How to Unhide Hidden Songs on Spotify

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Have you ever hidden a song on Spotify, only to later decide you actually want to listen to it again? With over 70 million tracks on Spotify, it‘s easy to get sick of songs and want to temporarily hide them. But unhiding these hidden tunes is a breeze once you know how.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll explain multiple methods to unhide and restore access to songs you‘ve hidden on Spotify across platforms. Whether using the mobile app or desktop player, you‘ll learn how to unhide tracks from specific playlists or globally in just a few taps.

Here‘s what I‘ll cover:

  • What hiding a song actually does on Spotify
  • Step-by-step instructions to unhide songs within playlists/albums
  • How to completely unhide songs from all of Spotify
  • Troubleshooting guide for common Spotify hidden song issues
  • Additional tips for managing hidden song status

Follow the steps below to stop missing out on those hidden gems and unhide any Spotify track with ease!

What Does Hiding a Song on Spotify Actually Do?

Before learning how to unhide songs, it helps to understand what hiding a track on Spotify actually does in the first place.

When you select "Hide" on a song through the More Options (three dots) menu, you are preventing that song from appearing in playlists, albums, radio stations, and other sections of your Spotify account. However, hiding a track does not remove it from your Liked Songs playlist or other personal playlists you have created.

Some key facts about hidden songs on Spotify:

  • They become "unplayable" with a grayed-out icon, but remain in your library
  • You can only hide songs in public playlists, not ones you personally created
  • Hiding is a handy way to temporarily remove songs without deleting them
  • It prevents songs from auto-playing, but doesn‘t affect playlists you own

Knowing what hiding a track actually does will help as we walk through the steps to access and unhide these hidden tracks across Spotify.

Step-by-Step: How To Unhide Songs on Playlists & Albums

If you‘ve hidden a song inside a specific playlist or album, follow these simple steps to unhide it there:

1. Open the Playlist/Album With the Hidden Song

First, launch the Spotify app on mobile or desktop and navigate to the playlist or album that contains the hidden track.

For example, if you hid an annoying Christmas song in your Daily Mix playlist, pull up that Daily Mix.

2. Tap the Three Dot "More" Menu Next to the Song

On mobile, tap the three dot (vertical ellipsis) menu to the right of the hidden song title.

On desktop, right click on the grayed-out track name and select "Show Song" from the pop-up menu.

3. Select "Unhide"

This menu will display the "Unhide" option. Tap it on mobile or click it on desktop to unhide and reveal the song.

Pro Tip
If you don‘t see the Unhide option, first toggle "Show Unplayable Songs" in Settings to reveal hidden tracks.

4. Save Your Changes

Make sure to hit Save after unhiding a track so your changes stick. The song will now be playable again within that specific playlist or album only.

But what if you want to unhide a track from everything – all playlists, albums, radios, and more? Keep reading!

How To Completely Unhide Songs Everywhere on Spotify

If you want to completely unhide a track from across your entire Spotify account, follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings

Open the Settings menu by tapping your profile icon (on mobile) or selecting Settings from the drop-down menu (on desktop).

2. Toggle "Show Unplayable Songs" On

In Settings, scroll down and toggle the "Show Unplayable Songs" switch on. This reveals any songs you‘ve ever hidden.

3. Find the Hidden Song and Select "Unhide"

You can now search for or scroll to the hidden track. Tap the three dot menu beside it, then choose "Unhide" to fully restore it.

This unhides the song from all playlists, radios, recommendations and any other place it was hidden across your Spotify account.

Troubleshooting: Common Spotify Hidden Song Problems

Having trouble unhiding tracks on Spotify? Here are some common issues and fixes:

Problem: "Unhide" option missing in the menu.

Solution: You can only hide/unhide songs in public playlists, not your own playlists. Unhide isn‘t available for tracks in playlists you created.

Problem: Can‘t unhide a song despite the setting being on.

Solution: Tap Save after unhiding the track – changes don‘t stick otherwise. Make sure it‘s now visible in any playlists.

Problem: Unhidden song keeps getting re-hidden later.

Solution: Unhide it via the global Settings method so it applies everywhere.

Problem: Song shows as unplayable for a different reason.

Solution: It could be a region restriction, account limitation, or other playback issue.

This covers the most common problems around unhiding Spotify songs. Now let‘s wrap up with some additional tips for managing your hidden song status.

Additional Tips for Spotify Hidden Song Management

Here are a few final recommendations for seamlessly managing your hidden song status on Spotify:

  • To hide multiple songs at once, tap the three dot menu on a playlist > "Hide Songs" > select tracks.

  • View all your hidden tracks in one place by adding "hidden" to a search – they‘ll appear in results.

  • On desktop, you can right click tracks to quickly hide without opening the menu.

  • Remember that hiding is just temporary – delete songs completely if you want them fully gone.

  • You can also favorite hidden tracks so they appear in your Liked Songs playlist.

And that covers everything you need to know to easily unhide and manage hidden Spotify songs! Now you can listen again to tracks you temporarily hid across any device.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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