15 Best YouTube Bots for Free Views, Subs & Likes in 2022


Have you been looking for the best YouTube bot to grow your channel on the YouTube platform? This post has curated the top best YouTube View Bots to serve your need.

YouTubing has become quite lucrative over the years. If you are conversant with the platform, you are sure to know how the system works and probably have one or two YouTubers you follow ardently. Because of the endless rewards and possibilities the media platform boasts of, many people are looking to benefit from it. Do you know what this means? It means increased competition.

As more and more people are looking to get on the YouTube bandwagon, it is increasingly difficult to succeed. And it is even worse if you don’t have the right strategy and time to dedicate to pushing your channel up the ladder of success. This is one of the reasons why automation tools have become a breath of fresh air. With these tools, you can get more likes, views and subscribers. Below are some of the best YouTube view bots you can use.

Best YouTube View Bots

1. UseViral

UseViral YouTube Bots

The automation service world is riddled with so much competition.  Constant modifications continue to take place to meet the demands of users. This gradual increase in sophistication is why it is quite difficult to figure out the best of the best.

But UseViral is one unique multi-platform service tool that has been tested and trusted by many. Because we have seen what they can do on other social media platforms, that’s why we are recommending it here. UseViral can greatly improve your YouTube channel status within a short period. UseViral isn’t new to the automation world and thus, know what their clients want and deliver without fail.

As earlier said, UseViral cut across other social platforms like Twitch, Soundcloud, and Twitter; therefore, this YouTube bot can grow your brand simultaneously on multiple grounds. This makes the YouTube bot a credible service tool to consider.

2. SidesMedia

SidesMedia YouTube Bots

SidesMedia is one of the best YouTube bot available out there. That is why we are recommending it here. Just like UseViral, they also cut across other social platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, and Twitter. Therefore, they can grow your brand at the same time on multiple grounds. Sidesmedia believes that they are the perfect YouTube automation tool that can help propel your YouTube channel to unprecedented heights.

Although manufacturers of these bots are known to make claims that are sometimes unrealistic, Sidesmedia is one of those that surely walk their talk. And one thing to back up their claim is that they are no novice in the business because they have been operating for some time now, meeting the demands of clients.

Therefore, if you want your YouTube channel to gain the recognition you think it deserves by having huge followers, we would advise you to hop on Sidesmedia’s bandwagon.

3. StormViews


When choosing a YouTube view bot, some of the things you should consider are safety and authenticity. If you are unsure what a service tool is claiming to give, it is better not to hop on it. Also, be certain that a particular bot won’t make you run into trouble with YouTube rules and regulations.

These are some of the areas you won’t have to worry about when using StormViews. They are certain as claimed to generate 100% authentic YouTube views for your channel. They can also take charge of your activities, which gives you the time to focus on other things. StormViews is user-friendly and promises qualitative and rapid service provision.

4. FollowingLike


If you have your content across other platforms like Twitter, Spotify, and many others, then you should consider using a multi-social platform automated tool like Following Like. If you are on Twitter, you may be conversant with the Twitter bot Tweet Attacks Pro. They share the same parentage with Following Like.

Whatever your YouTube growth demands might be, Following Like is sure to meet those demands. The flexibility and ease of use of Following Like’s complex features are qualities that endear it to many.

5. Tube Buddy

Tube Buddy

Tube Buddy promises to give an advanced management strategy that would help generate views for your channel and give you that growth you are yearning for. This YouTube views bot can keep tabs on your competitors and employ whatever analysis they can gather to help bring improvement to your channel.

They can undertake huge management tasks and are certified by the YouTube platform itself. This means they are safe and authentic and have all the right tools to help your YouTube channel bubble with life.

6. Subpals


Subpals is one genuine YouTube views bot out there that is worth your attention. Over the years, we have seen YouTube bots that make promises but hardly live up to expectations. Some have run YouTube users into trouble with the platform. But there are no such worries with Subpals.

They are quite reliable and can help you get genuine engagements with your YouTube channel. They do not dive into activities that can make your account come under scrutiny.

7. TubeAssistPro


Tube Assist Pro is another YouTube automated growth service tool that knows how to give their clients the right solution to their problems. They have a tested and trusted working strategy that exposes your YouTube channel to the right audience.

Although Tube Assist Pro has some similarities with FollowingLike, they are a YouTube-oriented service tool. They are not a multi-platform service tool like FollowingLike. This seeming restriction only means they are highly focused on giving their clients the best on YouTube.

Also, Tube Assist Pro is entirely different from Tube Assist and should not be confused for it. TubeAssistPro ensures their clients’ safety by aligning their features and strategies in line with YouTube’s laws. This prevents their client from being marked out for any violating of rules.

8. FollowersUp

FollowersUp YouTube Bots

FollowersUp is unarguably one of the best YouTube bots out there. They are well versed in what they do. And they are also versatile because they cut across several social media platforms. This makes it a good fit for you if you operate on several platforms. One other automated bot that can boast of having such versatility is Media Mister.

FollowersUp is quite a flexible bot. While signing up, you have the opportunity to choose which platform or platforms you would like them to focus on. These preferences can help you grow your brand across the platforms where you think it necessary. Thus, while growing your YouTube channel, they can at the same time promote your content on other platforms where you operate.

9. Promolta


The core vision that Promolta aims at is for its clients to achieve their visibility. That is actually what success is all about when it comes to YouTube. Having a considerable amount of visibility on YouTube means you are doing things right. But Promolta can take you to heights that you have not imagined before.

Their activities range from providing you with automated engagements to helping you fashion out unique content and strategies that can readily attract the right kind of audience. They are capable of taking charge of all your activities, giving you the opportunity to do other things. They assure clients of getting their content to reach hundreds and thousands of people out there.

10. Hypeddit


Are you a talented musician or want to make audio content come to life on your YouTube channel and get the attention you think you deserve? Hypeddit is a unique YouTube bot that can help you achieve the exposure you crave.

Getting noticed on YouTube is not easy due to increased competition. This is why a tool like Hypeddit exists. Their goal is to propel their clients forward. They help you achieve this by sharing links to your music videos with the target audience.

This increases your likelihood of being noticed and followed in the long run. Hypeddit’s focus on the music niche may look limited, but it can also help promote your brand across other social media platforms.

11. Sub4Sub


Sub4Sub is a unique YouTube views bot. This is due to the way the platform works. They are more of a mutualism kind of service tool. They are limited to those who have their channels. When you have an account with them, they provide you with a certain number of videos to watch. Watching these videos earns you points which are turned into clicks on your account.

Thus, the more videos you view, the more clicks you keep generating. This means you are also helping others generate views on their channels and vice-versa.

12. Vidiq


When you want to acquire the services of a certain platform, reviews can help you make better decisions. But not all automated service platforms allow access to reviews. One of those who allow you access to their customer reviews is Vidiq. This gives you ample opportunity to verify their authenticity and capabilities.

Another attribute of Vidiq is that they keep you updated with trends that can be fashioned into, helping you get the right audience for your channel. They are also user-friendly as they are usually on hand to help their customers with whatever issues they may have.

13. Jarvee

Jarvee YouTube Bots

It is difficult to talk about the best all-around social media bots and leave out Jarvee. This multi-social media platform service tool is not new in the business. Jarvee has been around for a while, and its longevity speaks volumes of how a credible and professional outfit it has become. They are even regarded as one of the pioneers of social media marketing bots.

Thus, they know what it takes to attain growth. They provide their YouTube clients with the right tools to succeed. Jarvee has ensured that constant innovations haven’t eroded their core features and strategies. They have also maintained their subscription plans and kept them as affordable as possible.

14. YT Monster

YT Monster

YT Monster is concerned about helping their clients grow their YouTube channels and also help you build lasting relationships with other channel owners. This strategy of expanding your social network will surely yield lasting dividends in the long run because it is through these relationships, you can get to know others and you are also known. This networking system can be carried out on your YT Monster account, which is well organized.

Building relationships with other channel owners will bring exposure and help grow your channel. YT Monster’s strategy is an intelligent one, and that is why we are recommending it.

15. Video Marketing Blaster

Video Marketing Blaster

Video Marketing Blaster is a relatively new social media automation tool that works on the Microsoft Windows platform. It runs on Windows XP, Server, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 (both 32 and 64 bit).

Likewise, it is suitable for those who are also new on YouTube, especially if you can’t put in the effort of manually putting your content in the right places to attract the right audience. Video marketing blaster can generate essential keywords and use them to help you fashion out strategic tags for your content.

Having a tool like Video Marketing Blaster will allow you to focus on making more content for your YouTube channel.


What are YouTube View Bots used for?

YouTube View Bots help you improve your YouTube channel status. They help to grow your brand without you having to spend much time.

Does YouTube legalize the use of bots on the platform?

YouTube prohibits the use of a bot as a third-party service on its platform.


Creating quality content for your YouTube channel is a huge task on its own. Promoting this content to reach the right audience and help you gain visibility is another huge stumbling block. This is the reason why YouTube view bots are very vital to your channel’s growth.

They afford you the chance to focus more on creating quality content for your channel. We are certain that the above list will help you determine which one would help take your YouTube channel to new heights.


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