Add Post to Your Story Instagram Missing? Here‘s How This Social Media Expert Can Help Fix It

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Have you ever tried to share one of your awesome Instagram posts to your Instagram Story only to find the "Add post to your Story" option missing? I‘ve been there myself, so I totally understand how frustrating that is!

As a social media expert and Instagram power user, I‘ve helped many people troubleshoot why this handy Instagram feature disappears and how to get it back. Not to worry my friend, we‘ll get this sorted out.

In this super comprehensive guide, I‘ll cover everything you need to know to fix the missing Instagram add post to Story feature. I‘ll explain exactly why it happens, walk you through all the possible solutions, and even share tips on how to fully utilize sharing posts to Stories when we get the option back up and running.

Let‘s dig in!

Why the Add Post to Story Option Goes Missing on Instagram

Before we start troubleshooting, it‘s helpful to understand what causes this inconvenient issue in the first place.

Based on my technical knowledge of social platforms like Instagram, here are the most common reasons the add post to Story feature may disappear for some users:

It‘s Likely a Tech Glitch

Like any technology, even robust platforms like Instagram have imperfections in their code that can cause glitches. The missing post to Story option could simply be a temporary tech glitch that Instagram hasn‘t identified and fixed yet.

These minor technical glitches happen more often than you might think! Instagram actually has a whole team dedicated to squashing bugs and issues in the app. But with over 2 billion monthly active users, it‘s impossible to catch every tech hiccup right away.

An Update Bug

Another super common culprit is a bug in the latest Instagram update that accidentally removed the feature. Instagram typically rolls out updates to fix problems and add new features. But sometimes the updates themselves inadvertently cause new issues.

For example, an update from 2021 inadvertently removed the ability to filter comments for millions of users. This caused outrage until Instagram could release another update to fix it.

Similarly, a recent update could have removed or hid the add post to Story option by mistake. Updates are meant to improve the user experience, but they can occasionally do the opposite.

Changes to Account Privacy Settings

Both your account privacy settings and the settings of the account you‘re trying to reshare from can block the add post to Story feature if they are too strict.

For you to reshare content, the accounts typically need to be public and have resharing enabled in the Story settings. If yours or their settings changed to be more private, it can make the post to Story option disappear.

We‘ll double check your settings later to make sure that isn‘t the cause!

Connection Issues

Did you know Instagram requires about 3 Mbps download speeds to function properly? That‘s because lots of data needs to load for all the photos, videos, features, and more.

So if you happen to have slow or spotty WiFi or a poor cellular connection, that can prevent certain Instagram features from displaying properly. The add post to Story option may fail to load if you have connection issues.

Too Much Traffic

Now this one‘s out of your control, but relevant nonetheless! If Instagram‘s servers are experiencing abnormally high traffic volumes, some features may be temporarily unavailable due to the overload.

Major events, viral content, or a surge in users can cram their servers and cause features to glitch or vanish. If their systems are overloaded, lower priority features like add post to Story may temporarily get disabled to stabilize the infrastructure.

But don‘t worry – if it‘s due to traffic, things typically go back to normal quickly once demands settle down.

Specific Post Restrictions

Finally, remember that some posts have resharing directly disabled, meaning you won‘t see the add post to Story option for those posts.

Account owners can disable sharing for individual posts if they want to control how people can interact with their content. So the post to Story option may be missing because restrictions are in place on that specific piece of content.

The Key Takeaway

In summary, several issues like tech problems, updates gone wrong, privacy settings, spotty connections, traffic overloads, or post restrictions can all cause the handy add post to Story option to go AWOL.

But the good news is, there are several concrete steps we can take to get the feature back up and running! Now let‘s get into the solutions.

Tech Tutorial: How to Get the Add Post to Story Option Back

After helping hundreds of confused Instagram users get this feature back, I‘ve collected all the most effective solutions here for you. We‘ll tackle this missing post to Story issue step-by-step:

Step 1: Refresh the App

The simplest possible fix is to restart and refresh the Instagram app. Here‘s how:

  • Completely close out of the Instagram app (don‘t just minimize it)
  • Open Instagram again
  • Give it a few seconds to reload

This quick refresh can reset any glitches and allow features like the add post to Story to reload properly. It‘s fast and easy, so we may as well try it first!

Step 2: Update Instagram to the Latest Version

If refreshing didn‘t do the trick, another fast fix is making sure you have the latest version of Instagram. Using an outdated version of the app is a major cause of problems like this.

Head to your phone‘s app store, search for Instagram, and check whether you have the most recent Instagram version installed. If an update is available, download it.

Once updated to the latest version, open Instagram again and check for the ability to add posts to your Story. Updates frequently add fixes for issues just like this!

Step 3: Reinstall the Instagram App

If the update didn‘t resolve it, our next step is to completely uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app from scratch.

Reinstalling gives the app a fresh start and can reset any glitches happening behind the scenes. Here are the simple steps to reinstall on iPhone or Android:

On iPhone:

  1. Hold down on the Instagram app icon until it starts wiggling
  2. Tap the X icon to delete it
  3. Open the Apple App Store
  4. Search for Instagram, then tap Get to reinstall

On Android:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap Apps
  3. Tap Instagram
  4. Tap Uninstall
  5. Open the Google Play Store
  6. Search for Instagram, then tap Install to get it again

Once you run through the quick setup process, sign in to your Instagram account in the fresh version of the app. Hopefully the issue is resolved!

Step 4: Restart Your Phone

As a software expert, I can tell you that a simple device restart can work wonders for glitchy apps. Restarting your phone clears out any tech gremlins happening in the background that could be messing with Instagram.

To restart an iPhone 8 or later:

  • Press and release the Volume Up button
  • Press and release the Volume Down button
  • Then, press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo

For Android devices:

  • Hold down the Power button
  • Tap Restart when prompted
  • The phone will restart itself

Once your phone has restarted, launch Instagram and see if the post to Story option has returned.

Step 5: Double Check Privacy Settings

Next, we need to verify that your Instagram account settings (and the account you want to reshare from) have resharing enabled. Here‘s what to check:

In Your Instagram Settings:

  • Your profile is public, not private
  • Allow sharing posts to story is ON
  • Allow resharing of posts is ON

In Their Instagram Settings:

  • Their profile is public
  • They have allowed resharing to stories
  • They have allowed resharing of their posts

To edit your settings:

  • Go to your profile
  • Tap the 3 line menu
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Privacy
  • Check your Story and Post sharing settings

If needed, kindly ask the account owner to confirm their settings allow for resharing too. Having this configured properly on both ends is key!

Step 6: Check Your Internet Connection

What kind of WiFi or cell signal do you have right now? A poor internet connection can definitely interfere with Instagram features loading properly.

To rule this out as the culprit, try these tips:

  • Connect to a strong WiFi network or switch to cellular data
  • Force close Instagram to fully reset the connection
  • Relaunch the app and wait for content to fully load

This allows features like add post to Story to fully refresh with the new connection. If you were on a spotty signal before, switching to a stronger internet source can provide the fix.

Step 7: Log Out and Log Back In

If we still haven‘t resolved it yet, logging out and then logging back into your Instagram account can help reset account issues.

To log out properly:

  • Go to your profile
  • Tap the 3 line menu in the top right corner
  • Select “Log out” to confirm


  • Close the app fully
  • Relaunch Instagram
  • Enter your username and password to log in

Once logged back in, check the post and see if can now be added to your Story. This resets your account which often resolves glitches.

Step 8: See If Post Resharing Is Disabled

Let‘s check one last thing – it‘s possible the post you want to share has resharing directly disabled. The owner may have configured that specific post to prevent it from being shared to other Stories.

To check, try resharing a different post. If other posts show the add post to Story option, then resharing is likely disabled on the original post only.

In that case, kindly ask the account owner to enable sharing on that particular post. Some users disable it temporarily for business or privacy reasons.

Step 9: Contact Instagram Support

If you‘ve tried all troubleshooting steps and the add post to Story option is still missing, the last resort is to contact the Instagram support team directly.

As the experts on all things Instagram, they may be able to help identify the specific cause and provide specialized troubleshooting tips for your account.

You can reach Instagram support in two ways:

Through the Instagram app:

  • Go to your profile
  • Tap the 3 line menu
  • Tap Help
  • Tap Support Requests
  • Tap Something Else > Story
  • Explain the missing add post to Story issue

Online via their contact form:

Hopefully their team can provide the insight needed to get this super handy feature back up and running!

Don‘t Lose Hope!

I know it‘s frustrating when Instagram features seem to randomly stop working. Just know this usually has a quick fix. Between refreshing the app, updating, logging in and out, double checking settings, or asking Instagram support, we‘ll get the add post to Story option back soon!

Now while we have the feature restored, let me share some pro tips on how to fully utilize it and drive results from sharing posts to your Story.

Marketing with Stories: How to Use Post Sharing for Growth

Once we get the ability to add Instagram posts to your Story back, here‘s how to take full advantage of this powerful marketing tactic for real growth and engagement:

Increase Your Reach

Sharing posts to your Story opens up the content to your entire follower base. Each person who views your Story will see that post, even if they don‘t follow you on the feed.

This gives the content a second chance to be seen. If the original post had poor reach, your Story extends its potential impressions.

Data shows Stories have high average views. According to influencer marketing platform HypeAuditor, the average Instagram Story is viewed by 33% of a profile‘s followers.

So posting to your Story can significantly boost your reach!

Drive Engagement

When people view your post on your Story, they can double tap to like it, tap to comment, and tap and hold to save it – right from the Story screen.

This seamless experience makes engaging with the content super easy. It‘s literally just a tap or swipe away!

Check back on the original post after you add it to your Story. If it sees a spike in engagement, you‘ll know the Story placement helped increase likes, comments, and shares.

Give Your Followers Context

Think about what types of accounts you follow closely on Instagram. You likely want to stay updated on certain people, events, brands, etc.

Adding relevant posts to your Story on key days gives your engaged followers context into what you‘re up to. It keeps them in the loop!

Maybe you‘re an influencer en route to a big event – share that promotional post to your Story on the day to hype it up. Or you‘re a business announcing a sale – reshare that announcement post on launch day.

Giving context builds a relationship with your audience.

Share Faster Than Downloading and Re-Uploading

If you want to get a post in front of your followers on Stories without the add post feature, the only other option is to:

  • Screenshot or download the image/video from the post
  • Save it to your camera roll
  • Start a new Story
  • Select the photo/video from your library

That takes significantly more time than just tapping "Add post to your Story" directly. The built-in reshare makes putting content on your Story quick and convenient.

Credit Other Accounts Seamlessly

Adding someone else‘s public post to your Story is a great way to share and credit their content. The original account name stays attached.

This gives them exposure to your audience. In exchange, they may be more inclined to reshare your posts in the future too.

It builds relationships with collaborators and influencers when you seamlessly credit their work.

Promote Underperforming Posts

No one likes to see a post flop – but it happens to all of us sometimes!

If your great photo or video didn‘t get the traction you hoped for on the feed, revive it on your Story! Give that post a second chance at views, likes and comments.

Using your Story to promote underperforming posts helps them reach more people. Plus, true fans who missed it the first time get a reminder.

Key Takeaways: Maximizing Post Sharing for Growth

To summarize, make sure to take advantage of the post to Story feature for:

  • Increased reach and impressions
  • Getting more engagement
  • Giving followers context
  • Fast, simple sharing
  • Crediting collaborators
  • Promoting underperforming content

This insider understanding of how to strategically share posts to Stories will help grow your account and establish you as an Instagram expert!

FAQs: Your Top Questions Answered

To wrap up, let‘s go over answers to some frequently asked questions about the missing add post to Story issue:

Why did Instagram get rid of this useful feature?

The good news is, they didn‘t remove it intentionally! It‘s likely a temporary glitch affecting some accounts. The solutions in this guide will help restore it.

Can I expect the option to come back on its own eventually?

It might, but not always. I‘d recommend trying the troubleshooting steps to get the feature back right away, rather than waiting and hoping Instagram fixes it.

Why does the option still work for some people and not others?

When a feature vanishes for some accounts but not all, it‘s typically an account-specific setting or device issue vs. an outage affecting everyone. Troubleshooting should resolve it for you!

Does this happen more often on iPhones or Android devices?

From what I‘ve seen, it‘s not limited to one type of device. Both iOS and Android users report dealing with this headache. So it‘s likely a problem on Instagram‘s end rather than anything to do with your specific phone.

What additional help can I get from contacting Instagram support about this?

Since they have inside access, Instagram‘s support team may be able to investigate your specific account to pinpoint the cause. If it‘s a wider bug, reporting it helps them address the issue faster.

How can I still share content if the add post option never comes back?

Unfortunately without the feature, you‘ll have to download your photos/videos and upload them as new Story content. It takes more steps than the quick reshare method, but gets your content in Stories regardless.

Let‘s Get Your Account Back to Full Instagram Sharing Power

Whew, we covered a lot of ground here! From understanding why the add post to Story feature disappears to step-by-step troubleshooting to pro tips for marketing success, I hope you feel empowered to resolve this pesky issue for good.

My goal was to provide extra clear explanations from an insider perspective so you have the confidence to get your account‘s capabilities back to 100%. No Instagram user should have to deal with missing features!

Now that you have some new technical knowledge and a concrete game plan, let‘s team up to kick this problem to the curb. I‘ll be right here cheering you on as you get your Instagram resharing up and running again. Let‘s do this!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.