Unlocking Godly Rewards: A Complete Guide to The Oarsmen Nornir Chest

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Greetings adventurer! If you‘ve arrived at this guide, you‘re likely looking to uncover one of the many hidden Nornir chests scattered across the realms in God of War Ragnarök. Specifically, we‘re going to explore how to track down and open The Oarsmen chest concealed along the Lake of Nine‘s southeastern shores.

As an avid gamer and Ragnarök enthusiast, I‘m happy to lend my expertise today to help a fellow player access this secret trove of rewards. The trek won‘t be easy, but the prizes contained within absolutely make it worthwhile. Let‘s dive in!

Introducing God of War Ragnarök‘s Vast Norse World

Before we embark, I wanted to provide some quick context on God of War Ragnarök‘s setting and characters for anyone unfamiliar with this PS4/PS5 action-adventure title. The game transports players into the vividly realized realms of ancient Norse mythology. You take control of the gruff but noble Kratos, a warrio who traverses the nine worlds alongside his young son Atreus.

After the events of the previous God of War, Kratos now lives among the Norse gods and monsters he once sought to escape from. This father-son duo must journey across a breathtaking world inspired by Viking folklore and Scandinavian culture in order to fulfill a deeply personal quest.

Along the way, you‘ll battle iconic beasts and deities from Norse legend using Kratos‘s trademark chained Blades of Chaos and icy Leviathan Axe. The journey takes you everywhere from the verdant woods of Midgard to the fiery realm of Muspelheim as you acquire new abilities, armor, and weapon upgrades.

The Value of Nornir Chests

One of the most useful rewards hidden across God of War‘s realms are Nornir chests. These precious chests contain upgrades that permanently boost Kratos‘s stats and abilities. However, they remain locked until you solve the attached puzzle.

Specifically, each Nornir chest is surrounded by three runestones carved with animal symbols – R for Rat, N for Wolves, and C for Crows. You must strike the three stones in alphabetical order (C, N, R) within a strict time limit in order to unlock the chest.

The bonuses provided by Nornir chests are extremely valuable, especially on higher difficulties. They can increase your health, rage meter, luck, or other attributes. That‘s why it‘s worth taking the time to track down and open these locked chests scattered across the Nine Realms.

Overview of The Oarsmen Nornir Chest

Today, we‘ll be focusing specifically on The Oarsmen Nornir chest located along the Lake of Nine‘s southeast shores in the Midgard realm.

This chest in particular contains a Horn of Blood Mead, which boosts Kratos‘s maximum Rage meter by one segment. Given the importance of Rage mode for dealing damage, this is an extremely useful upgrade. However, the chest itself is cunningly concealed and requires care to reach and unlock.

Below, I‘ll provide detailed directions guiding you through the journey to open The Oarsmen chest for yourself. We‘ll cover:

  • Exact location and surrounding landmarks
  • Step-by-step navigation instructions with accompanying maps
  • Strategies and tips for unlocking the runestone puzzle
  • Helpful information on making use of the reward
  • Details on other chests to search for next

Let‘s begin the journey to this hidden trove of mythical rewards!

Detailed Route to The Oarsmen Chest

The Oarsmen Nornir chest awaits nestled along the southeast shores of the Lake of Nine, not far from the Ruins of the Ancient settlement.

Getting to the chest requires navigating a treacherous underwater canyon leading away from the lake. I‘ll walk you through the route step-by-step:

Dock at Ruins of the Ancient

Begin by sailing your boat across the Lake of Nine to the south. Dock on the beach near the entrance to the Ruins of the Ancient – a ruined settlement crawling with Draugr and Nightmares.

Disembark here and make your way up the scaffolding and platforms to reach the southeast outskirts of the ruins.

Enter the Hidden Canyon

On the southeast side of the Ancient ruins, you‘ll notice a narrow canyon cutting through the sheer cliffs bordering the lake. This rocky path will lead to the Nornir chest, but it‘s easy to miss at first glance.

Follow the canyon inwards, passing a flowing river on your left. You‘ll need to shimmy through tight crevices and use wooden platforms to proceed deeper through the ravine. Watch out for Draugr that may ambush from above.

Descend to the Final Platform

At the end of the winding canyon passage, you‘ll come to a final wooden landing overlooking the glinting Nornir chest on a platform below. Unfortunately, there‘s no way to drop straight down to the chest from here.

Canyon Landing Overlooking Chest

The canyon landing overlooking The Oarsmen Nornir chest

Access the Chest Chamber

Don‘t fret! You can still reach the chest‘s platform through some creative detours. Look left from the landing to spot a raised wooden platform you can leap across to.

Cross over and use this path to reach a scalable cliff face on the right side. Shimmy across a treacherous gap in the rocks to reach an ancient sealed door built into the canyon side.

Enter and Unblock the Chamber

The sealed door will lead into a small chamber just behind the Nornir chest‘s exterior platform. Inside, you‘ll need to destroy the pile of debris blocking the balcony.

Use Atreus‘s Sonic Arrows to break through and open the path to the chest area. This will create a straight route from the chamber to the runestones.

Line Up Your Rune Shots

Approach the now accessible balcony for a clear vantage on the three Nornir runestones surrounding the chest below.

You‘ll need to strike the Rat, Crow, and Wolf runes in proper alphabetical order (C, N, R) to unlock the chest before time expires. Move quickly and line up your Leviathan Axe throws accurately to trigger the runes.

If needed, extend the puzzle time limit under Settings > Accessibility > Puzzle Timer. Take a deep breath and be ready to put your reflexes and focus to the test!

Reap the Hard-Won Rewards

When struck in the correct order, the runes‘ beams will meet and the Nornir chest will spring open, ready for plunder. Drink in the sight of this hard-earned prize, then claim your Horn of Blood Mead to permanently boost Kratos‘s Rage meter by a segment.

Well done! You‘ve conquered the quest and unlocked lasting rewards. Now it‘s time to put that bonus rage to good use against the vile creatures ahead. But before we part ways, let‘s cover how to make the most of your spoils from The Oarsmen chest…

Maximize the Blood Mead Upgrade

Adding an extra segment to your Rage meter may not seem like much at first glance. But savvy players know that building up your rage can make or break victory in God of War‘s toughest battles. Here are some ways to capitalize on the boost from The Oarsmen Nornir chest:

  • Activate Rage liberally during fights to unleash damage and regenerate health. The extra segment means more Rage to spare.
  • Equip Rage-focused armor like the Cuirass of Fallen Ash to boost Rage gains and effects.
  • Use Rage when fighting bosses or during difficult mob encounters. The temporary invulnerability can quickly turn the tide.
  • Pair with runic abilities that cause Burn status effects. Combining Burn with Rage multiplies your damage output.
  • Upgrade Rage at the shop regularly. Maximizing your meter makes the most of each segment you add.

Put these tips into action, and even a single extra meter segment can take your combat prowess to the next level.

More Hidden Chests to Seek Out

With The Oarsmen chest conquered, your appetite has likely grown for more of these cleverly buried treasure troves. Here are two more Nornir chests along the Lake of Nine worth seeking out next:

The Crucible Chest: Found along the southern lake shore. Contains another Rage meter upgrade.

The Dragon Beach Chest: Located northwest of the Lake of Nine‘s central island. Rewards an Idunn Apple for health boost.

For more challenge, venture beyond Midgard to realms like Alfheim and Muspelheim. Exotic new environments hide exotic new chests to uncover. Wherever you journey next, use the knowledge from this guide to recognize the telltale Nornir runestones.

May your future travels brim with fortune and glory, warrior! This is one gamer signing off for now.


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