Unlocking the Secrets of the West Zarqwa Safe House Key in Warzone 2 DMZ

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For Call of Duty fans, few things are more exciting than dropping into a match on the massive new Warzone 2.0 map called Al Mazrah. The latest iteration of the popular free-to-play battle royale experience offers expansive urban and rural environments to squad up and battle other Operators in. But one of the most enticing new additions is the sandbox-style DMZ mode.

DMZ pits you against AI combatants in open-world gameplay where you take on faction missions, secure valuable contraband, and build up an arsenal across matches. A key element are safe houses that must be unlocked with special keys offering access to powerful rewards. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide expert tips on acquiring the crucial West Zarqwa Safe House Key location in Warzone 2 DMZ.

Welcome to DMZ – A Whole New Warzone

Let’s start with an overview of DMZ for those unfamiliar with this new tactical team-based mode:

  • Matches take place on Al Mazrah’s diverse landscape of cities, farmlands, waterways, industrial areas, and more.

  • Up to 99 Operators are dropped into the sprawling map with the goal to complete contracts, gather loot, and extract safely.

  • You’ll take on dangerous AI enemies like armored Juggernauts while contending with other squads.

  • Cash, contraband, keys, Intel, and weapon blueprints can all be found during missions.

  • Extractions allow you to retain everything earned during the match if you escape safely.

  • Permadeath means if you die, you lose all your current equipment and inventory.

  • Loadouts, unlocks, and accomplishments carry over between DMZ sessions as you progress.

DMZ combines PvE and PvP elements for endless replayability. Each drop into Al Mazrah is a new opportunity to take on dynamic challenges while building up your arsenal over time.

Now let’s explore a critical element that offers major tactical advantages – the safe houses.

Unlocking Safe Houses in DMZ with Keys

Scattered around Al Mazrah are five safe house locations:

  • West Zarqwa
  • Mawizeh Marshlands
  • Al Sharim Pass
  • Observatory
  • Airport

These safe havens provide benefits like changing loadouts, buying killstreaks, storing excess loot, and gathering intel. But they must first be unlocked by locating special keys that spawn randomly around the map.

Keys can be obtained by:

  • Looting supply caches, chests, duffel bags
  • Eliminating high value AI targets
  • Completing certain faction contracts
  • Checking buy stations for inventory

Once you secure a key, head to the corresponding safe house and use it to gain access. This unlocks that safe house’s rewards for the rest of the match.

Here are some of the key benefits unlocked with each safe house:

West Zarqwa – Access to your full weapon loadout options to reconfigure gear. Also provides a long distance fast travel redeploy point.

Mawizeh – Allows purchasing of killstreaks like Cluster Bombs to call in support.

Al Sharim – Purchase armor plates, lethal/tactical equipment, and intel on extraction points.

Observatory – Switch between unlocked Operators if you have multiple characters.

Airport – View active mission objectives, challenges, and factions.

As you can see, unlocking all five safe houses unlocks huge strategic advantages across DMZ matches. That’s why acquiring keys should be a top priority.

In-Depth Guide to the West Zarqwa Safe House Key

Of all the safe house keys, West Zarqwa is one of the most valuable yet tricky to obtain consistently. Let’s break down everything you need to know to unlock access to this coastal safe haven:

Pinpoint the Safe House Location

First, you’ll need to know exactly where to go once you have the West Zarqwa key in hand. This safe house is located southwest of the Zarqwa Hydroelectric POI (point of interest) right on the water.

Use your tac map and compass to navigate to the remote concrete building by the seaside T-junction. This 2-story structure is your target.

West Zarqwa Safe House marked on Al Mazrah map

West Zarqwa Safe House precise location

Locate the Corresponding Key

The bad news is the West Zarqwa key can be one of the more elusive to obtain. The good news is there are several potential methods:

  • Looting – Search supply caches, duffel bags, chests, and lockers, especially around Zarqwa POIs.

  • Enemies – Eliminating Juggernauts and Armored Convoy soldiers has a better chance than regular AI.

  • Contracts – Completing High Value Target missions near West Zarqwa improves odds.

  • Airdrops – Keep clearing drop planes until you get the key as contraband.

  • Buy Stations – Get lucky refreshing inventory to buy key for ~2000 cash.

  • Teammates – Communicate to avoid duplicate keys and share if someone finds it.

Based on player reports, the key seems to have a higher spawn rate earlier in DMZ matches, so loot quickly!

Access the Safe House

Once you finally acquire that coveted West Zarqwa key, immediately head to the safe house and get inside before another squad beats you to it!

On the 2nd floor interior is a locked door. Interact and use your key when prompted to unlock this safe room.

Using West Zarqwa Key to unlock safe house

Unlocking the West Zarqwa safe room door

Congratulations! This safe house now grants you loadout flexibility and a strategic redeploy point for the rest of this match.

rank: #4 Most Valuable DMZ Key

Given how powerful loadout access is, we ranked the West Zarqwa key as the #4 most valuable key in DMZ:

  1. Airport – Mission intel
  2. Observatory – Switch Operators
  3. Al Sharim – Buy armor/lethal equipment
  4. West Zarqwa – Loadout change
  5. Mawizeh – Killstreak purchases

Loadout flexibility allows you to reroll your weapons, perks, and equipment on the fly to adapt your tactics and increase effectiveness. This is a major advantage unlocked exclusively by the West Zarqwa key.

Expert Tips for Unlocking Safe Houses

Through extensive DMZ matches, here are some key learnings around the best practices for obtaining keys consistently:

  • Loot first – Focus on supply caches before combat early in matches when keys spawn more frequently.

  • Buy often – Keep checking buy station inventory each time you have ~2000 cash to spare.

  • Contract smart – Target HVTs, Jailbreaks, and Supply Chops near suspected key locations.

  • Team up – Play quads and maintain communication to avoid duplicate keys between squadmates.

  • Think ahead – Unlock your most desired safe house first based on planned tactics and loadout needs.

  • Key master – Equip perks like Scavenger and Hardline to boost looting and contract payouts.

  • Extract safely – Successful extractions let you bank keys for future matches.

  • Persist – With random spawns, getting all keys takes multiple drops into Al Mazrah.

Follow these tips during your DMZ sessions to effectively unlock safe houses and maximize your advantage.

Comparing to Warzone Caldera Bunkers

Fans of the original Warzone map in Caldera will notice some similarities between DMZ safe houses and the unlockable bunker POIs:

  • Both require finding keys that randomly spawn around the map.

  • Keys allow access to special locked rooms with valuable loot.

  • They provide a safe location to gear up during matches.

However, DMZ safe houses offer more ongoing utility:

  • DMZ safe houses provide purchase options, loadout changes, and mission intel.

  • Their benefits last all match after unlocking.

  • Each safe house key unlocks distinct rewards.

  • Keys carry over between matches instead of resetting.

So while bunkers and safe houses both reward key hunting exploration, DMZ‘s implementation is more advanced and strategic.

In Summary

Hopefully this guide has given you all the tools needed to successfully add the West Zarqwa safe house to your growing DMZ network. The ability to reconfigure your loadouts on the fly provides a major tactical edge. While acquiring the key takes persistence through blind luck, following our tips will dramatically improve your odds.

DMZ offers almost endless replay value through its blend of PvE and PvP gameplay in an open world full of random events. But safe houses are the key to amplifying your advantage during each match. The West Zarqwa key in particular is one of the most coveted for its loadout flexibility.

Now get out there, lock and load, and start scouring every inch of Al Mazrah during your next drop. Locate that elusive West Zarqwa key to unlock this safe house’s true potential. Just be ready to fend off enemy squads who want to steal your hard-earned keys for themselves. The DMZ awaits!


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