10 Steps to Increasing your Blog Traffic using StumbleUpon

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StumbleUpon is quickly becoming the world leader in bookmarking sites, with a steady growing database, and daily page additions, it’s a great way to market your blog. The site works by having users select categories like “Animals,” “Fitness,” “Humor,” etc… The program then takes advantage of peer-sourcing and social-networking algorithms, to recommend various pages to the user. People can rate the content (which includes websites, photos, and videos), and can view the random list by clicking the “Stumble” button on the toolbar. The best way to increase website traffic for any content, is to submit it to a site like StumbleUpon. Here is how to use stumbleupon to increase traffic, and how to get found on stumbleupon.

Familiarize Yourself with the Site

Using stumbleupon to drive traffic is easy. First, Poke around and click as much as possible as you figure out how to use StumbleUpon to increase traffic. It is important to test the overall feel for the format, and weigh the general usability of the site, before truly making a commitment. It could mean the difference between a fruitful marketing campaign, and a complete waste of time.

Register and Make a Thorough Profile

Having a complete profile includes filling out the biography, uploading a picture, and taking the time to specify your interests, and these help individuals understand how to get stumbleupon traffic, when utilized correctly. Make sure you include a hyperlink to any blog or site you are promoting, otherwise it defeats the entire purpose. This is a key step in using StumbleUpon to drive traffic.

Submit your own Personal Bookmarks

StumbleUpon has made it easy to increase website traffic by creating an application that will mimic your browser tool bar, and allow you to instantly upload your personal bookmarks. If you are the first to submit a site, you will have to write a brief review and some key tags, but the credit is yours for the taking!

Write Great Content

You can start with using the StumbleUpon search query []. Try replacing the “keyword” with various terms you intend to submit content with. This will show you how popular your specific subject is on S.U. Videos, lists, and tutorials, all fare quite well on the site.


Becoming a part of the community is another way to increase website traffic to your blog. Be active. Make friends and “like” their pages. Submitting your own reviews, and simply clicking that “Stumble” button, are all great ways to get involved and build your network.

Add a Badge to your Blog/Website

StumbleUpon will allow any user to add a badge to their own personal pages for onsite exposure. This can vastly increase the chances of your content getting “Stumbled.” It also drives in more members to your network. StumbleUpon even includes integration tips for popular hosting platforms like WordPress, and plug-ins for social networking.

Make Friends

Check out other people’s pages, friend them, and take a look at their content. If it’s similar, chances are more likely they will Stumble your content in return. In addition, there is a feature on every profile called “How Similar Are You?” This allows you to compare your interests with that particular user from a statistical perspective. The “Suggested Friends” list is also a way to build your empire.

Visit Often

Investing a good amount of time into your social media networking is pertinent for marketing anything these days. Generating organic traffic is practially like gold on the internet, and it’s a machine that needs to be oiled often. You know you’ve really made it when users start to submit your blog’s content, in addition to yourself doing so. The more time you put in, the more you will benefit from the community.

Plug your Stumble on other Networks

Most social media platforms are connected in one way or another. Posting your Stumble pages on other networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, can astronomically increase your traffic. It allows the content to be shared among various networks of different people, and can draw in more users and pages, to S.U. This, in turn, can serve to increase traffic on yours.

Check your Metrics

The true pros know their numbers. The “Review Page” is where you can identify who has discovered your article/page (i.e. uploaded it to the site), given it a “thumbs up,” and also, the users that actually wrote a review for your material. Anyone that has shown you love, you should return to establish a solid, supportive network.

Overall, breaking into a new social networking platform can be daunting. You may feel that way as you learn how to get StumbleUpon traffic. There are several different types on the vast landscape of the internet, and it is tough to decide which ones are best for your specific industry. Unlike other outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter, the sheer random nature of StumbleUpon lends to a different type of discovery. It is virtually the same concept as watching television over preprogramming online. There is an element of unexpected. Perhaps, for the true sense of discovery, we should inch back towards that feeling of unexpected satisfaction.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.