35 Top Australian Instagram Influencers To Grow Your Brand In 2023

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Influencer marketing has exploded in Australia, with brands increasingly leveraging social media creators to drive awareness, engagement, and sales. This guide will introduce you to 35 of the top Instagram influencers based in Australia that can help amplify your brand in 2023.

But first, let‘s look at some key stats on influencer marketing adoption in Australia:

  • 70% of Australian marketers are expected to leverage influencer campaigns in 2023, a 45% increase from 2022 (Source)
  • 92% of Australians follow at least one social media influencer (Source)
  • Influencer marketing delivers an average earned media value of $5.78 per dollar spent for Australian brands (Source)

Below are 35 Australian influencers making an impact on Instagram across diverse niches, along with tips on potential brand partnerships.

Fitness Influencers

1. Zac Perna (@zacperna) – 568K Followers

Zac is an elite bodybuilder and trainer who shares workout tips, nutrition advice, along with motivational content.

Potential Partnerships: Gym equipment, activewear, supplements

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2. Emily Skye (@emilyskyefit) – 2M Followers

With the tagline "Fitness, Health, Happy", Emily posts training videos, recipes, and documentation of her fitness journey after pregnancy.

Potential Partnerships: Digital fitness programs, athletic gear, health foods

3. Kayla Itsines (@kayla_itsines) – 16M Followers

The world-famous Australian trainer and author of Bikini Body Guide created the SWEAT app. She shares training techniques, nutrition advice, along with NILF fashion content.

Potential Partnerships: Fitness gear, supplements, apparel

Fashion Influencers

4. Brooke Lee (@brookeleeofficial) – 126K Followers

Brooke is an Australian actress starring in shows like Mako Mermaids. She posts modelling shots along with glimpses into her acting career.

Potential Partnerships: Apparel, beauty, entertainment brands targeting youth

5. Natalia Kalinowski (@natkalinowski) – 111K Followers

Natalia is a fashion and luxury travel influencer based in Sydney documenting latest trends and designer pieces from across the globe.

Potential Partnerships: Luxury brands targeting young female demographic – apparel, accessories, beauty, travel experiences

6. Kim Lianne (@kimlianne) – 485K Followers

Popular radio host Kim posts a stylish mix of fashion outfit inspiration, beauty tutorials and lifestyle shots for her largely Gen Z and millennial fanbase.

Potential Partnerships: Beauty products, female apparel, accessories, alcohol brands

Travel Influencers

7. Kristin (@cristina.osipov) – 289K Followers

Kristin shares incredible travel photography from luxury destinations coupled with high fashion looks popular for destination wedding clients.

Potential Partnerships: Resorts, tourism boards, wedding photographers & planners, bridal wear

8. Pia Muehlenbeck (@piamuehlenbeck) – 2M Followers

Pia documents her uber-luxury travels, high fashion lifestyle all while leveraging her exceptional photography skills – a goldmine for travel brands targeting affluent consumers and honeymooners.

Potential Partnerships: High-end hotels & resorts, first/business class travel, destination weddings

9. Helen Janneson Bense (@helen_jannesonbense) – 707K Followers

Former naturopathic doctor Helen inspires her community to lead more spiritual, eco-conscious lives through her travel blog rich with wellness focused soulful imagery.

Potential Partnerships: Eco resorts, vegan restaurants, organic beauty, yoga brands

Food Influencers

10. Liz Miu (@itslizmiu) – 222K Followers

A vegan food blogger and chef, Liz experiments with plant-based recipes on her beautifully directed Instagram food films.

Potential Partnerships: Vegan food brands, cruelty-free cosmetics, eco-conscious restaurant groups

11. Ash Pollard (@ashpollard__) – 107K Followers

Celebrity chef Ash shares family lifestyle content with scrumptious food moments – both healthy recipes and indulgent foods with kids.

Potential Partnerships: Kitchen appliances, cookbooks, quality ingredients, popular family restaurant chains

Lifestyle Influencers

12. Sabre Norris (@sabrenorris) – 822K Followers

18-year old Sabre is already making waves as a pro-surfer and skater. She vlogs adventures with her siblings and has a huge Gen Z fanbase.

Potential Partnerships: Sports gear targeting youth market, entertainment for teens

13. Connor Watson (@connorwatson1) – 69K Followers

Indigineous rugby player Connor shares athletic lifestyle imagery coupled with advocacy for community causes close to his heart.

Potential Partnerships: Sportswear targeting young men, brands embracing social causes like Pay With Change

15. Remy Morton (@remymorton) – 105K Followers

BMX rider Rem shares thrill-seeking action shots mountain biking through epic Australian terrain, a cycling goldmine for tourism and related brands.

Potential Partnerships: Bicycle brands, outdoor gear, sportswear, Australian tourism


16. Kentaro Yoshida (@kentaro_yoshida) – 112K Followers

Digital artist Kentaro brings anime illustrations of popular consumer characters to life along with mesmerizing calligraphy videos.

Potential Partnerships: Drawing tablets, alcohol brands through branded art, anti-bullying associations

17. Josh Miller (@itsjoshmiller) – 103K Followers

Talented landscape photographer Josh spotlights breathtaking Australian scenery, night skies around the country and more – ideal for tourism boards.

Potential Partnerships: Tourism Australia, camera gear companies

18. Dion Nucifora (@dionnucifora) – 88K Followers

Striking editorial-style photos with subtle product integration opportunities make photographer Dion a smart choice for fashion labels, hotels, alcohol brands and experience-focused partnerships.

Potential Partnerships: Resorts, champagne brands, fashion designers

Parenting Influencers

19. Chloe Szep (@chloeszep) – 606K Followers

Family focused celeb and life blogger Chloe talks about her experiences from pregnancy, parenthood along with her career – resonating strongly with millennial mothers and parents-to-be.

Potential Partnerships: Baby products, family insurance, children‘s health brands, retail chains

20. Jessica Stein (@tuulavintage) – 1M Followers

Former fashion blogger now lifestyle influencer Jessica discusses family travels while adjusting to motherhood, documenting it beautifully through her photography and writings – engaging pregnancy and parenting focused partnerships.

Potential Partnerships: New parent educational platforms, family travel destinations, natural cleaning products

21. Ash Pollard (@ashpollard__) – 107K Followers

Radio host and celebrity chef Ash gives an authentic, raw insight into motherhood along with kid-friendly recipes making her an approachable parenting influencer for product brands.

Potential Partnerships: Baby food products, children‘s skin care, family-focused consumer brands

Entertainment Influencers

22. Danny Philippou (@therackaracka) – 497K Followers

Danny of RackaRacka creates laugh-out-loud combat entertainment videos majorly reaching 18-30 male consumers who love comedy, gaming and popular culture – allowing unique partnership avenues.

Potential Partnerships: Gaming merch companies, pop culture brands, junk food marketers

23. Kim Lianne (@kimlianne) – 485K Followers

Radio host Kim discusses music, pop culture happenings tailored perfectly to engage Gen Z followers. She also shares beauty tutorials ideal for cosmetics brand partnerships.

Potential Partnerships: Movie studios targeting younger segment for specific film campaigns, beauty brands focused on Gen Z demographic

24. Christina (@love.christina.xo) – 330K Followers

Christina is an exceptional photographer, creating beautifully composed travel imagery. She also discusses entertainment, celebrities along with fashion/beauty ideal for aspirational brands in these verticals.

Potential Partnerships: Television studios (for specific shows), style editors, fragrance brands

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