How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify: The Complete Guide for Music Lovers

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Have you ever just wanted to sit back and listen to your favorite album from start to finish, only to have Spotify jump around playing totally random songs?

I feel your pain. Nothing kills the vibe more than shuffling messing up the order of tracks when all you want is to enjoy an album the way the artist intended.

Well, my friend, you‘ve come to the right place. In this complete guide, I‘ll be showing you exactly how to turn off shuffle on Spotify across all your devices.

Whether you use Spotify on your phone, tablet, desktop or web browser, I‘ve got simple step-by-step instructions that will have you back in control of your music in no time.

Let‘s get started!

What is Shuffle Play Anyway?

Before we learn to turn Spotify‘s shuffle off, it helps to understand what it actually does.

Shuffle mode randomly mixes up the order of playback. When it‘s enabled, Spotify will jump around between songs rather than playing them sequentially.

Shuffle is great when you want a bit of surprise and variety in your listening experience. But it can be super annoying when you just want to hear a playlist or album as it was arranged.

According to a Spotify spokesperson, over two-thirds of Spotify listeners use shuffle mode to inject some serendipity into their music streaming.

However, many Spotify customers complain shuffle can be distracting and ruins the artistic narrative flow of albums. I‘m definitely in the anti-shuffle camp!

Now let‘s go over how to disable shuffle mode on all your devices…

How to Turn Off Shuffling on Your iPhone

Do you use Spotify‘s iPhone app for your music listening? If shuffle is driving you crazy, here‘s how to turn it off:

  1. Open the Spotify app and start playing a playlist, album or artist‘s songs.

  2. Tap on the album artwork or playlist image in the Now Playing bar to open it.

  3. In the lower left corner of the playback screen, you‘ll see the green shuffle icon (two crossing arrows). Tap it to disable shuffle mode.

  4. The arrows will turn gray to indicate shuffling is now off. Spotify will resume playing songs in sequential order.

See, I told you it was simple! Now you can listen to albums and playlists as intended without any surprise track jumps.

Quickly Disable Shuffling on Your Android

If you‘re an Android user, don‘t worry – turning off shuffle works basically the same way as on iPhone.

Just follow these steps in the Spotify app on your Android:

  1. Open Spotify and start playing some music – either a playlist, album or artist radio.

  2. Tap on the album artwork or playlist image to enter Now Playing mode.

  3. Look in the lower left corner for the shuffle icon and tap it. The green arrows will turn gray when disabled.

With just those few taps, your Spotify music will now play in proper sequence on your Android. No more randomness interrupting your listening pleasure.

How To Stop Shuffling Songs in the Desktop App

Many Spotify fans enjoy listening through the desktop application on their Mac or Windows PC.

If you fall into that category, here is how you can disable shuffling in the Spotify desktop program:

  1. Launch the Spotify app on your computer and start playing music.

  2. Click on the down arrow next to your profile picture in the top right corner.

  3. In the drop-down menu, select "Playback."

  4. This opens the Playback settings window. Uncheck the "Shuffle" option or toggle it to the off position.

Now your desktop Spotify experience will be shuffle-free. You can sit back and enjoy full albums or playlists in their proper order.

Fixing Shuffle Play in Your Web Browser

Listening to Spotify in your web browser? Maybe at work or on a friend‘s computer?

I‘ve got you covered there too. Here‘s how to stop shuffle mode in the Spotify web player:

  1. Go to and log into your Spotify account.

  2. Start playing an album, playlist or artist‘s songs.

  3. In the playback bar at the bottom, click the green shuffle icon (two crossing arrows).

  4. This will instantly turn off shuffling so your web player sticks to sequential song order.

So with just a quick click, you can say goodbye to shuffle and enjoy Spotify uninterrupted in your browser.

Why Does Spotify Keep Shuffling Against My Wishes?

If you find that Spotify keeps playing in shuffle mode even after you turn it off, there are a few possible culprits:

  • You‘re using the free, ad-supported version of Spotify. After about 30 minutes of listening, free accounts are forced into shuffle mode. This limitation does not apply to paid Premium subscribers.

  • You forgot to turn shuffle off across all your devices. Make sure it‘s disabled on your phone, computer, tablet, etc.

  • Your smart speaker or wireless device has shuffling enabled. You‘ll need to use the device‘s controls to turn shuffle off.

  • You‘re encountering a software glitch or bug. Try force quitting and restarting the Spotify app to refresh it.

So double check that shuffle is off everywhere and you should be all set. Now let‘s look at how Premium can help…

Upgrade to Premium for Full Shuffle Control

While Spotify Free users can turn shuffle off, it will activate again after 30 minutes of listening.

With Spotify Premium however, you get unlimited, uninterrupted control over shuffle mode.

Here are some other great perks you get as a Premium subscriber:

  • Ad-free listening – No more annoying audio and banner ads disrupting your music.

  • Unlimited skips – Skip as many songs as you want and listen exactly how you want.

  • High audio quality – Enjoy enhanced sound quality for crisp, high-fidelity streaming.

  • Offline listening – Download your playlists and albums to your device to listen anywhere without using data.

  • Personalized recommendations – Spotify learns your tastes to suggest music you‘ll love based on your listening data.

If having unlimited power over shuffle mode appeals to you, going Premium is a surefire way to stop the shuffle madness for good.

And at just $9.99 a month, it‘s an amazing value compared to other music services on the market. Especially for passionate music lovers like you and me.

Spotify Subscription Options Monthly Price
Premium Individual $9.99
Premium Duo (2 people) $12.99
Premium Family (up to 6 people) $15.99
Premium Student $4.99

So give some thought to upgrading if shuffle is driving you crazy. Premium lets you listen any way you want!

How Other Music Apps Allow You to Disable Shuffling

While this guide has focused specifically on Spotify, most other streaming music services also let you turn off shuffle:

  • Apple Music – Turn off Shuffle in Now Playing or in Playback Settings.
  • YouTube Music – Tap the shuffle icon to disable song shuffling.
  • Amazon Music – Turn off Shuffle in Settings or ask Alexa to play songs in order.
  • Pandora – Uncheck Shuffle Mode in Now Playing Options to disable it.
  • Tidal – Tap the shuffle icon to turn off shuffling for all music playback.

So no matter which streaming app you use, you can take back control and listen to music the way you like – without any surprises!

Answers to Your Top Shuffle Mode Questions

Here are quick answers to some frequently asked questions about controlling shuffle mode on Spotify and other music apps:

Q: Does Spotify Premium allow you to turn shuffle off completely?

A: Yes! With Premium you have unlimited access to turn shuffle on or off anytime.

Q: Why does my music keep shuffling even when I have it turned off?

A: Make sure shuffle is disabled across all your listening devices. Also check that you don‘t have the free version, where shuffle turns back on after 30 minutes.

Q: Can I shuffle a playlist temporarily then turn it off later?

A: Absolutely. Just tap the shuffle icon on a playlist to turn shuffling on. Tap again later to disable it and resume normal play.

Q: Is there any way to turn off shuffle on Spotify‘s radio stations?

A: Unfortunately no – Spotify‘s radio stations like Discover Weekly are designed to play randomly so you can‘t disable shuffling on those.

Q: Can I ask Alexa or Google Home to turn off Spotify shuffling for me?

A: Yes! If you link your Spotify account, you can simply say "Alexa/Hey Google, turn off Spotify shuffle" and the voice assistant will disable shuffle mode.

I hope this guide has helped explain exactly how to get shuffle under control in Spotify and other streaming music apps. Now you can finally listen to full albums just as the artists intended. No more shuffle madness interrupting your listening pleasure!

If you found this guide helpful, I‘d love if you could take a quick minute to share it on Facebook or Twitter. And let me know if you have any other Spotify tips and tricks you‘d like explained. I‘m here to help make your music listening experience the best it can be!


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