Fixing Instagram‘s "We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things" Error

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Have you ever tried to like, comment on, or follow someone on Instagram, only to be met with the frustrating message: "We limit how often you can do certain things on Instagram, like following people, to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake."

As an avid Instagrammer, I know how annoying this limitation can be when you just want to engage with fellow users. But don‘t worry – with the right techniques, you can get your account back in good standing and avoid further limitations.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll explain exactly why Instagram limits accounts, how long the restrictions typically last, and most importantly, proven fixes to resolve even the most stubborn limitations. Read on to get the inside scoop so you can recover your Instagram privileges.

Why Does Instagram Limit Account Activities?

Before we dig into solutions, let‘s first understand why Instagram restricts certain actions in the first place.

The platform imposes daily limits on activities like following, commenting, posting, and messaging to combat spam, bot accounts, and other policy-breaking behavior.

Their algorithms monitor for suspicious activities like:

  • Following or unfollowing hundreds of users within an hour
  • Flooding posts with comments in quick succession
  • Posting duplicate, irrelevant comments
  • Sending a flood of DM messages
  • Posting an excessive number of Stories in a short period

Essentially, if you do any single activity too rapidly or excessively, Instagram assumes you‘re an automated bot rather than a real person. Their systems then throttle your actions as a precautionary measure.

Restrictions also occur if you outright violate Instagram‘s community guidelines against nudity, hate speech, harassment, etc. Content violations can result in complete account disabling, so tread carefully.

Now that we know why Instagram limits accounts, let‘s look at how long the restrictions typically last.

Duration of Instagram Limits

If your account gets limited due to spammy behavior like mass-following or mass-commenting, the restrictions are usually temporary, lasting anywhere from 24 hours to a few weeks depending on severity.

Here are some average timeframes for common Instagram limitations:

  • Following/Unfollowing limits – 24-48 hours
  • Commenting limits – 1-7 days
  • Posting limits – 3-14 days
  • Messaging limits – 1-3 days

However, if you continue the problematic activity immediately after the limits lift, Instagram will penalize you again for longer periods. The restrictions get harsher if you repeatedly ignore their warnings.

For posting content that actually violates their policies, limits can last much longer – anywhere from 1-4 weeks. The duration depends on the severity of the violation and your prior record.

For example, a single nudity post may get a week‘s restriction, while repeatedly posting content promoting violence could lead to a month-long disabling.

Now that we know how long restrictions generally last, let‘s get into how to fix limitations and get your account back to normal.

5 Proven Ways to Restore a Limited Instagram Account

If your Instagram privileges have been temporarily revoked, don‘t panic. Here are five proven tactics to regain your account‘s full functionality:

1. Immediately Stop the Problematic Behavior

This may seem obvious, but it‘s critical – you must immediately cease whichever behavior triggered the limitation.

If mass unfollowing caused it, stop unfollowing accounts in bulk. If posting hate speech prompted it, stop posting such content indefinitely.

Demonstrate to Instagram that you‘re willing to align your activity with their policies. Once they see the flagged behavior has halted, your account should regain functionality after the time period elapses.

2. Adjust Your Account Habits Going Forward

To avoid limitations in the future, you‘ll need to modify your Instagram habits:

  • Space out actions: Don‘t like 1,000 posts or follow 500 accounts within an hour. Spread activities over days or weeks.
  • Vary your engagement: Don‘t duplicate comments or post identical content. Act like a real user.
  • Use features judiciously: Don‘t flood dozens of Stories in a day or send 100s of DMs. Keep volumes reasonable.
  • Post responsibly: Carefully follow Instagram‘s content policies and avoid hate speech, threats, nudity etc. that could get you banned.

Basically, act thoughtfully like a real person, not a spambot. Varied activity patterns signal to Instagram‘s systems that an engaged human is behind your account.

3. Submit an Appeal if You Think Instagram Erred

Sometimes limitations happen because of an error by Instagram‘s automated systems rather than actual rule-breaking.

If you believe Instagram incorrectly limited your account, submit an appeal:

  • Go to your profile and tap the three-line menu button
  • Select "Help" then "Report a Problem"
  • Choose the category relevant to your issue, like "Action Blocked" or "Post Removed"
  • Explain why you think Instagram made a mistake in limiting your account

Write clearly so a human reviewer can understand the context and potentially lift erroneous restrictions. But make sure you aren‘t rationalizing actual policy violations.

4. Contact Instagram Support If Restrictions Remain

If your account stays limited for longer than seems reasonable, reach out directly to Instagram support for personalized help:

  • In-app: Go to Settings > Help > Contact Us to explain your issue
  • Contact form: File a complaint via Instagram‘s contact form with restriction details

Provide specifics like when the limits began and what core features are blocked. If you don‘t hear back within a week, follow up persistently but politely.

5. Use a Backup Instagram Account Temporarily

If your primary account stays restricted indefinitely, switch to a secondary account so you don‘t miss out on Instagram exposure and connections.

But be cautious – operate the backup account according to Instagram‘s guidelines so it doesn‘t get limited either. Once your original account is back to normal, make that one your primary again.

How to Avoid Future Instagram Limitations

Once your account is restored, make sure history doesn‘t repeat itself. Use these pro tips to stay in good standing with Instagram long-term:

  • Space out activities – Don‘t perform actions rapidly in bulk. Take breaks between sessions.
  • Vary behaviors – Don‘t be repetitive or duplicate comments/posts. Mimic real human patterns.
  • Review limits – Know the thresholds for following, commenting, posting, etc. Don‘t exceed them.
  • Follow policies – Don‘t post dangerous, hateful, or adult content that violates Instagram‘s rules.
  • Engage thoughtfully – Comment relevant remarks, not random generic phrases. Provide value.
  • Monitor account status – Watch for warning emails and messages about your account.

Fundamentally, using Instagram reasonably and not excessively will prevent future limitations. Pay attention to Instagram‘s warnings, adjust your behavior accordingly, and your account should remain free of disruptive restrictions.

Why Does Instagram Limit Accounts? An Expert‘s Perspective

As a social media marketing professional with over 10 years experience, I have an inside view into why Instagram acts to limit accounts at times. Here‘s my take:

Instagram faces an uphill battle in combating spam, bots, and policy-violating content at scale across its vast user base. Automated restrictions help them proactively stop harmful behavior before it gets out of hand.

The downside is that overzealous algorithms sometimes restrict legitimate accounts who don‘t necessarily warrant limitations. We‘ve all likely been on the receiving end before.

But Instagram generally has good intentions – they aim to protect users from harassment, dangerous content, and maintain the app as a safe space for expression. Limitations are simply their mechanism to enforce standards at scale.

As marketing professionals, we need to find the line between effectively engaging audiences on Instagram and coming off as fake or robotic. The more we understand Instagram‘s restrictions, adapt our strategies accordingly, and demonstrate reasonable organic behavior, the less likely we are to trigger limitations that disrupt our profiles.

It‘s a careful balancing act, but with the right techniques, we can achieve Instagram marketing success without experiencing restrictive actions on our accounts. The tips in this guide should help significantly towards that goal.

Key Takeaways and Conclusion

To recap, here are the key things to remember if you receive Instagram‘s "We limit how often you can do certain things" warning:

  • Limits are Instagram‘s way of combating spammy and abusive behavior at scale. They restrict accounts engaging in suspicious activity.
  • Restrictions are usually temporary, lasting from 24 hours to a few weeks depending on severity.
  • To restore your account, immediately stop the problematic behavior and modify your habits moving forward.
  • You can submit an appeal if you think Instagram made a mistake in limiting you.
  • For extended restrictions, persistently contact Instagram support for help.
  • Use a backup account temporarily if your primary remains limited.
  • Going forward, engage thoughtfully, space out actions, and avoid policy violations.

Armed with this knowledge, you now have a detailed playbook to get your Instagram privileges restored if you ever encounter restrictions. Pay attention to Instagram‘s warnings, align your behaviors, and your account should avoid further limitations.

Instagram restrictions can certainly be frustrating, but they exist ultimately to protect the greater community. With the right techniques, we can operate successfully on Instagram without triggering the dreaded "action blocked" messages. Just be patient, adaptive, and mimic organic human activity patterns.

I hope these tips help you maintain smooth sailing on your Instagram journey! Let me know if you have any other questions – I‘m always happy to help fellow Instagram marketers and creators.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.