Fixing the Dreaded System Error 5151 in Honkai Star Rail – A Comprehensive Guide

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As an avid Honkai Star Rail player, I know how frustrating System Error 5151 can be – crashing your game right as you‘re about to claim an exciting reward or defeat a challenging boss. But have no fear, we‘ll get this pesky error resolved!

I‘ve battled System Error 5151 many times before, so I‘m breaking down everything you need to know to fix it quickly and get back to exploring the Honkai universe. Consider me your personal tech support in this comprehensive troubleshooting guide.

What Exactly is System Error 5151?

Let‘s start by understanding what causes this error. System Error 5151 is tied to failures initializing Honkai Star Rail‘s graphics rendering engine and compatibility issues with your GPU (graphics processing unit) drivers.

Specifically, it indicates that critical graphics-related files are damaged or outdated. When you launch the game, these key files fail to load properly. The graphics engine crashes, and you get slapped with System Error 5151.

This error commonly appears after Honkai Star Rail updates, when files may not update correctly. It also occurs if your graphics drivers are too old or incompatible with the game‘s rendering engine.

Step-by-Step Solutions

Now that you know what‘s behind System Error 5151, let‘s go through the top troubleshooting steps to fix it:

1. Update Your Graphics Drivers

Outdated GPU drivers are the #1 cause of Honkai Star Rail graphics crashes. So your first step is to update to the latest graphics drivers tailored for your card:

  • Nvidia cards: Download and install the newest Game Ready Driver from Nvidia‘s site. This optimizes performance for Honkai Star Rail.

  • AMD cards: Get the latest Adrenalin Edition Driver. Select the "Standard" install option.

  • Intel integrated graphics: Head to Intel‘s site and get the latest driver for your processor.

Once installed, restart your PC to complete the process. This widely resolves rendering crashes like System Error 5151.

2. Reinstall Honkai Star Rail

If updating your drivers didn‘t work, reinstalling the game clears out any corrupted files causing issues:

  1. Open Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program
  2. Right click Honkai Star Rail and select Uninstall
  3. Restart your PC and download the game again from the official site
  4. Before launching, be sure to install any Windows updates

This wipes Honkai Star Rail‘s cached data and lets you start fresh. Reinstall even if the game appears unchanged after an update, as the error indicates files did not update properly.

3. Run the Game as Administrator

Try launching Honkai Star Rail as an Admin:

  1. Browse to the Honkai Star Rail install folder
  2. Right click the game‘s executable file and choose Run as Administrator
  3. Click Yes to approve admin access

Running as Admin resolves some file permission issues that can interfere with rendering.

4. Update Windows

Speaking of file permission issues, outdated Windows system files can also cause problems.

Navigate to Settings > Windows Update and install the latest patches. Reboot once done. Updates fix compatibility issues and boost gaming performance.

5. Clear Cache and Registry

If you still see System Error 5151, clearing Honkai Star Rail‘s cached files can fix corrupted data.

Open the Run dialog (WIN + R) and delete these folders:

  • %localappdata%\HoYoverse
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cognosphere

This forces the game to rebuild its cache and registry settings, resolving hard-to-find data issues.

6. Contact HoYoverse Support

If all else fails, reach out to HoYoverse‘s stellar customer support. They can help identify any other factors causing System Error 5151 for your system and account.

Provide your system specs and any troubleshooting steps you‘ve tried. Their technicians can determine if it‘s a server-side issue and optimize your game files.

Comparing System Error 5151 to Other Common Honkai Errors

To provide some more context, let‘s briefly contrast System Error 5151 with a few other frequent Honkai Star Rail crashes:

Error Cause Fix
System Error 5151 Graphics/rendering issues Update drivers, reinstall game
Error Code 4201 Connection issues Restart router, check firewall
Error Code 1000 Authentication failure Re-log into account
Error Code 7002 Outdated game files Update the game

As you can see, System Error 5151 is specifically tied to graphics and rendering problems, while other errors relate to network connections, account access, or game file patching.

The solution is tailored to refreshing Honkai Star Rail‘s graphics data rather than general connectivity or account troubleshooting. This table helps identify where the issue originates based on the error code.

Additional Troubleshooting Tips

To ensure System Error 5151 stays banished, here are a few more tips:

  • Close background programs – Apps like video streaming sites compete for graphics resources. Close them before playing.

  • Disable anti-virus software – Some AV programs block games from modifying files, causing conflicts. whitelist Honkai Star Rail.

  • Use wired internet – Wired connections prevent rendering issues caused by WiFi lag.

  • Set graphics to low – Temporarily lower quality to reduce load if troubleshooting.

  • Update BIOS – Outdated system BIOSes can affect hardware compatibility.

  • Clean dust – Dust buildup in PCs causes overheating, freezing games.

  • Free up storage space – Low storage slows loading times, increasing errors.

Stay vigilant with proper PC care and keeping drivers updated. This prevents many technical issues down the road.


Few errors are as disruptive during an intense Honkai Star Rail session as the dreaded System Error 5151. But with this comprehensive guide, you‘re armed with all the knowledge needed to swiftly defeat it.

Just remember the key steps – update graphics drivers, reinstall the game, clear cached files, troubleshoot permissions, and contact support if all else fails.

Here‘s to smooth sailing through the Sea of Quanta once again! Your adventures in the Honkai universe await. Wishing you the best of luck, my fellow Star Rail conductor. You got this!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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