8 Awesome WP Plugins for Tables, Charts, and Graphs

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Presenting data through visual means like tables, charts, and graphs makes it easier for readers to understand key information. While WordPress has some basic functionality for adding tables, creating dynamic, customizable, and responsive visuals requires dedicated plugins.

In this guide, we‘ll explore 8 awesome WordPress plugins for tables, charts, and graphs to help you find the right solution for visualizing your data effectively.

Why Visualize Data with Tables, Charts, and Graphs?

Before jumping into the plugins, let‘s first understand the benefits of presenting data visually:

  • Makes complex data easy to digest – Well-designed visuals allow readers to spot trends, patterns and insights that would be difficult to grasp from raw data alone.

  • Improves engagement – Visuals are simply more engaging and interesting than walls of text or numbers. Studies show inclusion of relevant charts increases readership and time spent on pages.

  • Enhances credibility – Data visualized through charts, graphs and tables signals expertise and professionalism, improving perceptions of credibility.

  • Caters to different learning styles – Visual learners comprehend information more effectively through visual media rather than text. Visualizations cater to their preferences.

  • Adapts to small screens – With increasing mobile usage, responsive tables and charts that adapt to fit small screens are crucial for usability.

  • Allows interactive exploration – Interactive visualizations allow custom filtering, sorting and other mechanics for users to explore data hands-on.

Now let‘s look at some excellent WordPress plugins to create great-looking, functional tables, charts and graphs on your site.

1. Visualizer

Visualizer is one of the most popular and highly-rated chart and graph plugins for WordPress, with over 40,000 active installs.

True to its name, Visualizer makes it dead simple to visualize your data through interactive charts and graphs. Its key highlights include:

  • 15+ chart types – Covers all the major chart types including bar, pie, line, area, geo, scatter plots etc.

  • Google Sheets integration – Charts can be linked to Google Sheet data for automatic updates.

  • Drag and drop editor – Charts can be created visually without coding through a drag and drop interface.

  • Responsive and customizable – Charts are mobile-friendly out of the box and can be customized via the editor.

  • Advanced features – Support for features like animation, real-time previews, filters, permissions and more.

With Visualizer, you don‘t need to be a coding expert to create beautiful interactive charts in WordPress that adapt to any theme and device.

Visualizer charts demo

2. wpDataTables

wpDataTables is a popular premium plugin with over 30,000 active installs. It is designed specifically for tabular data and provides advanced table features beyond basic HTML tables.

Key features include:

  • Responsive by default – Tables are mobile-friendly out of the box.

  • Import data from anywhere – Supports data imports from Excel, CSV, Google Sheets, MySQL and more.

  • Frontend editing – Tables can be edited directly from the frontend by users.

  • Sorting, search and pagination – Robust controls for browsing and finding data.

  • Conditional formatting – Highlight cells/rows based on values.

  • Export to PDF/Excel – Allow users to export filtered table data.

  • Dedicated support – Provides dedicated customer service for assistance.

With wpDataTables you can create sortable, searchable, robust tables to present tabular data beautifully on any WordPress site.

wpDataTables sample table

3. WP Responsive Table

If you‘re looking for a free solution, WP Responsive Table is a great choice. It allows you to make basic HTML tables mobile-friendly by making them scrollable on smaller screens.

Beyond responsiveness, the plugin provides additional features like:

  • 7 chart types – Using Chart.js, you can convert table data into charts.

  • Sorting control – Add sorting functionality to allow users to sort table data.

  • Filtering – Filter table rows without coding.

  • Custom styling – Customize styling like colors, typography, borders and more.

  • Lightweight – Optimized for speed and performance.

For a simple, free solution to make HTML tables mobile-friendly and add basic interactivity, WP Responsive Table is a good fit.

WP Responsive Table on mobile

4. amCharts

amCharts is a free WordPress plugin that provides a simple interface for adding interactive JavaScript charts from the popular amCharts library.

It enables features like:

  • Live editor – Charts are rendered live in the editor for instant previews.

  • Chart code generator – Automatically generates necessary JavaScript/HTML for charts.

  • CDN hosting – Can use amCharts CDN to avoid hosting JavaScript locally.

  • Works with any theme – Seamlessly adds charts without editing theme files.

  • Shortcode-based – Charts can be embedded anywhere easily using shortcodes.

If you want to work with the powerful amCharts JavaScript library for creating charts, amCharts for WordPress makes integration seamless and easy.

amCharts sample chart

5. Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

The Data Tables Generator plugin by Supsystic allows you to build responsive, sortable data tables without coding right from the WordPress editor.

It comes with the following nifty features:

  • Mobile-friendly tables – Tables are responsive by default.

  • Sorting, search and pagination – Find and organize table data easily.

  • Google charts integration – Diagram and chart widgets for visualizations.

  • Custom styling – Customize look and feel of tables.

  • Excel and CSV import – Bulk import tabular data with ease.

  • Frontend editing – Let users update tables without admin access.

  • Table exports – Allow users to export data to CSV and Excel.

The Data Tables Generator delivers responsive, interactive tabular data presentation in WordPress minus the steep learning curve.

Data Tables Generator

6. M Chart

M Chart is a straightforward free WordPress chart plugin that makes it easy for anyone to create and embed beautiful charts.

It supports:

  • 4 chart types – Line, pie, bar and column charts.

  • Chart.js and Highcharts – Can choose from two popular JavaScript charting libraries.

  • Data editor – Add and edit chart data through a spreadsheet-like interface.

  • CSV import – Bulk add chart data via CSV files.

  • Shortcode to embed – Embed charts using a simple shortcode.

  • Multi-language – Translations for many languages available.

While the features are pretty basic, M Chart provides an intuitive free solution for non-developers to add charts in WordPress.

M Chart sample

7. Premium Charts for Elementor

Premium Charts for Elementor is a comprehensive charts addon for Elementor page builder.

It integrates tightly with Elementor and adds a charts widget with the following capabilities:

  • 7 chart types – Line, area, column, bar, pie, doughnut and polar charts.

  • Dynamic data binding – Charts can be linked to custom fields and posts.

  • Elementor integration – Seamlessly create charts through Elementor UI.

  • Theme builder support – Add charts in headers/footers via theme builder.

  • Detailed customization – Tailor every aspect from labels, colors, plot lines etc.

For Elementor users who want to supercharge their data visualization capabilities, Premium Charts is a must-have addon.

Premium Charts - Elementor

8. UberChart

UberChart is a premium WordPress charts plugin with extensive customization options through its point-and-click configuration system.

Some key highlights:

  • 10 chart types – From bar and pie charts to heatmaps and gauge charts.

  • 240+ customizable options – Every element from colors to tooltips can be configured.

  • Spreadsheet data editor – Includes a slick interface for managing chart data.

  • Import from Google Sheets – Fetch and update data from Google Sheets.

  • Animated charts – Make charts interactive with animations and transitions.

  • Multiple datasets – Add and compare different datasets on a single chart.

For virtually endless chart customization without code, UberChart is a feature-packed choice.

UberChart sample configuration

Key Considerations for Choosing a Chart Plugin

Here are some key criteria to consider when choosing a WordPress chart plugin:

  • Chart types needed – Do you need basic charts like pie, bar or more complex types like funnel, graphs etc?

  • Data source – Where is your data coming from? Plugins that support data imports are handy.

  • Level of customization – Basic styling or deep fine-grained control over colors, labels, etc?

  • Ease of use – Will non-technical users need to create charts or only developers?

  • Interactivity requirements – Do you need charts that users can filter, drill down into etc?

  • Budget – Are you open to premium plugins or prefer free/open-source ones?

  • Support availability – Is timely support crucial?

Once you‘re clear on your requirements, it becomes much easier to choose the plugin that‘s the best fit.

Wrapping Up

Presenting data through visual mediums like tables and charts allows readers to digest complex information easily and efficiently. For WordPress sites, dedicated plugins for creating responsive, interactive and customizable data visualizations are indispensable.

In this guide, we explored some excellent WordPress plugins to help you find the right fit for visualizing your data based on your specific needs. Whether you need simple charts and graphs or advanced interactive visualizations, WordPress has a plugin that can get the job done!

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