Unlocking the Prized Al Bagra Barracks in Warzone 2.0 DMZ

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Looking to score big in DMZ? Then securing the Al Bagra Barrack key needs to be a top priority. This elusive key provides exclusive access to an armory stuffed with epic loot. Finding it takes some work, but the rewards are immense. This guide will show you how to obtain the key and use it to gear up faster in Warzone 2.0’s new extraction mode.

First, let’s set the scene. The Al Bagra fortress dominates the northwest corner of DMZ’s Al Mazrah map. This imposing ancient structure overlooks the surrounding urban areas and houses one of the most valuable loot caches around – the Al Bagra Barracks.

The sprawling fortress has a long history of violence according to Call of Duty lore. Decades ago it was the site of a major battle between national forces and Barkov‘s army. Now it stands abandoned but still loaded with stockpiles of weapons and gear.

DMZ squads who manage to track down the Al Bagra Barrack key gain exclusive access to these stockpiles. The enclosed barracks building contains elite-level SMGs, ARs, snipers, and more. You’ll also find lethal killstreaks like Sentry Guns to help defend your stash. Heavy armor plates provide increased survivability – key for escaping ambushes. And rare prototype weapons offer unique perks for truly decking out your loadout.

Locating the Hidden Key

To find the hidden barracks key, you’ll need to scout the upper northeast area of the Al Bagra fortress grounds. Look for a smaller single-story concrete building along the outer walls. The building is pale gray and has barred windows. Approach the rightmost door and head inside.

The interior is dim but you should spot the locked door straight ahead. Interact with it to unlock and obtain the all-important Al Bagra Barrack key!

There are actually two doorways leading to the small room with the key. So if another squad beats you to one entrance, try the other door to grab it as well. With the key in hand, you now have direct access to the barracks arsenal.

Alternative Sources

Besides scouring the fortress buildings, there are also a few other ways to potentially get the Al Bagra Barrack key:

  • Eliminate AI enemies – Rare chance for key drop
  • Complete Supply Run contracts – Possible key reward
  • Open scattered loot chests – Small chance for key

But directly retrieving the key from the source will ensure you unlock the barracks first.

Optimal Strategies for Snagging the Key

To maximize your chances of securing the key, here are some proven tips:

  • Bring a recon operator like Valeria who can highlight loot through walls
  • Approach at night when less squads are likely to be searching
  • Equip a heartbeat sensor to watch for campers near the building
  • Have a squadmate cover the various doors to the room
  • Consider flashbangs/stuns to quickly dispatch interior enemies
  • Use High Alert to know if teams are pursuing you

Follow those tips and you should be able to add the Al Bagra Barrack key to your inventory!

Gearing Up – Clearing Out the Barracks

You’ve got the key, now it’s time to reap the rewards! The barracks building is located on the west side of the fortress. You’ll want your whole squad armed to the teeth before heading in.

Expect moderate resistance from AI soldiers and Disciple operatives inside. They know you’re coming for their precious contraband! Utilize cover and well-placed shots to efficiently clear each room.

Once eliminated, sweeping the barracks will provide weaponry, equipment, and armor on par with DMZ’s major points of interest:


  • SP-R 208 (Semi-auto sniper rifle)
  • Rapp H SMG
  • Kastov-74U AR
  • Expedite LMG

Lethal Equipment

  • C4
  • Proximity Mine
  • Sentry Gun
  • Sam Turret

Armor Plates

  • Level 3 Armor Plates

Rare Items

  • Black Site Keycard
  • Weapon Blueprints
  • $20,000 Cash
  • Armor Plate Box

You‘ll also find ammo, gas masks, ordnance, and more littered around the barracks. With a haul like this, your squad will be absolutely bristling for the fights ahead!

Extracting With Your Swag

You came for riches, now comes the hard part – getting them out! With the loot secured, plan your exfiltration route. Avoid high traffic areas where ambushes await. Consider calling in a Chopper Gunner to clear your path to the extraction point.

Most importantly, stick together and watch each other‘s backs. The gear you grabbed flags you as a juicy target! Expect heavy assaults near extraction points. Survive and you‘ll retain the epic loadout for future runs!

% Chance of Rare Loot From Al Bagra Barracks
Black Site Keycard 15%
Legendary Weapon Blueprint 10%
$15-20k Cash 25%
Full Armor Plate Box 20%

Securing the Al Bagra Barrack key should be an early priority for every DMZ squad. It provides exclusive access to an armory rivaling even high value points of interest. Follow this guide‘s tips to locate the key and clear out the barracks for an incredible stash of endgame loot. Then maintain vigilance and lean on your squad to safely extract with your newfound riches. The key to DMZ success is just waiting to be unlocked within the Al Bagra fortress!


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