13 Best Linkedin Bots & Automation Tools for Lead Generation


Have you been looking for the right LinkedIn bot to propel your LinkedIn profile forward, thereby growing your brand? Then you have come to the right place. We have a list of LinkedIn bots that can take your LinkedIn profile to the top.

The whole of social media has grown into a giant sophisticated web of systems. It is very easy to feel left out of this continuous and fast-paced movement. LinkedIn is another social platform that has been around since as early as 2003. It has evolved into what it is now: a progressive medium for professionals to interact.

Thus, gaining visibility for your idea or brand has become quite difficult. Competition is stiff. To improve your chances of succeeding on LinkedIn, you need a working method. This brings us to the issue of LinkedIn bots.

Many social media platforms frown upon the use of third-party sites to augment their activities and ideas. But some manufacturers of these bots have found ways to make their creations work smartly without being detected. Thus if you find a bot of such quality, you are sure not to run into any trouble with authorities of these platforms.

Finding the perfect LinkedIn bot can be quite a tough task as there are many out there to choose from. That is one of the reasons why we have decided to come up with this article on the best LinkedIn bots that can enhance your LinkedIn marketing. These bots are given below.

Best LinkedIn Bots

1. Expandi


Many are often concerned about security when choosing an automation service tool. In fact, it is the reason why some social media users don't use them. This is because they feel it is better not to put one's whole brand, ideas or business at risk. But with a LinkedIn bot like Expandi, you would have nothing to fear. It is regarded as one of the safest bots out there.

All you need do is download the software on your desktop, then continue to run the program. One good feature they offer is a tidy inbox that can be used for interaction. Their plans are flexible. There are several divisions on offer to accommodate clients' specific needs.

2. We Connect

We Connect

We Connect prides itself as one of the best LinkedIn bots available to users. They are well-drilled at satisfying the pressing needs of their clients. And their impressive track record speaks for them. Helping clients find head-way on LinkedIn is their specialty.

We Connect is a safe and reliable LinkedIn bot to have. Thus there is no fear of running into trouble with LinkedIn which may threaten your profile and entire hard work.

3. Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM

One stupendously versatile LinkedIn bot that you should know about is Octopus CRM. They can take charge of virtually all the aspects concerning your LinkedIn presence. And this will allow you to take care of other things. Octopus CRM's track record is said to contain thousands of clients whom they have helped achieve success on LinkedIn. Their sophisticated marketing strategy is said to be awesome and credible since it has been proven and tested by many. There is a free trial on offer for those who are new, after which they can decide to opt for paid plans.

4. LinkedProspect


If you are looking for that LinkedIn bot that has been tested and proven and that can put your brand right in front of the right audience, then you shouldn't look further than LinkedProspect. Among their claim is that they can locate the right engagement you desire. This implies that their strategy is exact and purposeful.

Generating direct messages to selected audience and profile enhancement are among the other activities that LinkedProspect can help carry out to better your chances of attaining growth on the platform. As you can see, they do a whole lot. And that is one of the things you should look out for when choosing a social media automation tool.

5. SocialPilot


Lead generation and helping to generate great content for their clients are among the strengths of this LinkedIn automation software called SocialPilot. Having a bot take charge of your activities and also helping you in the process of creating content is quite remarkable.

They can effectively create schedules for your numerous contents and ensure they go up at the right time.

6. Somiibo


When you want a LinkedIn bot with a simple approach and exude a sense of self-assuredness, you should think of Somiibo. They have a simple platform with features that aren't too difficult to comprehend. But then, they are one of the best LinkedIn bots around. Thus, if you want to grow your LinkedIn profile, then you should consider them.

Somiibo's features aren't quite many, but they make up for it in the aspect of sophistication and quality. One other interesting thing about this LinkedIn bot is that they do not only operate on LinkedIn. Their services extend across other social media platforms. Thus it is a great idea to have one automation service tool take charge of your brand across several social media platforms.

7. Lead Connect

Lead Connect

Lead Connect is a LinkedIn bot that is relatively new to the party. But within the short period of their existence, they have gone on to become one of the best in the field. It is this giant stride they believe they can help their clients achieve on LinkedIn.

You will find some awesome reviews online that backs up Lead Connect's ever-growing reputation. They are certain that they can help you generate the right audience for your brand on LinkedIn.

8. Crowdfire App

Crowdfire App

Have you made the resolution to achieve success on LinkedIn? Then what you need is a LinkedIn bot that understands and shares in the magic of such firm determination. That LinkedIn bot should be none other than Crowdfire App.

Crowdfire App is an all-inclusive automated LinkedIn bot. that means they can satisfy all your desire to achieve success. One other interesting thing about this LinkedIn bot is that they do not only operate on LinkedIn. Their services extend across other social media platforms. Thus it is a great idea to have one automation service tool take charge of your brand across several social media platforms. They can help source content from close competitors and use it to help you grow.

9. Zopto


Zopto is another LinkedIn bot that his highly recommended by many. Zopto is a cloud-based program. They are said to be very adept at helping your LinkedIn profile attain envious height within a short period. We always love such bots that can turn up the heat and deliver during the set time. Their plans are quite cheap and affordable, making it a good fit for anyone operating on a slim budget.

After your account has been set up, all you need to give specifics about the kind of exposure you need so that they can help find the right audience and genuine leads to engage with your brand. Thus, you would be certain to grow with this kind of strategy in place.

10. Dux-Soup


Another reliable and influential LinkedIn bot we think you would love to try is Dux-Soup. They are very security conscious. Thus, you are sure not to run into trouble with LinkedIn. They are adept at helping their clients generate new leads and foster engagement with the right audience.

Dux-Soup boasts of a unique feature that helps you save information about profiles and brands you have come across and who you would either want to engage with or pass up in the future.

11. SidesMedia


SidesMedia is one of the best and reliable social media automation tools you can find out there. Their track record confirms that they have helped so many of their clients achieve success on LinkedIn and several social media platforms.

SidesMedia has a proven track record that can't be matched by so many bots out there. Their features are flexible and of top quality. Thus, if you want to take your LinkedIn profile to the next level, we suggest you hop on SidesMedia bandwagon.

12. UseViral

UseViral LinkedIn bot

If you are looking for a proven LinkedIn bot, then you should consider UseViral. The fact that they expand across other social media platforms further cements their reputation. UseViral is one unique multi-platform service tool that has been tested and trusted by many. UseViral can greatly improve your reach on LinkedIn. UseViral isn't new to the automation world and thus, know what their clients want and deliver without fail. They have one of the best LinkedIn features among LinkedIn bots.

As earlier said, UseViral cut across other social platforms like YouTube and Twitter; therefore, this LinkedIn bot can grow your brand simultaneously on multiple platforms. This makes them a credible service tool to consider.

13. Lead Gen Service

Lead Gen Service

Although Lead Gen Service is new, they have grown into a force to reckon with in the automation world. They are touted to be the best on LinkedIn at the moment. They are very flexible when it comes to listening to clients' needs and fashioning out strategies to meet these needs.

They also ensure that they put your brand out there to engage with the right audience. Their plans are quite flexible, and they operate a good refund policy scheme. In addition, you are allowed to terminate your subscription at any point you feel so.


What do LinkedIn bots do?

LinkedIn bots help you update your LinkedIn feed, making it easy to give you outreach and help you send connection requests to potential contacts.

Does LinkedIn permit the use of bots on the platform?

LinkedIn prohibits the use of third-party software. According to them, this is to secure their website and the data of their users. However, this doesn't mean bots don't work on LinkedIn.


This list is in no way exhaustive. We have put together a list of LinkedIn bots that we believe to be of standard and the best in the business at the moment. Thus, we are sure that if you go ahead to patronize any of the options on our list, you will get the best out of them. And these bots will surely propel your LinkedIn profile to the forefront.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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