How To Finally Fix the "Tweets Aren‘t Loading" Error

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Nothing kills your Twitter scroll sesh faster than seeing the dreaded “Tweets aren’t loading right now” message pop up on your screen.

Believe me, I‘ve been there! As a social media manager who lives and breathes Twitter, few things are more annoying than not being able to access the platform. But don’t worry – with the right troubleshooting steps, you can get your timeline up and running again in no time.

In this detailed guide, I’ll walk you through exactly how to fix the “Tweets aren’t loading” error on both mobile and desktop, no matter where or how you use Twitter. We’ll cover:

  • Common causes of the loading failure
  • Step-by-step mobile and desktop fixes
  • Preventative measures to avoid tweets not loading
  • When and how to contact Twitter support
  • MUST-KNOW tips from a Twitter pro (yours truly)

By the end, your Twitter woes will be a thing of the past. Now let’s get started bringing your feed back to life!

Why Do My Tweets Suddenly Stop Loading?

Before we dig into solutions, let’s briefly overview what causes this pesky loading error in the first place.

The “Tweets aren’t loading right now” message indicates Twitter is unable to retrieve new tweets from its servers to populate your timeline or notifications. This could stem from:

Internet Connectivity Issues

Problems like WiFi dropout, cellular network congestion, or router malfunctions can prevent Twitter from accessing its data centers. This is one of the most common reasons you may see the loading error.

Corrupted App Data

Over time, cache files and outdated data in the Twitter app can become corrupted and lead to crashes or loading failures.

Browser Problems

Bugs, outdated extensions, privacy settings, and other browser-specific issues can create conflicts with Twitter’s web loading processes.

Account Restrictions

If your account is locked, suspended, or has certain filters enabled, Twitter may fail to load new tweets due to these restrictions.

Platform Outages

During times of high traffic or internal technical issues, Twitter‘s servers themselves can go down and cause global loading problems.

Now let’s go step-by-step through the top fixes guaranteed to get your Twitter feed rolling once again.

How to Fix When Tweets Won‘t Load on Mobile

If you can’t see new tweets on your iPhone, Android, iPad or other mobile Twitter app, try these troubleshooting tips:

Step 1: Check Your Internet Connection

The first thing to do is make sure your phone still has an active, stable internet connection.

Open your browser and try to load a website like If pages aren’t loading here either, you likely have an internet connectivity issue preventing Twitter access.

Things to try:

  • Turn your phone’s airplane mode on and off
  • Disable and re-enable your WiFi
  • Toggle your cellular data off and back on
  • Switch from WiFi to cellular data or vice versa
  • Restart your wireless router
  • Run an internet speed test for network diagnostics

This quick reset will rule out any transient network drops or ISP problems getting in the way of Twitter.

Step 2: Use the Mobile Twitter Website

If a basic internet reset doesn’t work, try loading Twitter through your mobile browser instead of the app.

Open a browser and go to Log into your account there.

If Twitter loads fine on the mobile site, the issue is isolated to your app install and updating or reinstalling should resolve it (more on that next).

But if the website exhibits the same loading error, there’s likely an underlying account or Twitter platform problem at play rather than just a glitchy app.

Step 3: Update or Reinstall the Twitter App

Outdated app versions can suffer compatibility issues and bugs that interfere with Twitter’s loading processes.

On iPhone, head to the App Store and check for any available updates:

On Android, visit the Play Store and hit “Update” if available:

If the app is totally up-to-date, uninstall and reinstall Twitter as a more forceful refresh of corrupt data. Just be sure your account info is backed up beforehand.

Step 4: Clear the App Cache and Data

Over time, temporary cached data and login credentials can become bloated and buggy within the Twitter app.

Clearing this data forces a clean slate and often resolves loading issues.

On iPhone:

  • Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage
  • Find Twitter and tap to open details
  • Tap “Offload App” to delete the cache while keeping the app shell

On Android:

  • Go to Settings > Apps > Twitter
  • Tap Storage and then Clear Cache plus Clear Data

Give the app about a minute after cleansing this data before trying to reload your timeline.

Step 5: Disable Account Filters

If your tweets still won’t load, log into your Twitter account on mobile and visit Settings. Look for any filters or restrictions enabled, like:

  • Quality filters
  • Sensitive content toggle
  • Muted words
  • Location settings

Disable these one by one and test if tweets start loading properly again. Some account filters can block content from appearing in your timeline.

Step 6: Contact Twitter Support

If you still see “Tweets aren’t loading” after trying all troubleshooting steps on both mobile web and in-app, your best bet is to contact Twitter support directly.

In the app, tap your profile icon > Settings > Get help with your account.

On desktop, visit and click Request a review at the bottom.

Explain your persistent loading error and timeline outage. Support can further diagnose any underlying account or platform issues.

Fixing "Tweets Aren‘t Loading" Error on Desktop

For those struggling to see new tweets on from a Windows PC, Mac, Linux or other desktop computer, here are some browser-based fixes to try:

Step 1: Clear Your Browser Cache/Data

Over time, your web browser stores huge amounts of cached images, site data and cookies that can slow down page loading significantly.

Clearing this data gives sites like Twitter a clean slate to work with:


  • Click the 3 dots icon > Settings > Privacy and security
  • Click Clear browsing data
  • Select cached images/files from the list
  • Choose a timeline like Last hour or All time
  • Click Clear data


  • Click the 3 lines icon > Options
  • Go to Privacy & Security > Cookies and Site Data
  • Click Clear Data
  • Tick Cached Web Content and Cookies and Site Data
  • Choose timeframe to clear
  • Click Clear


  • Go to Safari > Clear History and Website Data
  • Select the desired history range
  • Make sure Cached files and cookies is checked
  • Click Clear History and Data

Give Twitter a minute or two after emptying the browser data before trying to reload your feed.

Step 2: Try an Alternate Browser

If clearing your cache didn’t work, attempt to load Twitter in a different browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.

You can also start your browser in “incognito mode” which disables extensions and clears session data.

If Twitter manages to load in one browser but not another, an isolated browser issue is likely preventing tweet rendering. Updating or reinstalling the problematic browser is your next step.

Step 3: Disable Browser Extensions One by One

Browser add-ons like ad blockers, privacy plugins and even antivirus tools can sometimes conflict with page loading on specific sites.

Disable all extensions and log back into Twitter. If your timeline loads fine now, reenable extensions one by one until you identify any incompatible tools causing loading failures. You may need to remove the problematic add-on completely.

Step 4: Switch Twitter Accounts

Try logging out of your account on Twitter and into a different one, like a secondary profile or neutral test account.

If you see tweets load fine here, an issue with your primary account settings is likely at fault rather than a global loading glitch. Things to review on your main account:

  • Timeline filters enabled
  • Location permissions
  • Blocked words or phrases
  • Account lockouts or restrictions

Tweak these settings to resolve any limitations blocking tweets from appearing.

Step 5: Monitor Twitter‘s System Status Pages

Sometimes Twitter globally experiences platform issues that prevent ALL accounts from loading new tweet data.

When this happens, Twitter Status offers real-time updates on their resolved system outages versus user-specific problems.

Bookmark to monitor any platform-wide problems and maintenance downtimes that may explain your loading error. You can also subscribe to receive email/SMS alerts whenever Twitter detects an issue.

Step 6: Contact Twitter Support

If your tweets still won’t load on desktop after exhausting all typical troubleshooting methods, reach out to the Twitter support team directly for further assistance.

Go to and click the button to request a review.

Explain your persistent “Tweets aren’t loading” issue and outline all the steps you’ve tried so far across browsers, accounts, and devices. Include any error messages you see.

Support can investigate for other factors that may be restricting your timeline functionality and help resolve the problem at its source.

Avoiding Twitter Loading Failures in the Future

Once you get Twitter back up and running, a few preventative measures can help avoid more loading interruptions down the road:

  • Keep your Twitter app updated on mobile to ensure compatibility with the latest features and fixes. Avoid unsupported OS versions.

  • Clear browser caches/cookies regularly – don‘t let them slow things down with excess bulk.

  • Ensure Twitter is allowed in firewall and security software so your access isn‘t unintentionally blocked.

  • Restart your home router weekly or so to refresh DNS and connectivity issues before they compound.

  • Don‘t overload your browser with add-ons that can conflict with page loading.

  • Monitor Twitter‘s status page during major events or outages for system advisories.

  • Back up your account data offline so you can conveniently refresh if needed.

With a few pre-emptive habits, you can avoid most causes of failing tweet loads before they even happen.

We‘re All Tweet-Free Now

Whew, that was a lot of ground to cover! But now you‘re equipped with all the top fixes for both mobile and desktop to get your Twitter feed rolling once again.

No more staring endlessly at the "Tweets aren‘t loading" message. You‘ve got the tools and knowledge to troubleshoot like a pro.

Let me know in the comments if any other Twitter loading tricks or tips work to resolve the issue for you! I‘m always happy to lend a hand to fellow Tweetheads.

Stay tuned for more guides soon that will make you a Twitter master. Until then, enjoy the endless scrolling!

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