How to Fix "App Not Set Up: This app is still in development mode" – A Detailed Guide for Users and Developers

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Have you ever excitedly tried to login to your favorite mobile game or app using your Facebook account, only to be greeted by the extremely frustrating "App Not Set Up" error message? As a mobile gaming and tech enthusiast, I‘ve encountered this many times before while accessing popular apps like 8 Ball Pool, BGMI, Mobile Legends, and more.

The full error reads:

"App Not Set Up: This app is still in development mode, and you don‘t have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions."

This confusing technical error prevents you from logging in and accessing your game progress and information stored within the app. It‘s an incredibly annoying problem that leaves you locked out of apps you use regularly. So what‘s going on here, and how can we get around it?

In this detailed guide, I‘ll explain what causes the "App Not Set Up" error, the difference between development and live modes for apps, and most importantly – how to troubleshoot and fix the issue as both a regular user and an app developer. Let‘s dig in and resolve this headache once and for all!

What Does "In Development Mode" Mean for an App?

When you see the message about an app still being in development mode, it means that the developer has not yet officially launched the app for public usage and it remains in a test environment.

During the development and QA testing process, apps start out in “Development Mode” within the backend of the Facebook platform. This grants the development team access to test the app and all its features before it‘s ready for primetime.

Once testing concludes, the developers must manually switch the app from Development Mode to Live Mode. This transition publishes the app for general public usage and consumption.

Until the developer formally pushes that live switch, general users like you and I will continue receiving the “App Not Set Up” error when trying to access the application.

Why You Might See the "In Development Mode" Error as a User

There are two common reasons why regular users encounter this frustrating error message:

1. The app is temporarily down for maintenance.

As developers add new features, squash bugs, and push updates, they‘ll occasionally need to take the app offline to perform maintenance. If you try accessing it during this downtime, you‘ll get the "in development mode" message even though that‘s not truly the case.

2. The developer simply forgot to publish the live version.

Many apps go through initial testing and development before their eventual public launch. In the rush to get a product to market, developers sometimes overlook switching the app to Live Mode for general usage. This leaves it stuck in the test environment.

Regardless of the reason, as an end user, this error locks you out of an app you‘re simply trying to use and enjoy. Extremely annoying, right? Let‘s look at how you can check whether maintenance is to blame and report issues.

How to Check If an App is Down for Maintenance

When confronted by the "App Not Set Up" message, the very first thing you should do is verify whether the app is down for temporary maintenance or known issues on the developer‘s end. There are a couple quick ways to check:

Check Social Media Pages

Most apps have active social media presences across platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Developers will often post notices about any maintenance downtime or known issues on these channels.

For example, back on June 21, 2022, the official 8 Ball Pool Twitter account posted the following:

"We are aware that some players are having issues logging in to 8 Ball Pool via Facebook. If you‘re already logged in, you can still play as normal. Please don‘t log out of your Facebook account while we work on a fix!"

This suggests they were undergoing maintenance that temporarily impacted Facebook logins.

Use a Website Like Downdetector aggregates user reports on app status and issues. You can search for any app or game and immediately see a snapshot of any ongoing problems.

Spikes in error reports likely indicate downtime and problems on the developer‘s end rather than a deeper issue on your end.

Check the Official Website

The app‘s official website may also host a status page or banner noticing indicating maintenance periods or known issues. However, this isn‘t super common.

If none of these channels suggest downtime, the problem likely lies with the app‘s development mode status itself.

How to Report Login and Access Issues

If all signs point to the app being accessible rather than down for maintenance, take the next step and contact the developer directly to report the problem. Here‘s how to reach out:

For iOS Apps

  1. Open the App Store and navigate to the app‘s page
  2. Scroll down and tap "App Support"
  3. Choose the "Request Help" option
  4. Fill out the form with details on the "App Not Set Up" error you‘re experiencing

For Android Apps

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and open the app‘s page
  2. Scroll down and tap "Developer contact"
  3. Select the email address or contact form link
  4. Explain the specific error message and issues accessing the app

Providing the full error details helps developers identify that the problem lies with the app‘s development mode status. They can then resolve it on their end.

How Developers Can Fix the "In Development Mode" Error

For developers out there encountering user reports of the "App Not Set Up" message, here are the steps to resolve it on your end:

  1. Login at
  2. Find and select your app
  3. Under settings, provide the following:
  • Privacy Policy URL
  • App icons
  • Business use case
  • App category
  1. Still in settings, navigate to the "Basic" tab
  2. Toggle "In Development Mode" to OFF
  3. Confirm the action to fully enable Live Mode

This will submit your app for review to push it live for all users. As of October 23, 2019, Facebook requires apps to pass review before public launch per platform policies.

I‘d recommend thoroughly testing your app‘s functionality, user experience, and performance in the development environment before toggling to live mode. This helps minimize issues and downtimeonce real users start accessing the app.

Key Takeaways for Fixing the "App Not Set Up" Error

Let‘s recap the key insights from our journey together:

For users:

  • The "App Not Set Up" error means the app is still in development mode, limiting access
  • First check for downtime notices and maintenance periods
  • If all looks normal, contact the developer to report the issue
  • Wait patiently for the app to be published live or issue resolved

For developers:

  • Switching apps from Development to Live Mode allows general access
  • Thoroughly test apps first before submitting for review/launch
  • Fix user reports of "App Not Set Up" by enabling Live Mode
  • Eliminate confusion and frustration for your end users

While annoying, this error can be addressed with a few simple checks and nudges to the developer. I hope sharing my own experiences and troubleshooting advice helps you regain access to your favorite apps and games. Never let a vague technical hiccup hold you back from the fun and entertainment you desire!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.