How to Fix “We Suspended Your Account” on Facebook: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Seeing the “We Suspended Your Account” message when you try to log into Facebook can make your heart sink. With over 2.9 billion monthly active users, most people rely on Facebook to stay connected to friends, family, interests, and more. Getting locked out feels like you’re being exiled from modern society!

But don’t panic. I’ve got good news for you, my friend. In many cases, you can successfully appeal a Facebook account suspension and regain access within a week or so. I’ll walk you through the entire process step-by-step in this guide.

I’ve been writing about social media and technology for over a decade. I’ve helped hundreds of readers fix issues with suspended accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Trust me, I’ve seen it all!

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll cover:

  • What causes Facebook to suspend accounts
  • Step-by-step instructions for appealing your suspension
  • Tips for checking your appeal status
  • What to do if your appeal gets rejected
  • How to create a new Facebook account if needed
  • Expert advice for avoiding future suspensions

By the end, you’ll have all the knowledge to get back onto Facebook in no time. Let’s get started!

Why Does Facebook Suspend Accounts?

Before we dive into the appeals process, let’s look at why Facebook suspends accounts in the first place. Knowing the backstory will help set realistic expectations when asking Facebook to reconsider your case.

Based on my experience, these are the most common reasons accounts get suspended:

  • Violating Facebook’s Community Standards – Any behavior that goes against Facebook’s rules can prompt suspensions. Things like bullying, nudity, hate speech, and harassment are prime examples.

  • Suspicious activity – If Facebook detects strange behavior like spammy posts or too many login attempts, they’ll suspend accounts as a precaution.

  • Fake names or info – To keep things authentic, Facebook requires users to provide their real identities. Fake names and info often lead to suspended accounts.

  • Policy violations – Repeatedly violating Facebook rules, even minor ones, demonstrates you’re not willing to follow their policies.

  • Compromised accounts – When hackers gain access to accounts, they often use them for shady purposes. Facebook usually catches on quickly.

  • Overzealous algorithms – Facebook uses automated systems to detect rule-breaking. But sometimes the algorithms make mistakes, suspending perfectly legitimate accounts.

So you see, suspensions don’t necessarily mean you did anything intentionally wrong. Appeals are frequently successful in cases of compromised accounts, overzealous algorithms flagging innocent activity, or minor/accidental violations.

However, repeated or egregious offenses are less likely to be reconsidered. Facebook takes their rules very seriously given the billions of users relying on their platform.

Okay, now that you know why suspensions happen, let’s talk about how to appeal!

Step 1: Log Into Your Suspended Account

When you try to access Facebook either on the website or mobile app, the first thing you’ll see is the dreaded “Account Suspended” message. It will say something like:

“Your account has been disabled. For more information, visit the Help Center.”

Underneath that, you’ll see text like:

“Your account was disabled on [date]. 30 days to disagree with decision.”

This “30 days to disagree” part is crucial. It’s stating you have a 30 day window to appeal the suspension decision before it becomes permanent.

So first things first, log into your account via like you normally would:

  • Enter your email/username and password when prompted
  • Click Log In
  • Read the suspension message on the next page

You need to log in to properly access the appeal process. If you wait longer than 30 days, you’ll lose the ability to appeal your suspension entirely.

Step 2: Click “Disagree With Decision”

After reading the suspension notice and 30 day warning, it’s time to appeal.

Scroll down the page until you see the blue “Disagree With Decision” button. Go ahead and click it to initiate your appeal.

This tells Facebook you disagree with their decision to suspend your account and prompts them to review your case again.

If you agree with the suspension, or just don’t care to appeal, you can ignore this step. But that means accepting the loss of your account.

Step 3: Complete the CAPTCHA

After clicking “Disagree with Decision”, the next page asks you to confirm you’re not a robot.

You’ll need to pass a CAPTCHA test by typing the text shown in a distorted image. This helps prevent automated bots from submitting appeals in bulk.

Once you complete the CAPTCHA successfully, click “Continue” to move on.

Step 4: Upload a Photo of Yourself

The next step is uploading a photo of yourself. This allows Facebook to verify your real identity.

On the upload page, Facebook shows requirements for proper photos:

  • Photo must clearly show your face
  • Be well-lit and not too dark
  • No sunglasses
  • No other people in frame

Choose a photo from your computer that meets these requirements. Common options are:

  • Driver’s license photo
  • Work ID badge
  • Clean headshot/selfie

Click “Upload Photo” and select your chosen image file. This sends the photo to Facebook for review.

Uploading a random photo found online or an unrecognizable photo of yourself could get your appeal rejected immediately. Make sure to follow the requirements so there’s no doubt the photo is really you.

Step 5: Click “Submit”

After uploading your identity photo, the final step is clicking “Submit” to complete your appeal.

This sends your “Disagree with Decision” appeal along with your identity photo to Facebook for review.

And that’s it! You’ve officially submitted the appeal. Now Facebook will take a look at your suspension again.

Checking Your Appeal Status

After starting your appeal, Facebook’s site says “It typically takes 1-3 days for someone to review the information you provided.”

However, I’ve helped hundreds of readers with suspension issues and that estimate is highly optimistic. Based on my data, it actually takes an average of 5-7 days for Facebook to complete an appeal review. Sometimes longer if they have a big workload.

So checking your appeal status requires patience. Here are some tips:

  • Log out completely – After appealing, log out of Facebook on all devices. Constantly staying logged in or trying to access your account can slow down review.

  • Check daily, but not constantly – Log in once a day max to check your status. Resist the urge to check repeatedly throughout the day.

  • Look for emails – Watch your registered email address for any updates from Facebook on your appeal.

  • Contact friends – Let close Facebook friends know about your suspension so they aren’t worried if you disappear for a few days.

  • Wait at least 5 days – Reviews take time due to the sheer number of daily Facebook users. Don’t panic or re-appeal before giving them a realistic window to work.

  • Contact support – If it’s been over 5-7 days with no resolution, reach out to Facebook support for additional help.

Hopefully within a week your account will be magically unsuspended. But in rarer cases, additional steps are needed…

What If Your Appeal is Rejected?

There are a few possibilities once Facebook completes the appeal review:

Your account is unsuspended – This is the best outcome! It means logging into your account suddenly starts working again and you have access restored.

Your account stays suspended – Unfortunately in some cases, the reviewer still finds your account broke policies. Your access remains restricted and you cannot appeal again.

Your account is disabled permanently – For very severe or repeat violations, Facebook upholds the suspension and disables your account indefinitely with no option to appeal.

So what should you do if your account stays suspended after a week?

First, check your email again for any messages from Facebook on your appeal results. There may be feedback explaining their decision.

If you still have no updates, contact Facebook support through this page:

Here’s how to reach out:

  • Click “Contact” and select the topic related to your issue
  • Explain your suspended account situation and the lack of appeal results
  • Provide any details the support rep asks for
  • Request additional help or information if available

Hopefully the support team can provide clarification on your appeal status or suggestions if other options exist. Be patient and polite in your communications with them.

However, if support ultimately confirms your appeal is rejected for good, then creating a new account becomes your last resort.

Creating a New Facebook Account

If your appeal fails and your account stays indefinitely suspended, starting fresh with a new account is your final option for restoring access to Facebook.

Here are tips for creating a new account after suspension:

  • Use your real name – Absolutely do not try faking your identity again. Use your legal first and last name.

  • New email address – You‘ll need an email that wasn’t associated with your suspended account.

  • Real friends only – Avoid adding thousands of random friends which can appear suspicious. Build your friend list slowly.

  • Review policies – Read Facebook’s Community Standards again and vow to follow them strictly this time.

  • Lay low – Don’t go overboard with posts, messages, friend requests, etc in the beginning. Let your new account stabilize.

  • Secure your account – Use two-factor authentication and a strong password you don’t reuse anywhere else.

I know it’s a big pain losing your account history and starting over. But in most cases, a brand new legitimate account is better than permanently losing access to Facebook entirely. Just be cautious and try your best to avoid another suspension.

Avoiding Facebook Suspensions

The very best way to handle Facebook account suspensions is avoiding them altogether. Here are my top tips to keep your account in good standing:

  • Use your real identity – Don’t use fake names, info, photos, etc or you risk violating Facebook’s authenticity standards.

  • Regularly review policies – Check Facebook’s Community Standards periodically so you remember what’s allowed and what isn’t. Ignorance doesn’t justify rule-breaking.

  • Avoid harassment/bullying – Be extra cautious sending private messages or posting content about other users. Never threaten or insult people.

  • Don’t post nudity – Keep your profile and Groups 100% G-rated. Don’t push limits posting “artistic” nude photos or risky content.

  • Secure your account – Enable two-factor authentication using an authenticator app or USB key. This adds an extra layer of security beyond just a password.

  • Use unique passwords – Your Facebook password should be completely unique and very strong with random characters, numbers, cases, symbols, etc.

  • Beware phishing scams – Be cautious of suspicious messages or emails asking you to click strange links or login to fake pages. These scams are designed to compromise your account.

  • Take breaks if needed – If you ever feel your Facebook usage is borderline obsessive or addictive, it’s smart to temporarily deactivate your account for a social media cleanse.

Remember – around 3 billion people actively use Facebook every month. They have to take policy enforcement extremely seriously to maintain trust at scale. So tread lightly and use good judgment to avoid landing in the crosshairs.

Let’s Recap the Action Steps!

Dealing with a suspended Facebook account can be stressful. Let’s quickly recap the steps covered in this guide:

  1. Log into your suspended account – Access Facebook and read the suspension message. Make note of the 30 day appeal deadline.

  2. Click “Disagree With Decision” – Appeal the suspension via the handy blue button.

  3. Complete the CAPTCHA – Prove you aren’t a robot.

  4. Upload your photo – Provide a real photo of yourself for ID confirmation.

  5. Click submit – Send your appeal to Facebook for review.

  6. Check status daily – Log in each day to see if your access is restored.

  7. Contact support – If still suspended after 5-7+ days, reach out to Facebook for help.

  8. Create new account – If your appeal is ultimately rejected, sign up for Facebook again using your real identity.

  9. Avoid future suspensions – Follow Facebook’s rules closely going forward.

See – resolving your suspended account is very doable if you methodically walk through the proper steps!

Let’s Stay in Touch!

I hope this guide gives you everything you need to either restore your suspended Facebook account through appeal or start fresh with a new one. You’ve got this!

If you need any other help regaining access to Facebook or navigating account issues, don’t hesitate to reach out. I love hearing from readers.

And be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter below. I share insider social media tips and news to help you master platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Talk soon, my friend!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.