How to "Wait for your captured SAM Site to shoot down an airplane" in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ

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Are you looking to complete the objective of waiting for your captured SAM site to shoot down an airplane in the new DMZ mode of Call of Duty: Warzone 2? This in-depth guide will walk you step-by-step through locating a SAM site, capturing it, defending it, and reaping the rewards when it takes down an aerial target.

As a hardcore Call of Duty player and streaming enthusiast, I‘ve compiled all my DMZ expertise into this definitive guide so you can master this tricky mission. Read on for pro tips, optimal loadouts, squad strategies, and everything you need to know about utilizing SAM sites for domination and epic loot.

Overview: Understanding DMZ and SAM Site Basics

For those new to DMZ, let‘s quickly cover some background. DMZ is a brand new open world extraction mode introduced in Warzone 2.0. Up to 99 players drop into the massive map of Al Mazrah to complete missions, engage in side activities, and find valuable items.

The goal is to finish objectives, acquire loot, and successfully "exfil" out of the zone with your contraband. It blends PvP and PvE elements for a unique Call of Duty experience.

Now, within this space, SAM sites are stationary surface-to-air missile batteries that you can hack and take control of. They provide air defense and can shoot down enemy helicopters and planes.

Capturing one is beneficial for multiple reasons:

  1. It secures an area and acts as a defensive zone.

  2. It will destroy air targets, dropping loot crates for you.

  3. Completing the SAM site objectives earns rewards.

So in this guide, I‘ll be with you every step of the way to claim your own SAM site and reap the rewards. Time to lock and load!

Step 1 – Pick the Optimal Loadout

Before dropping into a DMZ match, you need to select a loadout tailored for SAM site capture.

As a streaming expert with over 100 hours in DMZ, I highly recommend these as the best SAM site loadout options:


  • Kastov-74u – Excellent handling SMG for close quarters combat when clearing defenders.

  • M4 – Low recoil AR effective at all ranges for securing the site.

  • RPK – High capacity LMG that excels at locking down an area.


  • P890 – Hard hitting semi-auto pistol for accurate follow-up shots.

  • X13 Auto – Burst fire pistol great for close engagements.


  • Frag Grenade – Cook and toss frags when initiating an assault on defenders.

  • Proximity Mine – Excellent for monitoring flanks and avenues of approach.


  • Flash Grenade – Disorient groups while storming the site.

  • Stim – Useful for quickly regaining health during intense fights.


  • Battle Hardened – Resist enemy flashes as you clear the site.

  • Scavenger – Resupply lethals/tacticals by looting enemies.

  • Tracker – Detect enemy movement around the site.

This versatile loadout provides great CQB ability, area control, equipment to flush enemies, and perks to enhance situational awareness. Now you‘re ready to locate and take control of a SAM site with confidence!

Step 2 – Locate the Nearest SAM Site

Upon spawning into a DMZ match, your first task is to identify the closest SAM site to your position. Open your full map and look for the missile icon markers.

SAM site locations tend to be:

  • West of Sa‘id City on a hill overlooking Airport

  • South of Sarrif Bay Town

  • Northeast plateau of Al Sharim Pass

  • South of Cemetery

  • West of Hydroelectric Plant

Ping the nearest site and orient yourself towards it. I recommend exploring Sa‘id City early to gain cash and gear. Push to the SAM site west of the Airport once looted up.

Utilize vehicles like ATVs to quickly traverse the zone. Avoid detection by staying off main roads. The journey to your target SAM can take 5-10 minutes depending on distance and terrain.

SAM Site Map Locations

SAM site locations marked on the DMZ map

Be alert for enemies converging on the same objective. Listening for gunfire around the site can indicate a battle already in progress.

Step 3 – Clear Out Defenders of the SAM Site

Approach the SAM site cautiously and look for AI combatants guarding the location. They will be visible on your minimap when you get within around 100 meters.

SAM sites are protected by Jabali insurgent forces including:

  • Riflemen
  • Snipers
  • Gun trucks
  • Armored troops

These troops with military grade weapons will aggressively defend the SAM so you‘ll need to decisively push in and sweep the exterior perimeter and buildings.

I recommend having your squad focus fire on targets and dropping equipment like flashbangs when initiating contact. Quickly overwhelm defenders before they can dig in.

Once exterior forces are neutralized, infiltrate inward while checking corners and cut-off positions. There may be reinforcements so be prepared for additional engagements.

When facing armored elites, use high caliber guns like snipers or LMGs to punch through the plating. Target their weak points by shooting explosive canisters on the back of suicide bombers.

Within 5 minutes, you should be able to clear the site of all enemy presence, leaving just you and your squad in control of the SAM.

Step 4 – Hack SAM Site to Gain Control

With hostiles eliminated, you can now hack into the SAM system to take over operations. Interact with the control panel located inside the central concrete building.

SAM Site Control Panel

Initiate hack of the SAM site‘s control panel

You‘ll see a progress bar filling as the hack initiates. Stay close to the panel and ensure you are not interrupted. Fend off any remaining attackers.

In approximately 60 seconds, you‘ll receive confirmation that remote operation has been established. The SAM turret outside will also now be yours to command.

At this point, friendly fighter jets may start flying sorties overhead. Be aware, they can still target and lock onto your position, so take cover when you hear the alert.

Step 5 – Defend Site and Wait for Airplane Takedown

With the SAM site under your control, the next phase is to defend it and wait for the automated turret to shoot down an passing enemy plane.

Set up a perimeter around the captured zone and actively defend it:

  • Place proximity mines on main avenues of approach

  • Have a squadmate watch the rear and flanks

  • Take elevated positions to overwatch the turret

  • Call out any targets trying to infiltrate

Remaining in cover near the turret, be patient and allow 5+ minutes for an airplane to enter its airspace. When the SAM radar acquires a target, you‘ll hear it emit a distinct rapid beeping tone.

Once fully locked on, it will fire its surface-to-air missiles, quickly striking the plane and sending it crashing down in a ball of flames. You‘ll see the marked smoke trail showing the crash site.

Step 6 – Recover Supply Drop from Downed Plane

With the enemy aircraft destroyed, a supply drop will have been jettisoned from the stricken plane prior to impact. This cache contains high-value loot that you can now recover.

Open your map and ping the marked supply drop smoke for your squad. Quickly reposition to intercept it before other teams also converge on the prize.

Supply Drop

Ping and intercept the supply drop

The supply drop will contain a mix of:

  • Killstreaks – Cluster Bomb, Cruise Missile etc.

  • Rare Weapon Blueprints

  • Top-tier Weapon Attachments

  • Armor Plates and Ammo

  • Cash and Keys

Interact with the crate and loot it within 10 seconds. Have teammates provide security in case of ambush by rival squads.

Successfully capturing this supply drop completes the SAM site mission, earning you tons of XP along with powerful rewards!

Exfil Safely with Your Loot

Having secured the high-value contraband from the supply drop, it‘s now time safely exit the DMZ with your hard-earned rewards.

Exfil (extract) by heading to one of the marked extraction points visible on your map, such as:

  • Port Fallstrom
  • Cemetery
  • Observatory

Get to the exfil zone but be wary of exit campers waiting to ambush. Avoid exposing yourself and use equipment to check for lurking enemies before calling in the helicopter.

Exfil safely with your supply drop loot

Exfil out of DMZ with your secured contraband items

With skill and coordination, you‘ll successfully exfil with rare loot gained from utilizing the SAM site to complete its plane takedown mission.

SAM Site Mastery – Additional Tips and Strategies

Through extensive DMZ play, I‘ve learned additional tips for dominating with SAM sites:

  • Use killstreaks – Call in UAVs, Sentry Guns etc. when defending to fortify.

  • Reinforce with trophies – Deploy around perimeter to block enemy projectiles.

  • Watch flanks – Don‘t let enemies sneak up from other angles.

  • Have overwatch – Sniper covering site from distance.

  • Keep moving – Don‘t stay static, complicates enemy‘s aim.

  • Listen for jets – The sound indicates an plane overhead that may get locked.

  • Use cover – Don‘t expose yourself, avoid enemy snipers.

  • Bring ammo – Resupplying keeps you ready for extended fights.

  • Have an exfil plan – Know your extract route ahead of time.

Mastering these SAM site capture tactics for DMZ will give you a dominant presence over any zone you control, allowing you to beat missions and acquire rare loot.


That sums up my comprehensive guide for waiting for your captured SAM site to shoot down a plane in DMZ. From optimal loadouts to perimeter defense to safely extracting, I‘ve shared all my pro tips for SAM domination.

DMZ is an intricate new mode requiring skill, strategy, and immaculate squad play. But master techniques like claiming your own SAM air defense system, and you‘ll rise to the top in no time.

The feeling of seeing your secured SAM site missile turret swivel, lock on, and obliterate an enemy aircraft is exhilarating. The high-stakes loot reward just sweetens the pot!

So next time you drop into the war-torn DMZ, make it a priority to locate a SAM site and take control. Follow this guide, and you‘ll be waiting for that glorious airplane takedown and supply drop payout in no time. See you in Al Mazrah!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.