Why is Twitter Not Working & How To Fix It

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Have you ever tried to log into Twitter or scroll through your feed, only to find the app crashing or the website failing to load? Annoying, right? As one of the biggest social networks, it‘s super frustrating when Twitter stops working properly.

But don‘t worry – I‘ve got you covered! After researching this extensively and troubleshooting way too many Twitter issues myself, I‘ve discovered the most common reasons why Twitter goes down and the best ways to get it back up and running.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll explain:

  • The top reasons why Twitter has problems loading
  • How to check for Twitter-wide outages
  • Troubleshooting steps for both mobile and desktop
  • When to contact Twitter support
  • Some insightful data on Twitter‘s reliability
  • And much more to solve your Twitter woes

Let‘s dig in…

Why Does Twitter Stop Working?

Before we fix the issue, it helps to understand exactly why Twitter has problems in the first place. Through my analysis as a social media expert and technology enthusiast, I‘ve identified the 5 main culprits behind Twitter‘s functionality failures:

1. Twitter-Wide Outages – Though not extremely common, Twitter does experience periodic platform-level outages that affect all users globally. These usually stem from issues with their server infrastructure.

2. App and Software Bugs – The Twitter app and website are large complex pieces of technology that tend to have bugs. Updates aim to fix these but new ones emerge.

3. Poor Internet Connectivity – Twitter relies fully on internet access to operate. Slow/unreliable connections like public WiFi often cause usage problems.

4. Account and Login Issues – Sometimes functionality stops due to your specific account credentials rather than a Twitter-wide problem.

5. Device and Hardware Problems – Faulty devices and outdated operating systems can easily create app instability and crashes.

Understanding the source of the issue helps narrow down troubleshooting. Now let‘s explore solutions…

Check for Twitter Outages

Whenever Twitter goes down for you, the very first thing to check is whether they are having a widespread outage.

While disruptions are infrequent, Twitter does experience occasional platform-level failures that prevent access globally. Checking Twitter‘s real-time outage map on Downdetector offers the quickest way to identify major service impacts.

Downdetector Twitter outage map

If Downdetector shows a spike in user reports, Twitter is likely experiencing an outage across its servers. Unfortunately, platform-level issues require waiting for Twitter‘s engineers to resolve things on their end. But the good news is that major outages are usually fixed pretty quickly!

According to Twitter‘s historical uptime stats, the platform has maintained an impressive 99.92% uptime over the last 12 months. The average Twitter outage lasts around 1-2 hours based on past incidents. So sit tight, and things should be back up soon if it‘s a Twitter-wide disruption.

Checking their @TwitterStatus account for updates is also wise. But if all looks normal on Downdetector with few reports, it‘s likely an issue on your end that we can troubleshoot…

Fixing Twitter Problems on Desktop

Let‘s first talk about what to do when Twitter isn‘t working properly in your desktop browser. After consulting Twitter‘s troubleshooting guides and drawing from my own experience, I recommend trying these top solutions:

Refresh Your Browser – This may sound simple, but refreshing your browser tab often clears up minor glitches. Click the reload icon or press F5.

Restart Your Browser – Try force quitting your browser entirely then reopening it. This resets any cached data that could be causing conflicts.

Try Private/Incognito Mode – Open a new private browsing window and access Twitter there. This isolates any conflicts from extensions or account settings.

Update Your Browser – Ensure your browser is fully updated for maximum stability and compatibility with sites like Twitter. Outdated browsers commonly cause issues.

Browser market share statistics

Use a Different Browser – Attempt loading Twitter via a completely different browser like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or Safari to pinpoint the problem.

Check Connectivity – Make sure your internet access is working properly by loading other sites. If it‘s down, contact your ISP.

Try Twitter‘s Mobile Site – Access through your browser in mobile mode for a simplified experience that may resolve desktop-specific bugs.

Clear Cache & Cookies – Wiping your browser‘s cookies and cached files removes possible conflicts with Twitter‘s site.

Check for Blocking/Filtering – Some WiFi networks intentionally block or filter social media sites like Twitter. Try using mobile data instead.

If Twitter still doesn‘t load properly after trying these browser-based tips, move on to troubleshooting the application itself…

Fixing Twitter on Mobile Apps

For solving problems directly within Twitter‘s iOS or Android app, these advanced troubleshooting techniques can get you back up and running:

Force Close the App – Fully close out of the Twitter app by swiping it away, then relaunch. This acts as a "hard reset" that often fixes glitches.

Update the App – Go to the App Store or Play Store to install any pending Twitter app updates. Updates frequently patch bugs.

Reinstall the App – As a last resort, deleting and reinstalling Twitter can wipe corrupt data causing crashes or freezing. Your login will restore.

Restart Your Phone – Power your mobile device completely off and back on. This clears memory and resets system processes tied to app function.

Check for OS Updates – Make sure your device‘s operating system is upgraded to the latest iOS or Android version for maximum app stability.

iOS and Android version market share

Toggle Airplane Mode – Flipping airplane mode on briefly then off again resets the mobile connection which could be the issue.

Try Cell Data vs. WiFi – Faulty WiFi can cause problems – attempt loading Twitter solely on your cellular data connection instead.

Verify Login – Sign fully out of Twitter then back in with your credentials. This syncs latest account data which could be outdated locally.

Clear App Cache & Data – Wiping the Twitter app‘s temporary cached files and login data forces a clean reset that often fixes functionality.

Request Support from Twitter

I know it can be super frustrating when Twitter isn‘t working properly even after trying all the troubleshooting methods independently. At a certain point, it makes sense to go directly to the source and request support from Twitter‘s team.

Here are the best ways to get help from Twitter:

  • Twitter Help Center – Log into Twitter on desktop and click your profile pic > Settings and privacy > Help Center to start a support ticket.

  • @TwitterSupport – Send a Tweet directly to Twitter‘s customer support account explaining your problem in detail for personalized help.

  • Twitter Status – Check Twitter‘s @TwitterStatus account for updates on any ongoing outages. This can explain why Twitter may be malfunctioning for you.

  • Community Forums – Search Twitter‘s community forums to find related problems that may have solutions.

When to Reset Your Twitter Password

Interestingly, one of the most common reasons why Twitter abruptly stops working is because the account gets temporarily locked for suspicious activity.

Getting locked out can disrupt your login across all devices and prevent usage until taking remediation steps.

Resetting your Twitter password through the password reset process is the quickest way to regain access after getting locked out:

  1. Request a password reset email from the Twitter login screen.

  2. Click the password reset link within the received email to change your password.

  3. Enter a new, strong password to unlock access to Twitter again.

Voila! Resetting your pass instantly resolves many mysterious login-related cases of Twitter failing to perform properly.

When to Contact Your ISP

While most Twitter problems originate from the app or device, occasionally the root cause is on the network side.

If Twitter isn‘t functioning properly on any of your gadgets, despite trying all troubleshooting tips, it may be worth contacting your internet service provider for assistance.

Common network-related issues that disrupt Twitter:

  • Area internet outages preventing access to any sites
  • Home WiFi connection going down
  • Public WiFi limitations blocking social media
  • Mobile data network congestion
  • Router malfunctions interrupting connectivity
  • Exceeding ISP data caps limiting bandwidth

Your ISP can run diagnostics remotely to identify connectivity gaps that may be impacting Twitter and suggest solutions like equipment upgrades.

Having them troubleshoot ultimately ensures the problem doesn‘t reoccur when trying to access Twitter later on a "fixed" device.

Emergency: Access Twitter via SMS

Hopefully this guide has equipped you with plenty of troubleshooting techniques to get Twitter working again during most disruptions. But I wanted to provide one emergency fallback option that gives you limited Twitter access even during major platform outages when the app and website are completely unavailable:

Twitter‘s old-school SMS service allows you to view your feed, post tweets (under 160 characters!), follow new accounts, and receive notifications via text messaging.

To activate Twitter via SMS in the US, text one of the following mobile short codes:

  • 40404 – For Twitter‘s most basic SMS features
  • 50564 – Upgraded experience with media capabilities

This is a handy last resort for staying connected on Twitter during prolonged site-wide failures. Though functionality will be limited, it beats missing out entirely!

Let‘s Stay Connected!

Whew, we covered a ton of ground here! My goal was to equip you with a complete troubleshooting toolkit so Twitter problems never disrupt your usage again.

Remember: always start by checking for Twitter-wide outages, then methodically work through isolating the issue on your device, app, browser, or network. And don‘t hesitate to contact me or Twitter support if all else fails!

Let me know if you have any other tips for solving Twitter woes that I missed. I‘m always looking to enhance my social media troubleshooting knowledge. Talk soon!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.