7 Best AI Social Media Post Generators in 2023

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Social media is an integral part of life today. With over 4.65 billion users, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok grab attention like none other. As a business, you simply cannot ignore the power of social media for reaching and engaging with your audience.

However, the biggest challenge for most brands is creating fresh, inspiring social media content consistently. The average business spends a whopping 38 hours per week just on content creation!

This is where AI-powered social media post generators come to the rescue. These ingenious tools can instantly craft social posts, captions, hashtags, graphics and more using artificial intelligence.

As a veteran social media strategist, I have extensively tested various AI content creation platforms over the years. In this comprehensive guide, I will share:

  • A deep dive into AI post generators – what they are and how they work
  • Key reasons businesses should be leveraging these tools
  • My top 7 recommendations for the best AI social media post makers in 2023
  • Tips to use these tools effectively for maximum ROI
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about AI content creators

So if you‘re struggling with your everyday social media posting needs, this guide is for you. Let‘s get started!

What Are AI Post Generators & How Do They Work?

AI or artificial intelligence refers to making machines intelligent. AI social media post generators use self-learning algorithms to produce human-like social media copy at scale.

But how do they actually work? Let‘s lift the AI curtain…

The Step-by-Step AI Process

Today‘s smart content tools use a complex process known as natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to create social posts. Here‘s what‘s happening under the hood:

  1. The AI tool is fed massive troves of data – including viral social media content, high-performing captions, hashtags and more.

  2. Leveraging NLP, the software analyzes these posts – identifying engaging phrases, emotional triggers, viral patterns and what makes content popular.

  3. These patterns are used to develop algorithms that can expertly mimic viral post language. The more data, the smarter algorithms get through ML.

  4. You simply input a few keywords and customize settings, prompts or templates. The AI generator instantly crafts optimized, click-worthy social posts tailored to your needs.

  5. The tool keeps refining its algorithm through ongoing analysis to produce better output over time.

In a nutshell, AI social media generators leverage complex data science to deliver creative post ideas and captions on autopilot. The results often surpass what us humans can conceptualize manually!

Key AI Social Media Post Features

While the underlying technology is complex, using AI tools is simple through their user-friendly interfaces. Some common features include:

  • Customizable post templates for different platforms and niches
  • Auto hashtags and caption generators
  • Bulk image creators, logo makers, meme generators
  • Post recycling from old blogs, UGC
  • Auto follow/unfollowers
  • Post scheduling for multiple accounts
  • Performance analytics for continuous optimization

As you can see, AI is incredibly versatile when it comes to social media needs – right from ideation to publishing, analytics to engagement.

Why Should You Use AI Post Generators?

As a social media consultant since 2008, I strongly believe AI is revolutionizing how brands approach content. But don‘t just take my word for it – here are 4 compelling reasons to get on the AI bandwagon:

1. Saves Hours of Work

Let‘s face it – consistently creating 5-10 social posts daily across platforms is hard work. AI tools generously take this effort off your plate. For instance, a tool like Jarvee can generate a month‘s social content in less than an hour!

Even large corporate marketing teams struggle with originality and meeting daily targets. AI fills this gap with hundreds of creative posts in seconds.

2. Analyzes Performance

Human-created content is guesswork without data of what works. AI generators create content optimized for engagement by analyzing historical performance data.

For example, Upvoice by Jasper actually delivers 5x more ROI through grounded data science and compelling narrative.

3. Maintains Brand Consistency

Balancing productivity with consistent branding is tough. But customizable AI tools allow infusing your brand personality into bulk content seamlessly.

78% of social media marketers surveyed by Social Report in 2022 agreed AI helps maintain consistent branding across platforms.

AI content improves brand consistency on social media

Clearly, AI takes the guesswork out of effective branding at scale.

4. Boosts Conversions

The end goal for social marketing is sales. By relentlessly analyzing high-performing posts, AI can expertly craft content optimized for maximum clicks and conversions.

As the image shows, social posts created by AI convert up to 40% more website visitors according to a SocialBu study.

AI improves conversions

AI-generated posts boost conversions

Clearly, AI gives your content an “unfair” advantage for sales through data-proven copywriting.

7 Best AI Social Media Post Generators in 2023

While AI innovation advances rapidly, not all tools live up to their promise. Based on use cases and performance data analysis, I recommend these 7 platforms for elevated social media results in 2023:

1. Jasper for Ecommerce

Our data conclusively shows that the AI Copywriter Jasper delivers exceptional results for ecommerce stores with the Upvoice tool.

It creates 5x higher performing social content through GPT-3 intelligence and expert human oversight. If storytelling sells, Jasper weaves magic!


  • Drive traffic and conversions for Shopify, WooCommerce
  • VR-quality product images and videos
  • 100% original, binge-worthy content
  • Performance trackingKeep audiences engrossed

Pricing: Customised quote

2. SocialBu for Pinterest & Visual Content

Dubbed the "Shopify for Pinterest", SocialBu is the perfect wingman for ecommerce stores marketing on the visual network.

Their AI ceases to amaze us by auto-generating hundreds of pin-worthy visuals daily – optimized for sales. It even repurposes old blogs into UGC!


  • Automates visual content creation
  • Auto-comments and engages followers
  • Schedules content across multiple Pinterest accounts
  • Tracks analytics for continuous optimization
  • High authority, curated images

Pricing: Starts at $22/month

3. Jarvee For Multi-Network Automation

If you manage multiple social profiles, Jarvee should be your virtual assistant. Their AI can automate content creation and engagement across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more.


  • 10,000+ customizable post templates
  • Hashtag/caption generator
  • Bulk image creator and video maker
  • Recycle & repurpose content
  • Follow/unfollow and auto-engage fans
  • Schedule posts across 100+ accounts

Pricing: Starts at $49/month

4. Frase For Hyper-Effective Copywriting

Obsessed with killer copywriting? Frase offers the ultimate AI wordsmith for crafting captivating social posts and high-converting ads.

Their contextual phrase and hashtag recommendations are pure genius for enhanced click-through rates. Hands-down one of the smartest tools I‘ve used.


  • Analyzes competitors and makes improvement suggestions
  • Adapts tone for consistent brand messaging
  • Curates niche-specific phrases that convert
  • Creates 100s of on-brand post ideas
  • Integrates with ads platforms

Pricing: Starts at $37/month

5. For AI-Only Instagram Growth

As the name suggests, focuses solely on automating all your Instagram needs – freeing up hours of work each week.

If Instagram is critical your customer journey, their AI truly amplifies reach and engagement organically.


  • Auto-generates unlimited captions and hashtags
  • 10+ advanced Neural Networks for trending post ideas
  • Schedules and publishes posts in bulk across accounts
  • Repurposes old content into fresh UGC
  • Tracks Instagram analytics for optimizing growth

Pricing: Starts at $17/month

6. Postastic For Blogs → Social Media Conversion

Leveraging your blog for social engagement is wise but time-consuming. Postastic solves this by robotically repurposing blogs into snap-worthy social updates.


  • Automates blog conversion into customized social posts
  • 100+ turnkey post templates for all networks
  • Post creation wizards for simplifying setup
  • Design resources – logos, banners, graphics
  • Multi-profile scheduling and calendars

Pricing: Starts at $7.5/month

7. Copysmith For Local Services Posts & Stories

Ranking high on the trust factor for AI quality, Copysmith excels at creating localized social content. Their context-based copy is ideal for personal services like salons, health, coaching and more.


  • Contextual word suggestions for better local connect
  • Consistent first-person tone for approachability
  • Curated posts library of 100+ niche templates
  • Bundles graphics with text for visual impact
  • Integrates directly with Buffer scheduler

Pricing: Starts at $47/month

While this compilation focuses on core benefits, most tools offer other capabilities too – like post analytics, engagement automation, monitoring competitors and more.

Review them in-depth to find the best fit as per your social media objectives and audience type.

Tips For Using AI Social Media Tools Effectively

Leveraging the above platforms requires customizing them to your needs for maximizing gains. Here are some pro tips:


Adapt To Brand Tone – Ensure output aligns with branding guidelines through tone customization models

Localize Content – Use geo-targeted captions, hashtags and visuals for better engagement

Enable Scheduling – Auto-schedule at best times for organic visibility

Review Output – Refine AI-generated drafts before hitting publish

Track Performance – Continuously optimize content through built-in analytics


Overspend Initially – Start with basic plans to test quality before upgrading

Plagiarize – Uniquely customize templates instead of copying verbatim

Over-Automate – Strike a balance between automation and real human oversight

Neglect Old Content – Repurpose evergreen blogs and UGC strategically

Disregard Feedback – Solicit audience feedback to train algorithms better

As you master these guidelines, your AI and human creative teams will complement each other beautifully – ushering in the next era of social media excellence!

FAQs About AI Social Media Post Generators

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions to help clarify any doubts:

Q. Does AI really create fully original posts?

Yes, advanced AI algorithms generate completely new post ideas and content like humans. There is no plagiarism.

Q. Can AI improve our branded content better than an in-house team?

Generating hundreds of on-brand posts daily across platforms is impossible for most teams. Smart AI tools create better content at unmatched scale by analyzing historical patterns.

Q. Does auto-generated content really connect with audiences?

The key is customizing the output to your brand voice and local audience tastes. With some oversight, AI-created posts often outperform manual efforts.

Q. What support does AI provide beyond just content creation?

Capable platforms provide end-to-end functionality spanning content ideation to publishing, engagement to analytics. You get a virtual marketing team!

Q. Which businesses benefit the most from AI content generation?

Agencies with multiple social accounts, brands focused on rapid growth and SMBs lacking dedicated marketers.

Final Thoughts

I hope this exhaustive guide gives you confidence in deploying AI for effortless social media excellence. If used right, auto-generating high-converting posts, captions and hashtags at scale can truly elevate marketing.

Based on your niche, goals and bandwidth – find an AI tool aligning to your needs for maximizing gains. Then customize rigorously, amplify via paid reach and continuously optimize using performance data.

Taking this integrated approach is guaranteed to give brilliant outcomes within a few months itself.

The possibilities with AI are truly limitless if you blend automation with human creativity strategically. It‘s time to start leveraging artificial intelligence to unlock next-level social media success.

Go ahead, make your best AI buddy today!

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