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10 Best TikTok Auto Liker Apps in 2023

Boosting Your TikTok Engagement: A Comparison of the Top TikTok Auto Liker Apps

Do you want to gain massive auto likes for your TikTok account without stress? This article will put you through the best TikTok auto liker apps you can use for your TikTok growth.

No one will deny that TikTok has become a very competitive platform. Everyone now wants to trend on the popular video app. In the real sense, this has called for the help of a third party, the TikTok auto liker apps.

You may be wondering what TikTok auto liker apps are. They are TikTok growth services, sites, applications, and even software that help you generate automatic likes for your TikTok account. These third parties are saddled with the responsibility of helping you grow your TikTok account with their unique auto-like service.

Now that you know what TikTok auto liker is, I will show you some of the best TikTok auto liker apps I use. The auto likes are reliable and trustworthy. Let's get started!

Best TikTok Auto Liker Apps 

1. Media Mister

Media Mister TikTok Auto Liker Apps

I am starting with Media Mister because of their exceptional services. Mister Mister is one of the few places you can comfortably get automatic likes for your TikTok content.

This amazing auto liker doesn't only offer you auto likes for TikTok alone; its diversifying features ensure you also enjoy this service on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Twitch, and many more. You can check out Media Mister now for your TikTok auto likes.

2. FollowersUp

FollowersUp TikTok Auto Liker Apps

We can't mention Media Mister without FollowersUp making the cut. To be honest, FollowersUp shares similarities with Media Mister because its services don't end with TikTok auto, likes only. With FollowersUp, you will get likes, views, comment, followers, and auto likes for all your social media account, whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Spotify, etc.

People who use Media Mister also use FollowersUp because their services are very similar. They have a friendly support team that's always on ground 24/7 and ready to help with all your needs.

6. SocialViral

SocialViral TikTok Auto Liker Apps

These days, it's not easy finding an auto liker app that functions on both Android and iOS devices and still offers good services. That's what SocialViral is good at. It ensures you don't have to stress over growing your TikTok account irrespective of the device you use.

SocialViral keeps to its promises of offering you the best deal when it comes to TikTok followers, comments, views, likes, and auto likes. With these, you have no problem growing your TikTok account with a massive engagement rate.

They have a secure website to ensure all your details are safe. They only offer genuine engagement, no bot or spam. What's more? Their results are immediate! This means that you don't have to wait for days or hours to see value for your money. Isn't that quite amazing? Sure, you can only get that with SocialViral.

3. TokUpgrade

TokUpgrade TikTok Auto Liker Apps

TokUpgrade has the third spot of the best TikTok auto liker apps. Its trustworthy and reliable services have earned it a spot among the top 5 best TikTok auto liker apps.

Though the app is still new in the industry, its positive reviews and comments have shown that it's a reliable and trusted app for your TikTok growth service.

TokUpgrade ensures that you can cancel your subscription anytime, making it one of my best TikTok auto likes I use often. It has a dedicated account manager assigned to you once you subscribe. Its 24/7 customer support is top-notch. Its services are affordable, with no bots, no fake engagement for your TikTok account.

If you need targeted followers, safe and secure services for your TikTok growth, you've got to try TokUpgrade.

4. TokSocial

TokSocial TikTok Auto Liker Apps

If you love TokUpgrade and its mouthwatering deals, then you're going to love TokSocial even more. Even though both TokUpgrade and TokSocial are new to the social growth service industry, they haven't failed to quickly establish themselves as fans' favorite. That's because they know their onions very well.

Why I like TokSocial is its simplicity and availability towards its customers' needs. Also, with their services, you're sure of getting real growth for your TikTok account. They don't use bots, fake likes, fake engagement, or even spam to grow your TikTok account. Everything about TokSocial is authentic.

5. TokCaptain

TokCaptain TikTok Auto Liker Apps

TokCaptain has everything you need to grow your TikTok account. You can get auto likes for your TikTok posts from them as well. Why I like TokCaptain is the fact that it functions on both Android and iOS devices.

Getting a massive engagement rate on TikTok entails having a considerable number of followers and generating massive likes for your posts as well. This is what TokCaptain is good at.

TokCaptain is exceptional for rendering good services at good and considerable prices, a great customer support system, and amazing features to serve your need. The only thing about TokCaptain is that, for now, it doesn't offer a free trial. However, you're going to enjoy its services.

7. Hashtags For Likes

HashtagsforLikes TikTok Auto Liker Apps

Hashtags For Likes is a renowned TikTok auto liker. Though so many TikTok auto likers have some limits even when they still get the job done for you, with Hashtags For Likes, there isn't any limit. This is why it has earned the industry a good reputation among others.

What's more? Hashtags For Likes also helps you generate suitable hashtags for your TikTok content. They also ensure you're able to communicate with potential TikTok followers. These two features are vital to your social media marketing strategy.

Some of its features entail hashtag generator, secure website, top-notch support system, and auto engagement. You can check out Hashtags For Likes and see how it works for you.

8. FeedPixel

FeedPixel TikTok Auto Liker Apps

FeedPixel is an all-in-one TikTok auto liker. They take the responsibility of growing your TikTok account upon themselves. What's surreal about this amazing TikTok auto liker is that despite its exquisite services, it's entirely free to use. While this may sound untrue, it's the real deal with FeedPixel.

To get your TikTok engagement, download the FeedPixel app and follow the ensuing prompt. It's quite easy to communicate with the support team about how much growth you want for your TikTok account. They have a simple and easy-to-use system.

Even though so many TikTok auto likes ascertain that their services are free, only a few can offer quality services for free. However, with FeedPixel, you're sure if getting the best for your TikTok account. You can check them out to have a sense of what they've got to offer.

9. Autotokker

Autotokker TikTok Auto Liker Apps

Do you want a safe, effective, and above all, easy-to-use TikTok auto liker app? Then you've got to try Autotokker. They're a fast-rising TikTok auto liker in the industry, and I am sure you don't want to miss the early days' deals.

Autotokker, despite being new in the industry, is fast becoming fans' favorite. Do you know why? That's because they are pretty easy to use, safe, and reliable. That's not all, they understand the rudiments of growing your TikTok account, and they play the card pretty well. To Autotokker, one of the best ways to grow your TikTok account and gain followers is using the “Follow” and “Unfollow” methods.

How do they do this? It's easy. Once you've followed a TikTok user and they follow you back, Autotokker unfollows them for you. This system has been effective for others who wish to grow their TikTok account, so there's no doubt it's going to work for you as well.

What I like about Autotokker because its services are pocket-friendly, which means that whether you're on a budget or not, you can afford their services. You can get their premium for just $29.99 monthly. This is a fair price when compared to others. What's more? They have a security system and a 24/7 support team for you.

10. TikFame

TikFame TikTok Auto Liker Apps

Do you want to get some fame on the TikTok app? I guess your answer is yes. Then you've got TikTok Fame to help you achieve that. TikTok Fame is pretty easy to use and only takes 3 steps to get started.

It's quite sad that TikTok Fame was initially free to use are its inception. However, as their services became more and more expanding, they had to start charging for them. Considering what you will gain from them, I believe it's worth it.

To get started with TikTok Fame, you have to choose from their list of three packages. They have the “Baby Pack,” “Beginner Pack,” and the last one they call “Pack Du Jour.” The Baby Pack is available for just $2.99, while the Beginner Pack is $11.99. The last package, which is the Pack Du Jour, is available for $18.99. Each of these packages has a special offer.

Once you're clear about which package to go for, you can then complete your purchase. You can pay through PayPal. What's amazing about TikTok Fame is that you stand a chance of featuring in their ‘For You' page when you make use of their service for your TikTok growth. That's quite amazing. With TikTok Fame, you're sure of getting high engagement for your TikTok account.


1. What is the best TikTok auto liker app?

There are a few TikTok auto liker apps. However, before you ascertain which is the best app to use. You need to have a clear conviction of what you're looking for in the app. Do you want just TikTok auto likes, or in addition to auto likes, do you want to gain followers and grow your TikTok account? Once you're clear about this, then finding the best TikTok auto liker app that has what you're looking for won't be difficult. However, for a starter, the list in this article contains the best TikTok auto liker apps you can find anywhere. You can try any of them and see how it works for you.

2. Is it safe to use TikTok auto liker apps?

The TikTok auto liker apps in this article are safe to use. They are not after stealing your personal details for malicious use. All they're after is helping you grow your TikTok account through auto likes and any other relevant means.


TikTok is an amazing platform for advertisement and social growth for your brand and businesses. It has become fans' favorite alongside other great social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With this, the competition of gaining a presence on the app is getting stiffer and stiffer.

Only a few understand the importance of using a third party to grow TikTok account. One of the services these third parties offer is the TikTok auto likes. Tik Tok auto likes are likes generated for your Tik Tok content automatically. You don't have to apply an extra method to get this done. All you need is to partner with a TikTok auto liker app or tool and watch your TikTok account get flooded with auto likes.

Of course, many of these services are not free. So, you've to find the best TikTok auto liker app that offers what you're looking for. In this article, I shared the best TikTok auto liker apps or tools I use for my TikTok account growth. You can check them out and see which one works the best for you.


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