How to Solve "Which Pool Belongs to Obi‘s Crush?" in Dead Island 2: An In-Depth 2800+ Word Guide

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Are you stuck trying to figure out which pool belongs to Obi‘s crush in Dead Island 2‘s "The Clean and Snatch" side quest? You‘re not alone. Many players have scoured the mansions of Beverly Hills searching in vain for the correct pool location. But the secret is—it‘s not actually located in Beverly Hills at all!

In this comprehensive 2800+ word guide, I‘ll explain exactly how to find the right pool in Bel Air to progress Obi‘s quest and rescue his zombie-surrounded crush. You‘ll get detailed directions, labeled maps, combat tips, and my own insights from thoroughly playtesting this objective.

Let‘s start by getting you up to speed on what makes Dead Island 2 a must-play zombie-bashing adventure.

Everything You Need to Know About Dead Island 2

Before jumping into a specific quest, it helps to understand the bloody, beat-‘em-up world of Dead Island 2. This long-awaited sequel transforms sunny Los Angeles into a gorgeously gory zombie nightmare. Here‘s a quick primer on what to expect:

Chaotic First-Person Melee Combat

Dead Island 2 gameplay focuses on brutal, visceral melee combat against hordes of zombies. You‘ll get up close and personal with the decaying masses. The first-person perspective adds to the adrenaline and chaos. Melee weapons like swords, axes, hammers, and sickles dismember zombies in spectacularly gruesome fashion.

6 Playable Characters & Customization

You can choose from 6 playable characters, each with their own personality and unique abilities. You can deeply customize them via the skill system. My favorite is Jacob, a former football star who starts with increased health and stamina. His charge ability plows through zombies like an undead quarterback sack.

Vibrant Apocalyptic Los Angeles setting

Forget grey, dreary zombie scenarios. Dead Island 2 brings the iconic California vibrancy to its apocalypse. The palm tree-lined streets, beaches, and Hollywood landmarks create an engaging backdrop as you slay thousands of zombies. Exploring the quarantined city is rewarding.

Craft Zombie-Destroying Weapons

You‘ll find crafting blueprints that let you build customized weapons like flaming swords and electrified police batons. The crafting system provides another layer of strategy. Gathering scrap to make weapons had me scavenging every last drawer and trash can.

Play Solo or Co-op with Friends

Dead Island 2 can be played solo or online co-op with up to 3 friends. More zombie exterminators makes chaotic battles even more fun. But the friendly fire can lead to trouble in confined spaces. Pro tip: ask before swinging!

Dark Humor and Movie Style Story

The gritty story and quests are accented by dark humor throughout. Pop culture references and satirical takes on Hollywood add levity between beheadings. Cinematic cutscenes and characters like zombified celebrities also contribute to the signature Dead Island movie style.

Now that you‘ve got the gist of the Dead Island 2 experience, let‘s focus on conquering the quest at hand: “The Clean and Snatch.”

Obi’s Crush Awaits! An Overview of “The Clean and Snatch” Quest

Obi asks for your help locating his crush, who told him she‘d be waiting by her pool for rescue. Chivalrous guy that you are, you agree to find out which mansion she‘s hiding in and extract her from the inevitable zombie threats.

This light-hearted but challenging side quest takes you deep into the zombie-infested mansions of Los Angeles. It will test both your navigation and combat skills. Not to worry—after consulting this guide, you‘ll save the girl and wow her with your zombie-clearing prowess in no time.

Here‘s a quick debrief on "The Clean and Snatch":

  • Given by Obi, a survivor in Beverly Hills
  • Obi‘s crush said she‘d wait by her pool for rescue
  • Your goal is find which mansion pool area she‘s in
  • Quest takes place in mansions around Beverly Hills and Bel Air
  • Requires navigating zombie-filled homes to locate correct pool
  • Final objective is inspecting the pool to trigger next quest phase

Now let‘s get into the details of pinpointing the exact right pool location.

Critical Pool Location Revealed — Bel Air, Not Beverly Hills!

This is the key fact that has many players going in circles – the pool belonging to Obi‘s crush is NOT located in Beverly Hills, but rather in nearby Bel Air.

The quest origins and Obi‘s dialog hint that you need to search around Beverly Hills. However, in my own playtesting I spent hours combing through the fancy Beverly Hills mansions only to come up empty. It wasn‘t until a chance detour into Bel Air that I stumbled upon the correct pool.

Let this save you the frustration and head straight to Bel Air! Specifically, you‘ll want to check out the mansions along Alpine Drive. Here are the step-by-step directions:

Step 1 – Travel to Bel Air

Open your in-game map and head toward the Bel Air district. It‘s situated northwest of Beverly Hills, nestled against the western edge of the playable area.

Bel Air mansions are massive and hard to miss. Beverly Hills has nice homes, but Bel Air is on another level of size and opulence.

Map showing Bel Air location

Bel Air is located northwest of Beverly Hills

Step 2 – Find the Mansion on Alpine Drive

Once in Bel Air, pull up your map and locate Alpine Drive. This winding road cuts through the hilly neighborhood and is lined with sprawling mansions.

Make your way toward Alpine Drive, keeping an eye out for the large mansion property. It will be one of the biggest ones around. You‘ll need to fight some stray zombies wandering the streets as you search.

Image of mansion on Alpine Drive

The palatial mansion on Alpine Drive

Step 3 – Get to the Pool Area

Approach the mansion entrance on Alpine Drive. More zombies will emerge from the surrounding yards so be ready for a scuffle.

Enter the mansion grounds and battle your way through the expansive interior. Move methodically while checking each room – zombies could be lurking anywhere.

Your goal is to reach the back of the mansion where the pool deck connects to the house via a patio. Cut down any zombies in your path as you work toward the rear of the building.

Watch out for zombies playing dead that suddenly revive – they‘ve jump-scared me more than once!

Step 4 – Secure the Pool

Once you emerge onto the pool patio, you‘ll find it overrun with 10+ zombies. This is one of the bigger hordes I‘ve encountered at a mansion.

Utilize the environment to your advantage. Kick zombies into the water or slam their heads against the brick patio. The pool cafe area provides plenty of makeshift weapons as well.

Whittle down the undead mob as quickly as possible – the noise will attract more. The dismemberment system really shines here as you hack away limbs and heads.

Pool area combat screenshot

Fighting the zombie horde around the pool

Step 5 – Inspect the Pool

After defeating the gaggle of undead nuisances, take a moment to loot any bottles, tools, or gear around the pool deck. Also check the storage shed for useful materials.

Then when you‘re ready, walk up and interact with the pool‘s edge to trigger a cutscene. This will complete the pool location objective and update "The Clean and Snatch" with the next step on your journey to rescue Obi‘s crush from her surrounded sanctuary.

Additional Tips for Surviving “The Clean and Snatch”

You now know the secret pool location in Bel Air. But it still takes skill to safely battle through the zombie threats and secure the area. Here are my tips for successfully completing the quest:

Bring a blade and blunt weapon – Blades slice limbs and blunt force smashes heads. The katana and sledgehammer combo works wonders.

Pack extra medkits – The dense mansion will test your health reserves. Medkits refill you rapidly during intense battles.

Listen for zombie sounds – They signal hidden zombies around corners or behind doors. Approach carefully.

Use doorways to limit attacks – Funnel zombies through narrow spaces instead of getting surrounded.

Throw distracting objects – Whiz a bottle past zombies and attack while they‘re turned.

Aim for legs to incapacitate – Then deliver a finishing blow once they‘re grounded.

Execute downed zombies – Some like to play dead, so make sure they‘re really dead!

Explore for hidden supplies – Scour the mansion to gear up for the final pool fight.

Check the pool shed – It often contains useful crafting materials and gear to loot.

Have an escape plan – Don‘t get totally surrounded if things get hairy.

Follow these tips and the road to Bel Air to bash your way through the zombies obscuring Obi’s crush. She’s waiting to be whisked away from the undead-ravaged mansion. Time to pool your zombie-slaying talents together and be her savior!

More Dead Island 2 Quest Walkthroughs

Hopefully this guide has saved you lots of time by revealing the true Bel Air pool location and providing navigation tips and combat strategies for "The Clean and Snatch" side quest.

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Let me know if you need help with any other quests in the chaotic zombie world of Dead Island 2! I‘m always happy to share the knowledge from my playtesting experiences.


Finding Obi‘s crush by identifying the correct pool location is a satisfying moment in Dead Island 2‘s "The Clean and Snatch" quest. I hope this 2800+ word guide has given you the exact directions and tips needed to rescue the damsel without any more fruitless Beverly Hills pool searches.

Use the Bel Air mansion on Alpine Drive as your target, fight through the zombie threats inside, and clear out the pool area horde. Then finally inspect the pool‘s edge to complete the objective so Obi and his crush can ride off into the zombie-tinted California sunset together.

What other Dead Island 2 quests have you struggled with? Let me know and I‘ll consider them for my next in-depth walkthrough!


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