How to Complete the Mysterious "Sprouting Seedlings" Quest in Genshin Impact – An In-Depth Guide

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Are you having trouble finding and finishing the "Sprouting Seedlings" quest in Genshin Impact? You‘re not alone! Many players struggle with locating the hidden cave that starts this cryptic quest.

As a Genshin veteran myself, I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to wander aimlessly around Sumeru searching for solutions. So I‘ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you master the "Sprouting Seedlings" quest step-by-step!

Introduction – Why "Sprouting Seedlings" Stumps So Many Gamers

Let‘s start with some background – the "Sprouting Seedlings" World Quest takes place in Sumeru‘s massive underground jungle region, Vanarana. It becomes available only after making significant progress in Aranyaka, specifically completing the “Varuna Gatha” quest.

Now, on the surface, Sprouting Seedlings seems simple – find a cave, chat with an Aranara named Aranakula inside, done. So why do so many players consider it one of the trickiest quests?

Several factors conspire to make this quest far more elusive than it appears:

  • Hard-to-Find Cave Location – The cave itself is tucked away in a remote corner of Vanarana‘s sprawling network of tunnels and easily overlooked.

  • Cryptic Directions – There are no map markers or guidance pointing you to the correct cave. You just have to wander until you hopefully stumble across it.

  • Hidden Side Cave – After finding the main cave entrance, you need to take an obscure right turn into a small offshoot cave that‘s very easy to miss.

  • Conditional NPC Spawning – Aranakula won‘t appear in the side cave until you first play a specific song on a nearby instrument. This extra requirement can seem totally random.

But don‘t worry! With the detailed steps in this guide, you‘ll be able to track down the hidden cave and complete the "Sprouting Seedlings" quest smoothly. Let‘s get started!

Step 1 – Locate the Hidden Cave Entrance in Western Vanarana

The first major hurdle is actually finding the inconspicuous cave entrance. It‘s located along the western wall of Vanarana, where blue fungi grow.

The exact coordinates you need are X:350, Y:270.

I suggest setting a map marker at these coordinates so you know where to search. Then scour the mushroom-covered wall at that location until you spot a tunnel leading inside.

When I first tried finding it, I spent nearly an hour combing every inch of the western tunnels to no avail. So be diligent and patient in your search – the cave blends in very well with the vibrant flora.

Genshin experts recommend bringing a pyro character like Xiangling or Amber when exploring Vanarana. Their fiery skills help illuminate the darker cavern corridors and highlight hidden nooks. Plus, their passive talents show resources on the mini-map, further aiding your navigation.

Once you finally spot the inconspicuous opening, get ready to turn right!

Step 2 – Make an Immediate Right into the Side Cave

Upon entering the main cave, you‘ll need to hang an immediate right into a smaller connected cave. This offsets many players who continue straight ahead, further obscuring the route.

The right cave itself is also rather hidden, with an easy-to-miss entrance. You‘ll need to look closely at the wall to your right after going inside the main cave.

Carefully scour every nook along the right side until you discover the small opening. Don‘t just walk straight through the main tunnel!

When I first did this quest, I must have walked through that main cave four or five times without noticing the side cave. It was only after I intentionally stayed hard right that Ipicked up on its obscured entrance.

So be vigilant when examining the right cave walls, and don‘t assume there‘s nothing worth investigating. That hidden opening is your ticket to completing "Sprouting Seedlings"!

Step 3 – Play the Special Song to Summon Aranakula

Here‘s where things get really obscure. Entering the side cave alone won‘t trigger the next phase of the quest. You must first play a specific song on a nearby instrument to summon the key NPC.

Exit the side cave and look for a Silapna planted in the ground along the right wall of the main cave tunnel. Interact with it and select the song "The Rhythm of the Great Dream" from the menu.

Completing this song prompts Aranakula and his companion Arakara to spawn inside the side cave. Without playing the music first, they won‘t appear at all.

There‘s no indication or in-game hint about needing to play a song from that exact Silapna. I only learned it from forums after being stuck for an hour waiting inside the empty cave.

So if Aranakula isn‘t there, backtrack and be sure to play the full song on that Silapna – it‘s essential to progressing!

Step 4 – Converse with Aranakula Inside the Cave

Once you play the song, return to the hidden side cave. Aranakula and Arakara should now be waiting inside.

Approach Aranakula and interact with him to initiate a conversation. Pay close attention, as his dialogue gives critical insight into this mysterious quest!

A short cutscene will play out while he explains the cave‘s significance as a secret underground nursery with ideal growing conditions. His tender care for the sprouting seedlings highlights the Aranara connection to nature and life.

After the dialogue concludes, the "Sprouting Seedlings" quest will be marked completed in your log. Phew, you did it! With the right directions, this once enigmatic quest becomes a delightful stroll through a verdant underground paradise.

Why This Unmarked Cave Matters – Botanical Significance

During the quest, Aranakula describes the exceptionally rich soil inside this cave that cultivates robust plant life. Certain key conditions converge here to create a thriving subterranean nursery:

  • Ideal loamy soil – The soil contains the perfect balance of sand, silt, and clay for drainage and nutrients.

  • Reliable moisture – Underground rivers and pools feed the cave with a constant supply of fresh water.

  • Sunlight access – Gaps in the cave ceiling allow natural light to reach the seedlings.

Factor Description
Soil type Loamy, with excellent drainage and nutrient balance
Water supply Regular moisture via underground rivers and pools
Sun exposure Cave gaps permit sunlight to enter

This rare mix of elements helps Aranakula nurture the happiest, healthiest "Viparyas" around! Without his tireless care, these unique seedlings would perish.

Of course, the cave also provides a tranquil sanctuary from less ideal conditions elsewhere in Teyvat. No threats of storms, droughts, or your typical Hilichurl ransacking can reach this secret botanical haven!

Completing "Sprouting Seedlings" – A Personal Anecdote

I still remember my first time trying to finish Sprouting Seedlings. After over an hour of searching, I was truly stumped about what to do next. The side cave seemed completely empty no matter how long I waited inside.

After scouring online forums for any clue, I finally learned I needed to play that song for Aranakula to appear. Such a simple step in retrospect, but so frustratingly opaque in the moment!

The feeling of relief and accomplishment when the quest finally completed was amazing. It‘s still one of my proudest achievements as a Genshin player. Moments like those really bond you to the game world.

So for any players now feeling similarly confused by Sprouting Seedlings, I hope this guide saves you the headaches I experienced! It‘s not obvious, but the solutions are out there.

Tips to Complete "Sprouting Seedlings" Smoothly

Follow this advice to have the best experience with this quest:

  • Use the provided coordinates to pinpoint the cave‘s location.

  • Bring a pyro character to light up the dark caverns.

  • Check every corner of the right wall to find the hidden side cave.

  • Play the full “Rhythm of the Great Dream” song to spawn Aranakula.

  • Listen closely to Aranakula‘s dialogue for lore and context.

  • Appreciate the rare plant life and verdant scenery during the quest.

  • Relish the satisfaction of finally solving a puzzle that stumped you!

With the guidance above, you‘re ready to dive into Vanarana‘s depths and reconnect Aranakula with his beloved seedlings. No longer will "Sprouting Seedlings" confound you. You‘ve got this!

Let me know in the comments if this guide was helpful or if you have any other tips for players struggling with this quest. And happy sprouting!


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