10 Ways to Increase your Twitter Followers That You May Not Know

Increase your Twitter Followers

No one wants to buy Twitter followers. Having a popular Twitter account makes it easier to communicate with people and share interesting tidbits on personal matters or special offers. Use these ten ways to get more Twitter followers, and get ready to tweet to a wider audience.

Twitter is famous for helping level the playing field when it comes to online marketing. Some say that they have down right leveled it off so completely that it is now flat. How do you rise above this leveled playing field and increase your Twitter followers fast?

10 Ways to Increase your Twitter Followers That You May Not Know

Tweet great content repeatedly

Your Twitter followers are not going to ever have the time to view every single tweet in their feed. They are going to miss your great content if you only tweet it out once. Use a tool like HootSuite to schedule your same content out for tweets multiple times.

Avoid becoming spam by creating a slightly different description of the content for each one. Also, you won’t want to tweet this out on, say, an hourly basis. Three to four times during a day is usually enough to be sure you caught the eye of your followers. Every major brand does this, but be reasonable with this tip!

Tease your audience

Nobody likes a tease? Tell that to Twitter followers who love following upcoming events with anticipation. This is your chance to get people excited about new products and services before they come out. Send out tweets about “what we have happening in a week” giving hints, connect these related tweets with a unique hashtag, and count down to the big reveal.

Be a live tweeter for events in your industry

Discover what sort of conversations your followers react to. Then join in on live conversations that they are involved in. This can be as simple as a sports apparel company tweeting about the World Cup during matches, or a medical supply company tweeting during an address about health care.

Only pay to promote your best events

Paying to promote a tweet about that new blog post may not be your best strategy. A better one would be to pay to promote your next big sale, event, or give-away. These important steps in your brand’s story are what are going to get people interested.

Twitter followers are much more likely to click on a promoted tweet that says “Check out our savings on new iPads,” over one which reads “A blog post about our new iPad deals.”

Have things that are only exclusive to your Twitter followers

In relation to the above suggestion, you can drive your Twitter follower numbers by telling them that this event, promotion, or sale is exclusive to those on Twitter. Use a promo code that you tweet out, connect everything with a hashtag to make it easy to follow, and watch as retweet rise because your Twitter followers want their Twitter followers to know about this exclusive deal on their shared platform.

Connect with relevant influencers

People who are already popular on Twitter can be your key to connect with others, and legitimize your account. The best current example of this is in the celebrity world is George RR Martin joining Twitter.

There had been many clone George RR Martin accounts, but none had the following his gained overnight because of one key fact: He had his publisher verify that his @GRRMspeaking account was legit. This key influencer legitimized his account, sent his numbers sky high over night, and you can do it too. Find influencers in your niche, engage with them, and when they start retweeting your message, and giving you @Mentions, you can see your numbers shoot up radically too.

Give your followers a real reason to retweet

An interesting new Twitter strategy is know as the Flock to Unlock. This is a contest that takes place on Twitter. The contest is to get a certain number of retweets to happen in order to unlock prizes, discounts, and other exclusive promotions.

Find partners in the offline world

Partnering up with those who are similar industries to you, such as your suppliers, can help you both gain more Twitter followers. A common way to do this is to partner up with someone, work on an event together, and work to promote it. A bar can partner with a locally brewed beer, a trucking company can partner with a local truck stop, a clothing manufacture can pair up with a model. The list is endless!

Send out other people’s great content

Some of the best jumps I’ve had in my Twitter followers numbers is when I have tweeted out someone else’s content and mentioned them in the tweet. They say thanks, retweet it to their followers, and I get a boost because their followers see that I have similar interests to their own.

Twitter’s advanced search tool is for those who are serious about getting their Twitter follower numbers up quickly. It going far beyond watching the trends, or a simple hashtag search.

This tool helps you cut through all of the noise on Twitter and find the relevant conversations, people, and hashtags that will matter to you. Let Mashable teach you more about this powerful tool.

Post Images and Video

In order to get more twitter followers, one has to add the right kind of content to their account. This is a process that involves selecting captivating images, videos and text to spread. Countless numbers of Twitter accounts have gone viral simply because of one fun image or sound-bite, which is just short of being able to buy twitter followers. Search for intriguing images and watch audiences grow.

Spicing up one’s tweets with links to exciting events, companies and news stories is a good way to keep followers informed and motivated to get twitter followers fast. This method has positive repercussions since people like to share interesting tweets with their friends. Ultimately, one is able to get more followers on Twitter by creating tweets with informative links and to get more twitter followers.

Pose Questions

There is no better way to enhance an audience’s engagement then to ask them questions about important topics, trends or pictures posted via one’s Twitter account. The more intriguing the inquiries the higher the likelihood one will get more Twitter followers. New followers will join up to read the discussion or post their own answers.

Complete Bio Info

Having a complete and well-written account profile lends credibility to one’s Twitter feed and inspires others to read tweets. For businesses, this is a critical point. Followers want to know the companies they’re connected to are real. Professionals trying to network and expand their job prospects also benefit from solid bio data. It might not be the most excited idea but it helps to get more Twitter followers.

Reply Frequently

Sparking conversations on Twitter is an excellent way to raise engagement and add new followers. The conversations that happen via Twitter often-times border on the risqué, which makes communicating an entertaining endeavor. Whether it’s getting followers excited about personal drama or new products, getting them talking is important for raising follower numbers.

Utilize Hashtags

Search tools on Twitter, such as hashtags, help users find the information they want to read about. This is important for those looking to get more Twitter followers. Enticing readers with new and important information spreads one’s tweets all over the Internet. Having a large audience necessitates content with quality information. It’s one of the best ways to get Twitter followers fast.

Create an Interesting Avatar

For those using an image other than a personal photo, selecting the right avatar is critical. If the avatar is unsavory or disliked by a portion of a target audience, it has a negative impact on one’s ability to add followers. Although there is some latitude with the kinds of images one can display on Twitter, going with something conservative, yet interesting, is a safe bet.

Tweet at the Right Time

There are peak times when people like to get on their social media accounts and post or tweet. Timing one’s updates to coincide with an audience’s usage patterns is smart and effective. An interesting tweet has the potential to go viral if followers are online and engaged. Ultimately, all of that activity allows one to get more Twitter followers.

Follow Intriguing People

There is nothing wrong with getting ideas from other successful Twitter users. These folks know how to get more Twitter followers, which makes learning about their writing style and tweet frequency intelligent. For those looking to leverage Twitter and take advantage of its full potential, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel.

Target a Niche

To get more Twitter followers, having an angle for online communication is important for success. Discussing a niche product, service or company on a regular basis will inspire audiences to follow your Twitter feed. Unique information that differentiates content is enough to inspire tweets to go viral in select audiences.

As stated in Part 1, no one wants to buy Twitter followers. Having a popular Twitter account makes it easier to communicate with people and share interesting tidbits on personal matters or special offers. Use these ten ways to get more Twitter followers, and get ready to tweet to a wider audience.

Social media is important for those looking to stay in touch with their friends or for businesses trying to develop their customer base. Twitter is one of the more popular mediums of online communication, and having a strong following makes it easier, and more cost-effective, to spread announcements, images or even gossip. If one is interested in building their audience and getting more free Twitter followers, look to these proven methods for success through obtaining free twitter followers.

Do you have any unusual follower gaining tips on Twitter? Mention them below so that we can discuss them further!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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