TikTokers With Onlyfans Accounts: The Ultimate Guide to the Top Creators

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With over 50 million content creators and 150 million customers on its platform, OnlyFans is rapidly becoming a distribution channel of choice for popular influencers.

Among the flock of these new OnlyFans creators are TikTok stars, who are signing up to offer exclusive content while harnessing the revenue opportunities the platform facilitates.

In this post, we‘ll take a comprehensive look at this thriving movement and highlight notable TikTokers who now have established OnlyFans presences.

Why Are So Many TikTokers Joining OnlyFans?

There are two key factors fueling this trend:

1. Direct Monetization Opportunities

Unlike TikTok, OnlyFans enables creators to be compensated directly from their fan base through subscriptions, pay-per-view rates, tips, and more.

TikTok‘s Creator Fund does provide some revenue share from ads, but it is currently limited and highly competitive.

As reported by Rolling Stone, top OnlyFans creators can earn over $1 million per month – demonstrating immense financial upside.

2. Creative Freedom

The strict content moderation policies enforced across leading social media channels like TikTok mean suggestive themes often get flagged or removed.

By comparison, OnlyFans grants far more creative liberty and control over the type of content posted.

This appeals greatly to TikTokers seeking a platform for unfiltered expression.

Equipped with a pre-existing audience from TikTok, creators are now activating their fan base on OnlyFans to access this exclusive content.

Next let‘s look at some of the most popular TikTok influencers who now leverage OnlyFans and break down key details around their accounts.

Top 15 TikTokers With OnlyFans Accounts

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Creator TikTok Handle OnlyFans Handle Pricing # of Posts
Mia Khalifa @miakhalifa @miakhalifa $12.99 per month 500+
Bay Belle @baybelle @baybelle $20 per month 400+
Belle Delphine @belledelphine @BelleDelphine $35 per month 300+
Paige Bauer @onlypaigebauer01 @MsPaigeBauer $20-45 per month 150+
Jordyn Woods @jordynwoods @JordynWoods $20 per month 50+
Rubi Rose @rubirose @RubiRoseRedVIP $57 for 3 months 30+
Jacki @jackimagno @XooJacki $10 per month 300+
Lauren Elizabeth @laurenelizabeth @Lilbit803 $10 per month 277
Erica Mena @iamericamena @EricaMena Free 100+

Now let‘s take an in-depth look at 5 of the leading TikTok stars who have cultivated highly popular OnlyFans accounts.

Mia Khalifa‘s OnlyFans Takeover

Background: Perhaps one of the most searched adult actresses in the world, Mia Khalifa has leveraged her controversial yet illustrious career in the adult entertainment industry to build an OnlyFans empire. With 893k followers on her TikTok channel, she gives fans a peek into her luxurious lifestyle.

OnlyFans Highlights and Achievements:

  • Over 7,000 pieces of content across photos and videos
  • Reported to earn up to $6.43 million per month
  • Among top 0.03% of OnlyFans creators by estimated monthly income

What Makes Mia‘s OnlyFans Special:

Given her exceptional career, subscribers can access an enormous back-catalogue spanning her work in the adult industry. Her account also offers the chance for personal interactions.

{Embed TikTok showcasing Mia Khalifa flying private}

"OnlyFans allows me to share a side of myself with fans that bigger platforms don‘t allow."

Fitness Trainer Diana Maux Capitalizes on Her Following

Background: Diana Maux initially built her audience as a bikini competitor and personal trainer before expanding her online presence. She inspires other women to lead active lifestyles through her website

OnlyFans Approach and Traction:

With 332k TikTok followers, Diana advertises her OnlyFans account to capitalize on her existing community while also expanding her reach.

  • Monthly subscription: $9.99
  • 170+ posts of fitness content, swimwear photos, and more

Diana bridges the gap between her motivational fitness brand and racier OnlyFans person through this specialized account.

{embed Diana Maux TikTok featuring a workout in progress}

"OnlyFans enables me to display the full spectrum – from my role as a fitness trainer to expressing my sensual side."

The "Tropical Hotness" of Putri Cinta

Background: This Indonesian model and actress from Jakarta stands out with her slender frame, radiant skin, and captivating energy she channels through dance videos on TikTok. She has accrued 383k loyal followers through consistent posting.

OnlyFans Strategy:

Leveraging the momentum from her viral TikTok dances, Putri Cinta began promoting her OnlyFans page across her profile. Subscribers can sign up for $15 a month to access:

  • 284 photos videos
  • Live streaming shows
  • Messaging to interact directly with Putri

She describes the account as the portal to experiencing her "tropical hotness" firsthand.

{embed Putri Cinta dancing in a two-piece swimsuit}

"I love the intimate connections I‘m able to build with my biggest supporters on OnlyFans."

Rap Artist Rubi Rose Brings Music Behind-the-Scenes

Background: As an established rapper and recording artist, Rubi Rose has collaborated with the likes of Migos and Wiz Khalifa while securing features in major music videos. She joined TikTok in November 2019 and has built a 2.2 million follower fan base.

OnlyFans Offerings:

In addition to posting preview snippets promoting her new music on TikTok, Rubi also funnels fans to her $9.99 per month OnlyFans page. Subscribers gain access to:

  • Revealing photo shoots
  • Behind-the-scenes tour footage
  • Collectible merch giveaways

Bundling this exclusive content with her music career has proven a powerful combination.

{embed Rubi Rose twerking dance video}

"I‘m proud to fully embrace my sexuality as part of my art on OnlyFans – where I face zero censorship."

Emerging Content Types and Niches

Reviewing the breadth of popular TikTokers on OnlyFans reveals some notable themes around content types and focus areas.

Some top trends include:

  • Fitness: Models and body builders like Diana Maux selling workout guides and sharing beach physique photo shoots.
  • Music: Artists such as Rubi Rose giving fans an all-access pass to the making of new albums and music videos.
  • Lifestyle: Travel and lifestyle vloggers leveraging OnlyFans to provide a "behind the filter" look at their luxury ventures.
  • Adult Entertainment: Current and former adult actresses drawing on their industry legacies, like Mia Khalifa has done.

In terms of promotional tactics, most creators directly advertise their OnlyFans accounts through their TikTok bio link or verbally pitching exclusive content available to subscribers.

Surprisingly, some influencers take a subtler route relying on fans to organically discover and spread word of their OnlyFans presence through chatter in comments. This helps position it as privileged insider access.

Tips for Brands Looking to Collaborate

For brands exploring influencer marketing campaigns on TikTok, the crossover to OnlyFans introduces some unique considerations:

  • Research whether creators also have active OnlyFans accounts and how that factors into their personal brand identity.

  • There may be opportunities to expand campaign activations through exclusive content funneled to their subscriber base. However, brands must ensure proper alignment and positioning.

  • Use caution aroundCertain brand partnerships focused exclusively on a TikTokers‘ OnlyFans audience create more risk than value. thoroughly vetting creators across their full range of content types and audience engagements to avoid issues.

  • Focus sponsorship conversations on content strategies tailored specifically to TikTok as opposed to attempting blanket collaborations spanning both accounts.


The surging popularity of OnlyFans among top TikTok creators signals a pivotal evolution in audience monetization models. By providing a platform to offer exclusive content outside the constraints of main media sites, OnlyFans grants a new avenue of connection through intimacy and vulnerability.

As evidenced above through emerging stars like Putri Cinta and influencer entrepreneurs like Diana Maux, TikTokers recognize OnlyFans‘ immense revenue potential and are activating their followers.

We predict this OnlyFans adoption boom to continue growing in 2023 as more TikTok artists, personalities, adult industry veterans, and influencers across niches join seeking fortunes through subscriber-funded content production.

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