Resolve Spotify Login Issues: How to Fix the Access Point 22 Error

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Has logging into Spotify on your computer recently resulted in a cryptic "access point 22" error? If so, I‘ve got the inside scoop on what this error means and will walk you through several effective methods to get Spotify back up and running.

As a tech specialist and avid Spotify user myself, I‘ve helped many friends troubleshoot this exact login issue. While frustrating, I‘ll explain the technical causes behind it and provide actionable steps to fix the problem for good.

By following this guide, you‘ll be jamming out to your favorite playlists in no time. Let‘s get started!

The Technical Reasons Behind the Access Point 22 Error

When attempting to open the Spotify desktop application, you may see an error pop-up with the code "accesspoint22" and the message "Error code: accesspoint22."

This occurs when your installed Spotify desktop app version is outdated and no longer supported. Specifically, any Spotify desktop app released before April 2021 (version 1.1.59 or lower) has been discontinued.

But what‘s the technical reason behind Spotify cutting off older app versions?

Digging into Spotify‘s developer documentation provides some clues. In November 2020, Spotify updated their Spotify Connect protocol to only support TLS version 1.2 connections in preparation for deprecation of older TLS versions by certificate authorities.

Additionally, Spotify has introduced new features and improvements to their desktop application API. To leverage these fully, they‘ve had to discontinue older app versions which cannot adopt the new connectivity and coding frameworks.

Spotify isn‘t alone in tightening up protocols for security and experience reasons. Researching technical forums shows that apps like Skype and Office 365 have also changed networking requirements, causing login errors for outdated installations.

So in summary, the access point 22 error occurs because your Spotify desktop app version cannot meet the latest connectivity and API requirements. Let‘s look at how to update Spotify to resolve this.

Step-by-Step Guide to Updating Spotify and Fixing the Access Point 22 Error

Method 1: Fully Uninstall and Reinstall Spotify

The most straightforward fix is to fully uninstall your current Spotify desktop app, and install the latest version clean. Here are the detailed steps:

On Windows 10/11:

  1. Close Spotify by right-clicking the icon in your system tray and selecting "Quit Spotify." This ensures any background processes don‘t interfere with uninstalling.

  2. Open the Start menu and click the Settings cog icon.

  3. In Settings, select "Apps" followed by "Apps & features" on the left sidebar.

  4. Scroll down to Spotify and click on the three dots to the right. Select "Uninstall."

<insert screenshot of uninstalling app in Apps & Features>

  1. In the uninstall prompt, make sure the "Delete app data" checkbox is selected, then click Uninstall. This removes all Spotify files.

  2. Restart your computer to clear any remaining cached data.

  3. Visit and download the latest Windows installer. Run it to reinstall Spotify.

  4. Upon opening Spotify, you should now be able to log in successfully without any access point errors!

On Mac:

  1. Click the Spotify icon in your menu bar and select "Quit Spotify" to fully close the app.

  2. In Finder, navigate to Applications and locate the Spotify app icon.

  3. Drag the Spotify icon over to the Trash bin. Then right-click the Trash and choose "Empty Bin" to fully delete it.

  4. For extra cleanup, open Finder and select Go > Go to Folder. Type in ~/Library/Application Support/Spotify and delete this folder.

  5. Go to to download the latest Mac installer. Run it to install Spotify.

  6. You can now open Spotify and log in without any access point 22 errors!

Doing a fresh install ensures all Spotify files are updated to the newest compatible versions. This prevents the access point 22 error from recurring.

Method 2: Install Spotify Through the Microsoft Store

If you‘re on Windows 10 or 11, installing Spotify through the Microsoft Store app is an alternative method to get the latest supported version.

The Microsoft Store automatically keeps all apps updated to their newest releases. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Microsoft Store on your computer. You can search for it or find the blue shopping bag icon pinned to your taskbar.

  2. In the search bar at the top of the store, search for "Spotify."

  3. The top result should be the official Spotify app. Click on it.

  4. On the Spotify page, click the "Get" button to install it.

  5. After Spotify finishes installing, the Microsoft Store will automatically update it whenever new versions are available.

The benefit of installing through the Microsoft Store is you don‘t have to manually download and update Spotify yourself. The app will stay up-to-date automatically.

Which Spotify Desktop App Versions Are Compatible?

In case you‘re unsure which Spotify app release is recent enough, here is a breakdown of compatible vs incompatible versions:

Spotify Desktop App Version Status
Version 1.1.59 or higher Supported
Version 1.1.58 or lower Not Supported / Causes Access Point 22 Error

Any version of the Spotify desktop app from April 2021 onward (1.1.59+) should work fine without any access point errors. Versions older than April 2021 (1.1.58 and below) will trigger the access point 22 error during login.

When reinstalling Spotify, make sure you‘re getting version 1.1.59 or higher for full compatibility. The download links on Spotify‘s website will always grab the latest version.

Advanced Troubleshooting Tips

On the off chance you still see the access point 22 error after reinstalling Spotify through the above methods, try these additional troubleshooting steps:

  • Log out of Spotify on every device – This syncs your account and clears any stuck tokens causing repeated access point 22 errors. Visit

  • Delete leftover Spotify files – Occasionally cached data may remain and re-trigger the error. Delete any Spotify-related files in AppData\Roaming on Windows or ~/Library/Application Support on Mac.

  • Temporarily disable firewalls/security software – Overly restrictive networks or firewalls could block Spotify‘s new required connections. Try turning them off as a test.

  • Contact IT support if needed – If you‘re on a managed work device, you may need IT to allowlist Spotify‘s updated protocols through the network firewall.

  • Reach out to Spotify support – They can provide individualized troubleshooting guidance based on your unique setup and logs.

With a bit of tenacity, you should be able to resolve the access point error and enjoy your Spotify playlists once again.

Recap: How to Finally Fix the Spotify Access Point 22 Error

To summarize this comprehensive guide, here are the key tips to remember:

  • The access point 22 error means your Spotify desktop app version is outdated and unsupported after April 2021 changes.

  • Fully uninstall then fresh install the latest Spotify desktop app from their website to update.

  • Alternatively, install Spotify through the Microsoft Store to get the newest version easily.

  • Check your installed Spotify app version and ensure it‘s 1.1.59 or higher.

  • Advanced steps like disabling firewalls, deleting caches, and contacting IT/Spotify support can also help resolve stubborn access point errors.

I hope these steps provide a clear path to getting Spotify working again in the desktop app. Let me know if the access point 22 error persists after trying the troubleshooting – I‘m happy to provide personalized advice to defeat this bug once and for all! Here‘s to listening to endless playlists again.


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