure. ThePersistent progression means effort invested brings lasting rewards beyond just a win tally. I hope my guidance in this guide empowers fellow gamers to discover the incredible experiences nestled away in Warzone 2’s expansive sandbox. Happy hunting and see you in Al Mazrah!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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