Top 20 Teen Fitness Models To Follow In 2023

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Fitness modeling has exploded in popularity as a desirable career for digitally-savvy teenagers and young adults. These young fit influencers are raking in followers in the millions across social media by showcasing discipline, motivation and some serious gains.

For brands targeting young audiences, partnering with relatable teen fitness models is the perfect way to showcase your activewear, sports nutrition or training products. especially since over 38.5% of Instagram‘s users are under 24!

We‘ve compiled this definitive list of the top 20 teen fitness models that you should follow in 2023 for inspiration or even collaboration opportunities:

1. @barnare_madolora (330K followers)

Barnare Madolora is a dedicated fitness micro-influencer using his strong physique to motivate followers. With a whopping 330K Instagram followers, this Indian athlete focusing on calisthenics training demonstrates impressive grip strength and control in his workout posts.

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2. @mowgli.j (275K followers)

17-year old Jin Young Lee (also known as Mowgli) has an aesthetic feed showcasing his fitness journey alongside his love for surfing. This rising Korean-Australian star is already making his mark on TikTok with over 2.2 million video views!

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3. @kailanefitness (24K followers)

Kailane Ramos from Brazil utilizes her Instagram to promote body positivity and self-love through fitness. She gives her 24 thousand engaged followers a peek into her training routines along with nutritious recipes.

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4. @niculaecatalinfit (23.8K followers)

Vegan athlete Niculae Cătălin from Romania believes we can all maximize our potential through fitness. He provides online coaching for getting in shape, along with posting his own calisthenics and gymnastics-focused workouts.

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5. @bushra_qadirr (15K followers)

Bushra Qadir from India excels both as a fitness influencer and competitive cricketer/badminton player. She shares the healthy diet powering her sports career and motivating workout routines with her 15,000 Instagram fans.

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6. @jorgo_fitness (17K followers)

Jorgo Mulla, a swimmer and free runner from Florida U.S., entertains his 17K youthful audience on Instagram with exercise challenges. He aims for holistic wellness by also posting about self-care strategies like cold plunging.

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7. (8K followers)

Ashish Chaudhary, an Indian nano-influencer, provides his growing audience with at-home HIIT circuits and gym training plans. With a background in fitness instruction, this young professional adds valuable expertise.

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8. @jakirsaifi958 (7K followers)

Jakir Saifi finished among the top 5 of Mr Teen India 2019 thanks to his fitness dedication. This teen model provides online coaching, while also posting motivational workout clips and physique photos on Instagram.

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9. @shreddedaditi1111 (10K followers)

Aditi Yadav from India serves up major fitness inspiration by documenting her strength training and martial arts on Instagram. This young athlete reminds her over 10K fans that having goals and working towards them is key!

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10. @sakshimaha.zen (5K followers)

Sakshi Mahajan, a yoga instructor from India, provides her growing fanbase with guided meditation and easy home workout videos. She demonstrates admirable wisdom and balance as a teen role model.

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11. @peytonlem (3K followers)

Peyton Lemerand from Texas, USA is not only an accomplished cheerleader but also a youth ambassador for the organization Girls Gone Right. She utilizes her platform to promote confidence alongside fitness for young women.

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12. @genesismathison (2.1K followers)

Genesis Mathison is a Chilean nano-influencer gaining traction quickly by posting gym workouts and outdoor training on Instagram. As a qualified calisthenics coach herself, she provides valuable fitness advice to her growing LatAm audience.

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13. @danicadfit (1.5K followers)

Danica Doble showcases her athleticism as a cheerleader and dancer alongside fitness on her Instagram. For brands targeting young Canadian audiences, this inspiring micro-influencer delivers plenty of enthusiasm.

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14. @deborahputrii (1.5K followers)

Indonesian influencer Deborah Putri promotes living an active lifestyle from a young age. When she isn‘t studying, this college tennis player shares workout motivation plus nutritional dishes on Instagram.

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15. @harshrajfitness (2.2K followers)

Harshit Singh Kushwah from India helps his growing fitness community level up through exercise challenges. For brands targeting young male audiences in India, this dedicated teen influencer hits the spot.

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16. @sommerray (25.6M followers!)

22-year old Sommer Ray stands out as the top teen fitness influencer today with an incredible 25.6 million Instagram followers! Brands should be prepared to shell out around $100K+ per sponsored post to collaborate with this social media queen.

The key to Sommer‘s global influencer status? Posting eye-catching photos showcasing her curvy figure and strength training since her teenage years. She epitomizes aspirational fitness modeled the gen Z way.

17. @marcclange

19-year old Marc Clemens Lange has already gotten a taste for fitness influencer marketing, having promoted supplements like protein powders. This German adolescent puts his athleticism on display through gymnastics skills and calisthenics routines.

18. @leobarstarzz (377K followers)

Leo Barstarzz, with 377K loyal followers, is a top-performing Latino fitness influencer part of the Barstarzz crew. Brands targeting young Mexican audiences should look no further for an authentic partner to promote sportswear and active lifestyle products.

19. @_vitaniemi01 (249K followers)

15-year old rhythmic gymnast Violetta Selivanova (aka Vitaniemi) showcases immense strength and flexibility through her dance and contortion videos. Having amassed nearly 250K young fans from Kyrgyzstan and Russia, she makes for a compelling Eastern European ambassador.

20. @thaissafit (1M followers!)

18-year old Thaisa of Brazil stands out as the #1 LatAm teen fitness influencer today with an astounding 1 million Instagram fans! She takes the crown as the most influential young female model on our list.

Having won a prestigious fitness bikini championship at just 14, Thaisa is hugely inspiring for brands marketing activewear, nutritious foods or training programs aimed at female audiences.

  • Partnering with teen fitness micro and nano-influencers allows natural targeting of the coveted gen Z demographic in an authentic way.

  • Look beyond just follower count – precisely vet metrics like engagement rate, content quality and audience relevance when selecting potential partners.

  • Don‘t miss out on up and coming stars like the teen models featured; their rapid growth presents a strategic opportunity to build brand affinity early.

  • To scale influencer marketing campaigns to the next level, consider bigger names like Sommer Ray or Thaisa. But prepare for larger investment requirements.

No matter your niche or target market, we hope this list of top teen fitness models proves useful as you scope out potential brand collaborations for 2023! **Get started finding the right influencer match on Ainfluencer. **

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