How to Add Your Phone Number to Blizzard for Enhanced Account Security

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For gamers, protecting your Blizzard account should be a top priority. Your account contains your carefully crafted characters, hard-earned loot, and personal information. If your account is compromised, the consequences can be devastating.

That‘s why taking advantage of Blizzard‘s available security options, like adding your phone number, is so important. In this detailed guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about adding your phone to your account, and how this exponentially improves your security.

An Introduction to Blizzard Security

First, a quick primer on Blizzard‘s gaming platform and security evolution.

[Table with history and user statistics]
Launched Registered Users Monthly Active Users
1996 Over 140 million 37 million

For over 25 years, has been the hub that connects popular Blizzard games like World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Hearthstone, and Diablo. It lets gamers communicate, buy services and manage their accounts.

As the platform grew, account security became paramount. High-value accounts were targeted by phishing schemes, keyloggers, and hackers exploiting weak passwords. Compromised accounts quickly stripped characters of gold and valuable items.

Blizzard steadily improved security capabilities in like:

  • Password complexity requirements
  • New authentication options beyond passwords
  • Alert systems for suspicious logins
  • Improved account recovery processes

But threats evolved as well. Hackers targeted account recovery methods and looked for authentication loopholes. Data breaches exposed user account details, and SIM swapping attacks put phone numbers at risk.

No security system is impenetrable. But Blizzard now offers a robust set of tools that, when used properly, make your account much harder to crack.

Why Add a Phone Number to Your Account?

Adding a valid phone number provides several layers of security:

1. Suspicious activity alerts – Blizzard can text you any time an important account change occurs like password resets, enabling parental controls, or new logins from unknown devices. This gives you immediate visibility into anything suspicious.

2. Reclaim lost or hacked accounts – With your phone number verified, Blizzard can confirm your identity during account recovery. If a hacker attempts to seize your account, you can initiate recovery and regain access.

3. Stronger authentication – Your phone can be used for two-factor authentication, requiring both your password AND a text code to login. SMS two-factor is shown to block 99.9% of automated cyberattacks.

4. Access member services – Linking your phone allows access to certain Blizzard Entertainment games and services included with a membership.

Over 140 million players entrust Blizzard to help keep their accounts secure. Adding your phone provides that additional line of defense against compromise.

Step-By-Step Guide to Adding Your Phone to

Ready to enable enhanced security? Here is the complete walkthrough for adding your phone number to your account:

Phase 1: Log Into Account Settings

  1. Open your browser and go to the website. Click "Log In" in the top right corner.

  2. Enter your email and password on the login page. Click Log In to access your account.

  3. Once logged in, click your Blizzard ID in the top navigation bar. This opens your account menu.

  4. In the menu, select "Account Settings". This will open your Settings page.

Phase 2: Add Phone Number

  1. In the left sidebar, click "Account Details".

  2. Scroll down to the Phone Number section and click "Add Phone Number".

  3. Type your phone number into the field and check the box agreeing to the Terms of Use.

  4. Click "Continue" to move to the verification stage.

Phase 3: Verify Your Number

  1. Blizzard will text your phone a 6-digit security code. Enter this code on when prompted.

  2. Click "Submit" after entering the code correctly.

  3. You will see a confirmation that your phone number is now attached to your account!

[Include relevant screenshots for each step above]

Following these instructions carefully will ensure your phone is properly linked. Keep reading for extremely important tips to keep your account secure after adding your phone.

Crucial Account Security Tips for Added Phone Numbers

Adding your phone is just the first step. Here are essential tips to keep your number – and your account – safeguarded:

  • Use a strong unique password only for Never reuse passwords across accounts.

  • Make your password lengthy with unpredictable character substitutions, like "Th1s1s@Str0ngPa$$w0rd!$"

  • Enable two-factor authentication through your added phone number under account settings. With 2FA, hackers need both your password AND physical phone to login.

  • Be vigilant about suspicious texts or calls regarding account changes. Contact Blizzard if anything seems off.

  • Be wary of phishing scams by text or email pretending to be from Blizzard. Blizzard will never ask for your password.

  • Keep your phone OS and security apps up-to-date. Use call/text blocking tools against spam.

  • Don‘t use SMS for 2FA on accounts with cryptocurrency or highly sensitive info. It can be more vulnerable to SIM swapping attacks. Use an authenticator app instead.

  • Remove old phone numbers if you change devices. Review connected accounts regularly.

  • Know account recovery options if you lose phone access. Keep backup codes and details secure but handy.

The more layers of security you enable, the more protected your valuables will be against unauthorized access and cybercrime.

How Phone Verification Stacks Up to Other Security Options

Blizzard gives you an array of tools beyond just a phone number to authenticate and secure your account:

[Table comparing different security options]
Security Method How It Works Strengths Weaknesses
SMS Protect Text codes sent to your phone Convenient, wide compatibility SIM swapping risk, SMS intercepts
Authenticator App Time-based codes from app like Google Authenticator No phone number needed, encrypted Must have device available
Security Key Physical security key like YubiKey Nearly unphishedable Costly, keys can be lost
One-Time Password Email codes during account changes Device agnostic Weak defenses, email vulnerable

As you can see, each option has pros and cons. Using your phone for SMS protect provides a nice balance of security and convenience. But an authenticator app removes the SIM swapping risk. And physical security keys are virtually phishing-proof.

Consider combining multiple methods for maximum security. Just start by making sure you have a phone number attached to enable key features.

The Importance of Ongoing Account Vigilance

Hackers are endlessly inventing new tactics to try and circumvent account protections. Breaches can expose login info. Mobile carriers or social networks can be infiltrated to steal phone numbers. No single option is a silver bullet.

Staying secure requires ongoing vigilance like:

  • Monitoring emails/texts carefully for anything suspicious

  • Changing passwords routinely and not reusing them

  • Updating games/launchers, operating systems, and security software

  • Using authenticator apps and security keys to complement SMS

  • Scrutinizing third-party apps and addons before granting account access

  • Avoiding phishing links and guarding logins carefully

Set up additional security measures. Continue monitoring account activity daily. And contact Blizzard support immediately at any sign of trouble.

Combined with your added phone number, these practices will provide powerful protection that hackers may look to easier targets instead.

Real-World Examples of Compromised Accounts

To drive home the importance of security, here are just a few horror stories from lackadaisical account protection:

  • A Fortnite streamer suffered an epic hack while livestreaming to over 800,000 followers, with the attackers deleting all his videos, skins, and stealing his Twitter account.

  • An EVE Online player lost over $17,000 worth of spaceships and assets after a hacker took over the account and drained everything.

  • A World of Warcraft guild bank was plundered of over 1.5 million gold and rare items by someone hijacking a leader‘s account through phishing.

  • Crypto traders have lost millions in tokens being SIM swapped and crypto accounts emptied because they relied solely on SMS for 2FA.

Don‘t let this happen to you! Add your phone and take advantage of‘s security to protect your hard work.

Let Blizzard Watch Your Back

After 25+ years, Blizzard has learned quite a bit about helping customers protect their precious gaming accounts. While no security is flawless, enabling key features like SMS Protect on your account provides important safeguards.

Now you know exactly how adding your phone number strengthens your defenses against compromise. Just follow the step-by-step instructions above. Then build on that foundation with strong authentication and vigilant monitoring.

With your phone number verified, you have a trusty ally via text alerts about suspicious logins and account changes. Let Blizzard watch your back, so you can focus on the fun of gaming!


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