32+ Top Technology Influencers To Grow Your Brand In 2023

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Technology is advancing at an incredible rate, and it can be challenging to keep up with the latest innovations. However, by following top tech influencers, you can stay on top of new products and trends that may benefit your business.

In this post, we will explore 32+ of the top tech influencers to follow in 2023. From gadget reviewers to coders and entrepreneurs, these influencers have their fingers on the pulse of the tech industry. By partnering with some of them, you can expose your brand to their engaged audiences and position your company as a leader in leveraging new technologies.

Why Partner with Tech Influencers?

Before jumping into our list, let‘s discuss why partnering with tech influencers can be a smart marketing move:

  • They have niche, targeted audiences. Most tech influencers cater to specific niches like AI, crypto, or mobile tech. This allows you to laser-target relevant audiences instead of marketing to a broad, general population.

  • They drive trends. Top influencers shape opinions and drive interest in new technologies. Partnering with them allows you to ride emerging trends before your competitors.

  • They create high-quality content. Influencers invest heavily in premium content like videos and blog posts. Partnering with them gives you access to content you may not have the resources to create yourself.

  • They offer authenticity. In an increasingly skeptical world, influencers are still seen as authentic advocates rather than corporate shills. Their stamp of approval goes a long way.

Now let‘s check out some top names you should consider connecting with.

1. Marques Brownlee (@mkbhd) – 15.9M Followers

Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee, better known as MKBHD, is perhaps the most well-known tech influencer out there. With almost 16 million YouTube subscribers, he reaches a massive audience with his product reviews, tutorials, and insights. He even interviews tech CEOs like Sundar Pichai of Google. If you want the largest possible reach, start here.

Suggested Partnership: Product reviews and sponsorships

2. Lew Later (@LewLater) – 2.32M Subscribers

Lew Later

Lew Later formerly worked at Google before leaving to start his successful YouTube channel. He‘s known for his entertaining video reviews of new consumer gadgets. Lew Later also shares tutorials on software, apps, and digital lifestyle products.

Suggested Partnership: Unboxing videos or sponsored review segments

3. Sara Dietschy (@SaraDietschy) – 773K Subscribers

Sara Dietschy

Sara Dietschy is an entertaining YouTuber who creates tutorials around creative technology for photographers, filmmakers, and content creators. She shares camera reviews, editing software tips, and lessons around running a business around online media.

Suggested Partnership: Sponsorships or product reviews tailored to creatives

4. iJustine (@ijustine) – 7.78M Followers


With over 7 million YouTube subscribers, iJustine (real name Justine Ezarik) has grown an enormous audience ever since she became one of the first lifecasters by sharing a video stream of her life back in the 2000s. Today, she shares entertainment around tech, gaming, apps, and digital lifestyle content.

Suggested Partnership: Sponsored entertainment and comedy skits

5. Jonathan Morrison (@tldtoday) – 1.3M Subscribers

Jonathan Morrison

Jonathan Morrison is a tech influencer who entertains his audience while keeping them updated on the latest gadgets, gear, apps and software in the world of Apple. He shares iPhone tutorials, creative editing techniques, reviews the latest accessories for Macs and iPads and more.

Suggested Partnership: Apple-related sponsorships and product reviews

6. Safiya Nygaard – 9.62M Subscribers

Safiya Nygaard

While Safiya is mostly known for her lighthearted challenge videos, she incorporates technology into many of her experiments. For example, she has built smartphones, molded her face from her iPad scans, and reviewed high-tech beauty gadgets. Safiya‘s DIY tech videos rack up millions of views.

Suggested Partnership: Sponsorship of tech-focused challenge videos

7. Mrwhosetheboss (@mrwhosetheboss) – 10.7M Subscribers


Arun Maini, better known as "Mrwhosetheboss" is a British tech influencer who entertains his 10+ million YouTube subscribers while keeping them up to date on gadgets, cars, and innovation. He is known for his real-world technology comparisons and fun experiments.

Suggested Partnership: Product showdowns comparing your product vs. competitors

8. Linus Tech Tips (@LinusTech) – 14.7M Subscribers

Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips is perhaps the most well-known tech influencer when it comes to computers. He shares tutorials about building PCs, hacking tips, PC component reviews and comparisons, and entertainment around gaming computers and accessories.

Suggested Partnership: Gaming computer giveaways or reviews

9. Kim Dao (@KimDao) – 1.13M Subscribers

Kim Dao

While fashion and lifestyle influencer Kim Dao covers more than just technology, she incorporates a significant amount of tech-focused content around Japanese and Asian pop culture. This includes video game streaming, anime reviews, shopping for gadgets, and testing new tech innovations on her travel adventures across Asia.

Suggested Partnership: Travel gadget sponsorships or anime-related campaigns

10. Xiaomanyc (@Xiaomanyc) – 2.15M Subscribers


Software developer Xiaoma is an entertaining influencer whose quirky experiments and comedy skits have earned him millions of subscribers on YouTube Shorts. Many of his short clips incorporate technology like using projectors, programming robots, and testing weird apps and gadgets.

Suggested Partnership: Sponsor integrations into funny experiment videos

11. SuperSaf TV (@SuperSaf) – 2.55M Subscribers

SuperSaf TV

SuperSaf TV, hosted by Saf, is one of the leading tech influencers when it comes to smartphones. He shares unboxings of new phones, camera comparisons, reviews of mobile accessories and tools, and more across his YouTube and Instagram channels.

Suggested Partnership: Phone case or mobile accessory sponsorships

12. Techreat (@Techreat) – 1.46M Followers


Based in Dubai, Techreat has created a hugely popular tech channel on YouTube and Instagram. He shares unboxings and reviews of interesting gadgets and tech innovations ranging from electric vehicles and AI to high-end laptops and more. His channel focuses on the Middle East and Asian consumer tech markets.

Suggested Partnership: Sponsorships around gadgets and electronics

13. Unbox Therapy (@unboxtherapy) – 5.91M Followers

Unbox Therapy

One of the original "unboxing" channels, Unbox Therapy features host Lewis Hilsenteger opening up, testing, and reviewing the latest consumer tech products. The channel has expanded into a full studio where a team helps test things like mobile gadgets, computing gear, electric vehicles, gaming hardware and more.

Suggested Partnership: Unboxing and product review sponsorships

14. Matteo Lancini (@matteolancini) – 235K Followers

Matteo Lancini

For B2B software companies, Matteo Lancini is an ideal influencer partner focused specifically on SaaS products. His SaaS Revolution YouTube channel features in-depth interviews with software founders, product reviews, tips around growth marketing and more. He also runs a popular productized community for SaaS owners.

Suggested Partnership: Software reviews and sponsored content around growth strategies

15. Nas Daily (@NasDaily) – 24.1M Followers

Nas Daily

Nas Daily is an entertaining tech influencer on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Each day he shares creative insights, stories, and challenges focused on technology products and trends. Although he mostly shares through video, Nas Daily also created an explainable AI app in partnership with Google and sheds light on new innovations.

Suggested Partnership: AI or ML-focused campaigns

16. Snazzy Labs (@SnazzyLabs) – 1M Subscribers

Snazzy Labs

Snazzy Labs is a channel created by two former Apple software engineers. They share tutorials and reviews related to Apple products like the iPhone, iPad, Watch and Mac. Their technical knowledge allows them to share Apple news, product leaks, experiments and more.

Suggested Partnership: Apple product or accessory sponsorships

17. Neal Agarwal (@neal.agarwal) – 753K Followers

Neal Agarwal

Known for creating fun experiments in AI and automation, Neal Agarwal is a former designer at Google who built popular apps like Not Boring AI and Bubble Zoom. His playful tech explainers on Instagram and YouTube educate audiences in an entertaining way.

Suggested Partnership: AI and ML-focused product sponsorships

Beyond just the top-tier influencers, you can find highly targeted, niche influencers in almost any technology category. Here are some examples:

Tech Reviewers

Product reviewers share unboxings, how-tos, and feedback on new gadgets:

  • Austin Evans (@austinnotduncan) – Tech gadgets
  • Dave Lee (@Dave2D) – Laptops and PC gaming gear
  • iJustine (@ijustine) – Consumer electronics

Gaming Influencers

These influencers focus on video games and gaming hardware:

  • Devin Nash (@DevinNash) – Gaming entertainment
  • Pokimane (@pokimanelol) – Game streaming
  • CourageJD (@couRAGEjd) – Pro gaming

Crypto Influencers

Influencers in cryptocurrency and blockchain:

  • Ivan on Tech (@IvanOnTech) – Crypto developer tutorials
  • Altcoin Daily (@altcoindaily) – Cryptocurrency news
  • EllioTrades Crypto (@EllioTrades) – DeFi and trading

Techwear Influencers

They focus on functional, futuristic fashion:

  • Tim Dessaint (@tim_dessaint) – High-tech clothing
  • Techwear.intern (@techwear.intern) – Techwear fashion news
  • Daniel (@minimal.tx) – Urban tech style

The options are virtually endless when you dive into microinfluencers on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and more. Identify influencers who create sponsored content within your budget that also reaches your ideal audience.

The technology world moves fast. But by leveraging influencers, you can capture attention and position your brand as forward-thinking. Reach out to potential partners, set clear expectations, and track performance to maximize your ROI.

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