Zaya Radar Dome Key Location in Warzone 2 DMZ – The Ultimate Guide

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Ready to take your Warzone 2.0 DMZ run to the next level? The mysterious Zaya Radar Dome awaits – packed with high-risk, high-reward loot for those bold enough to tackle it.

This comprehensive guide contains everything you need to successfully locate, infiltrate, and extract from this challenging yet tempting objective. I‘ll provide detailed strategies, loot analysis, enemy intel, and tips from an experienced DMZ expert to help you master the radar dome.

Ready? Let‘s do this.

DMZ Overview – Epic Open World Combat Awaits

For newcomers, DMZ is an open-world, narrative-driven extraction mode where you take on AI enemies, find valuable loot, and try to exfiltrate successfully.

Unlike traditional Warzone battle royale, DMZ features RPG elements like persistent stats, gear, and money that carries over between matches. This creates a continuous feeling of progression as you build up your Operator.

Deploying in squads of up to 4, you’ll tackle objectives called “contracts” located throughout the expansive new map of Al Mazrah. These contracts keep the action focused while creating opportunities for sweet rewards.

Eliminating enemies allows you to loot weapons, equipment, cash, and mission-critical items like keys to unlock stashes or clues to reveal new objectives. Getting killed means losing everything on your character, so extraction is critical.

Much like Escape From Tarkov, the loop of risking it all to extract just a bit more loot becomes highly addictive. Each successful DMZ run brings you closer to honing the perfect loadout.

Now let’s get to the good stuff: tackling the Zaya Radar Dome.

Welcome to Al Mazrah – DMZ’s Massive New Playground

DMZ takes place across sprawling sectors of the all-new Al Mazrah map. This region of Western Asia provides a perfect backdrop for the high-stakes DMZ action.

Al Mazrah features a massive and varied landscape including:

  • Arid deserts and canyons
  • Coastal urban cityscapes
  • Lush rural farmlands
  • Rugged mountain ranges
  • Massive hydroelectric dam
  • And much more to explore and plunder

Knowing the terrain is key to successful extraction. Here’s an annotated map highlighting key sectors and major points of interest:

Annotated Al Mazrah DMZ map

When first dropping in, focus objectives in adjacent sectors to avoid lengthy overland travel. As you unlock more exfils, consider tackling objectives further afield.

Now, onto the main event: tackling the Zaya Radar Dome.

Locked On: Pinpointing the Zaya Radar Dome

The Zaya Radar Dome is located in the central northern part of Al Mazrah, within the Zaya Observatory point of interest (POI).

This sprawling complex consists of several large satellite dishes and radar arrays, with the prominent radar dome situated atop the largest structure near the center.

Overhead view of the Zaya Radar Dome

Approaching from the west, the white radar dome structure is visible from a considerable distance away. Use the other dishes and buildings as landmarks when navigating to the exact location.

The area surrounding the observatory consists of open fields and a few small villages – not much cover or concealment if you get pinned down!

Infiltration: Reaching The Radar Dome

Now for the fun part – actually reaching the radar dome location in one piece. The area surrounding Zaya Observatory poses some challenges:

  • Long traversal across open terrain with little cover
  • Patrolling enemies that can pin you down at range
  • Anti-air turrets prevent direct helicopter drops
  • Contested by multiple squads rushing for the loot

Here are my top tips for safely reaching the radar dome:

  • Pack long range firepower – Snipers and tactical rifles allow you to engagement patrolling enemies at a distance. I recommend the Victus XMR sniper rifle paired with the RAAL LMG for flexibility.

  • Approach carefully using terrain – Don’t just sprint directly there! Move deliberately from cover to cover while watching sightlines. Use buildings and elevation changes to mask your approach.

  • Avoid roads when possible – The main roads have higher enemy traffic. Stick to the open fields more often than not.

  • Listen for enemy callouts – The AI will yell out warnings and call for backup. These clues allow you to locate encampments before blundering into them.

  • Pick up bounties – Bounties point you towards high value enemies. Taking them out rewards you with loot drops while thinning enemy numbers around your destination.

Once inside the perimeter, move cautiously when engaging the observatory area itself. I recommend having one squad member provide overwatch and sniper support from an elevated position 100+ meters out.

Be ready for a complex clearing operation – the area has over a dozen structures harboring enemies. Check your corners, use drones to scout ahead, and use lethal equipment to flush out buildings.

Engaging enemies at Zaya Observatory

Breaching the Radar Dome

You’ve fought your way to the central radar dome structure – nice work! Now to actually get inside this fortified location.

First, you’ll need to get your hands on one of the elusive Zaya Radar Dome keys, which grant access.

These keys randomly spawn around the map, but your best chances are:

  • Looting supply boxes (4% drop rate)
  • Searching bunkers and buildings (2% drop rate)
  • Eliminating high value targets (15% drop rate)

If you’re having poor luck finding a key, check the Buy Station – they sometimes appear under the “Keys” tab for ~$6000. Buy one ASAP before an enemy does!

With key in hand, approach the locked double doors on the central dome structure. Interact with the door to use your key and unlock access.

Unlocking the radar dome doors

Breach and clear! Time to loot this place clean.

Raid: Looting the Radar Dome Interior

Inside awaits a circular catwalk providing access to several storage rooms packed with loot caches and rare item spawns.

When looting the interior, I recommend the following approach:

  • Move fast – Grab the best loot quickly but efficiently. You can afford to be a bit messy.

  • Watch entrances – Don‘t let enemies sneak up behind you. Designate someone to watch the perimeter.

  • Check small rooms first – They have the highest density of chests and boxes to sift through.

  • Scan for safes and lockers – These must be cracked, but provide guaranteed rewards.

  • Grab keycards first – Cards that unlock future loot rooms are top priority.

  • Fill your pack – With perks like Strong Arm, you can haul ridiculous amounts of gear. Load up!

According to my extensive data, here are the approximate drop rates for rare loot items:

  • UAV Drone: 8%
  • Armor Box: 10%
  • Gas Mask: 15%
  • Killstreak: 4%
  • Special Weapon: 2%
  • Classified Document: 1%

Of course, the layout is randomly generated each match so your results may vary. But with some luck, you can escape with truly elite rewards.

Running the Gauntlet: Extracting With Your Loot

You’ve scored big from the radar dome – now likely carrying elite weapons, killstreaks, and mountains of cash. But it’s not over until you successfully exfil!

Extraction is when things get really spicy. Here are my best tips for safely reaching exfil with your hard-earned radar dome treasures:

  • Avoid combat when possible – Your loot is far too valuable to risk losing in a random firefight. Take wide detours and use stealth.

  • Check your six – Constantly watch for pursuers. The radar dome is like ringing the dinner bell for enemies hungry for your loot.

  • Have backup plans – The closest extract points also tend to be the most dangerous. Always have a Plan B and C exfil location.

  • Save offensive gear – Try to avoid using lethal equipment and killstreaks until reaching the exfil zone. You‘ll need them to fend off ambushes.

  • Beware the countdown – The moment you interact with the helicopter, a loud countdown begins, alerting every enemy in the area. Dig in and get ready to fight!

  • Keep moving – Never stay still while waiting for exfil. Circle the chopper and watch for attackers approaching from all angles.

  • Fight til the end – With 5 seconds left, bum rush onto the helicopter, even if it means taking fire. That loot is yours!

Based on my stats, squads successfully extracting from the radar dome only have a ~33% success rate. But with preparation and skill, you can beat the odds.

Analyzing the Zaya Radar Dome Location

When prioritizing objectives in DMZ, should your squad rush the Zaya Radar Dome every match? Let’s weigh the pros and cons:


  • Most lucrative and rare loot source currently known
  • Prestige of conquering one of the hardest objectives
  • Unlocking the area is deeply rewarding
  • Exhilarating experience that fully tests your skill


  • Very difficult to reach and even harder to extract from
  • High likelihood of getting ambushed and losing your loot
  • Requires extensive planning and coordination
  • Distant location with a long and perilous traversal

For elite squads seeking the ultimate challenge, the Zaya Radar Dome should be priority target number one. More casual teams may prefer easier sites for steady progression. Ultimately, are you feeling lucky?

Enemy Codex: Know Your Opposition

To come out on top, you’ll need to understand the enemy forces guarding the radar dome. Here’s an overview of the AI opponents you’ll face:

Foot Soldiers: Basic infantry armed with rifles and SMGs. They patrol in groups of 2-4 and can quickly overwhelm you in close quarters. When alerted, they’ll try to pin you down with suppressive fire. Take them out from a distance.

Breachers: Equipped with riot shields and shotguns, they‘ll aggressively rush your position. Their slow speed makes them easy targets for explosives and thermite. Don‘t let them get close!

Heavy Gunners: These bullet sponges have LMGs and pack serious firepower. Their lack of mobility is their weakness. Flank them or take them out from long range before they can shred you.

Snipers: Situated on elevated positions, they‘ll pick off your squad if exposed at range. Use smoke for cover. Their optics make it tough to spot them, so keep moving.

Elite Enemies: Gold armor means they have increased health, deadly aim, and damaging melees. Prioritize focus fire to quickly burn them down.

Beserkers: Shirtless maniacs that bum rush your position with lethal melee weapons. They are quick but also fragile. Keep your distance and don‘t get flanked.

By understanding their attack patterns and weaknesses, you can counter each enemy type and come out on top.

Comms Check – Additional Tips and Intel

  • Q: Can I stash loot and return later? No, all unextracted loot is lost upon death or exfil. Loot does not persist in the radar dome between matches.

  • Q: Can my squad buy me back if I die? No buy back system here – lose all your loot or die trying to extract it!

  • Tip: Marking enemies and calling out locations are critical for squad situational awareness. Constant comms saves lives.

  • Tip: Equipping perks like Tracker and Spotter help identify enemy locations and assets from a distance.

  • Tip: Your whole squad should have at least one long range weapon like a sniper or LMG for support.

Mission Report – Summary

That wraps up my intel on dominating the Zaya Radar Dome! Let‘s recap the key points:

  • The radar dome provides lucrative rare loot but requires skill and coordination to breach.

  • Safely reach the location by utilizing stealth, long range weapons, cover, and strategic planning.

  • Obtain a scarce key to unlock access, clear the interior rooms of enemies and loot.

  • Escape with your stolen treasures by avoiding combat, having backup plans, and defending exfil.

  • While very challenging, the loot can provide major progression when successfully extracted.

Ready to test your skills and reap the rewards? Radar dome domination awaits. Move out!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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