Top 20 Best Osu Skins – A Guide for New and Experienced Players

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Osu! is an enormously popular free-to-play rhythm game that allows players to customize the look and feel with user-created skins. With thousands available, the top skins rise above the rest in popularity and usage. This guide will cover the top 20 osu! skins based on popularity, to help new and experienced players alike discover great skins to elevate their gameplay.

A Brief Background on Osu! and Skins

Osu! is a free rhythm game first released in 2007 by Dean "Peppy" Herbert. Players click circles and follow the beat of anime, video game, and other songs. As of 2022, Osu! has over 15 million registered users.

One of the game‘s most popular features is the ability to customize the look and feel using skins. Skins change elements like the cursor, buttons, and gameplay area. There are thousands of skins created by players that you can import to make the game look however you want.

How We Chose the Top Skins

With so many skins available, how do you determine which are the most popular and highly regarded in the community? For this guide, we looked at skins with the highest number of views and downloads on to compile the top 20.

View and download numbers show how active and engaged players are with each skin, making them a great measure of popularity. We‘ve also included review numbers to further demonstrate community impact.

Now let‘s get into the list, starting with the #1 most popular Osu! skin of all time:

1. dokidokilolixx

Creator: dokidokilolixx

Style: Clean and minimalist with white elements


Views: 879.8k

Downloads: 587.8k

Reviews: 398

Taking the top spot with nearly 600,000 downloads is this clean white skin by player dokidokilolixx. Great for those who like a minimalist aesthetic for their gameplay.


Creator: Garin

Style: Calming green tea theme


Views: 825.9k

Downloads: 514.3k

Reviews: 137

YUGEN means "dim", "deep", or "mysterious" in Chinese philosophy texts, encapsulated in this soothing green tea-inspired skin created by Garin. With over 500,000 downloads, this is a go-to skin for many players.

3. Varvalian

Creator: Varvalian

Style: Blue tones


Views: 492.7k

Downloads: 279.1k

Reviews: 81

Popular player Varvalian created this clean and sporty blue-themed skin bearing his name. Great for those who enjoy cooler tones.

4. New Retro Wave

Creator: dlwnstns99

Style: Cute pastel pink theme


Views: 451.7k

Downloads: 262.5k

Reviews: 80

For players who like a cuter aesthetic, this pink pastel skin by dlwnstns99 is a go-to choice with over 250,000 downloads. The retro video game style sets it apart.

5. clearblack

Creator: EasyModo

Style: Clear and minimalist black


Views: 367.5k

Downloads: 214.3k

Reviews: 36

True to its name, this clear black skin has a sleek, minimalist look created by EasyModo. Over 200,000 players have downloaded it to date.

6. Rafis

Creator: Rafis

Style: White and yellow tones


Views: 298.7k

Downloads: 177.9k

Reviews: 34

Popular Polish player Rafis created this clean white and yellow skin that bears his name. The minimalist style allows players to focus on nailing every beat.

7. FlyingTuna Selyu v2.2

Creator: FlyingTuna

Style: Sleek black and blue


Views: 308k

Downloads: 177k

Reviews: 43

The second skin created by South Korean top player FlyingTuna on the list. The dark color scheme is offset by bright blue buttons in this popular skin.

8. AS – Zero Two

Creator: dlwnstns99

Style: Red theme based on the anime Darling in the Franxx


Views: 282.8k

Downloads: 153.6k

Reviews: 66

For anime fans, this vibrant red skin features artwork of Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx by creator dlwnstns99. The mixed elements create a unique gameplay experience.

9. Cookiezi

Creator: Cookiezi

Style: Sleek and minimalist


Views: 236.9k

Downloads: 121.9k

Reviews: 31

Popular player Cookiezi created this fast-paced skin that bears his name. The minimalist style allows players to focus on nailing beats and improving rhythm sense.

10. Selyu v2.2

Creator: FlyingTuna

Style: Black and blue tones


Views: 202.1k

Downloads: 119.8k

Reviews: 20

Another quality skin by top player FlyingTuna featuring a clean black and blue aesthetic – different from his other skins on this list but still hugely popular.


Creator: krugi

Style: Minecraft theme


Views: 213.4k

Downloads: 118.1k

Reviews: 79

For Minecraft lovers, this skin perfectly encapsulates the retro block world with fonts, pixels, and more from the classic sandbox game. Creator krugi nails the aesthetic that over 100,000 players have enjoyed.

12. Informous

Creator: Informous

Style: Red and white


Views: 186.3k

Downloads: 114.6k

Reviews: 12

Top player Informous is known for his unique and colorful skins, with this popular red and white skin bearing his name. The vibrant style suits the fast-paced rhythm action.

13. Miraie III

Creator: Keio

Style: Soft pink and white


Views: 211.3k

Downloads: 114.1k

Reviews: 37

For those who enjoy lighter and softer themes, this pink and white skin by creator Keio delivers. The cute anime mascot character helps create a friendly skin enjoyed by over 100,000 players.

14. BeasttrollMC

Creator: BeasttrollMC

Style: Blue and white


Views: 199.6k

Downloads: 95.6k

Reviews: 15

Popular American player BeasttrollMC created this blue and white skin featuring subtle Vocaloid artwork. The smooth design has made it a favorite among tens of thousands of players worldwide.

15. azer -ite

Creator: azer

Style: Blue tones


Views: 165k

Downloads: 93.4k

Reviews: 28

Top player azer‘s blue gameplay skin featuring simple circles and minimalist design. Many players gravitate toward the calming blue aesthetic.

16. FlyingTuna MathiTuna

Creator: FlyingTuna

Style: Sleek black and purple


Views: 138.2k

Downloads: 76.2k

Reviews: 16

Another hugely popular skin by FlyingTuna featuring a stylish black and purple color scheme. The minimalist style lets players focus on perfect rhythm sense.

17. -Megumin2K-

Creator: Megumin2k

Style: Based on the anime character Megumin


Views: 152.9k

Downloads: 72.5k

Reviews: 17

For anime lovers, this creative skin features Megumin from KonoSuba complete with staff and explosions. Over 70,000 players have downloaded this unique skin.

18. – ! + ytgrs + ! –

Creator: ytgrs

Style: Pink and blue theme


Views: 141k

Downloads: 70.7k

Reviews: 34

This vibrant pink and blue skin by ytgrs combines colorful backgrounds with minimalist gameplay elements for a fun, lively aesthetic enjoyed by over 70,000 players.

19. Cookiezi

Creator: Cookiezi

Style: Blue and white


Views: 132k

Downloads: 66.3k

Reviews: 28

The second Cookiezi skin to make the list. This classic blue and white design is used by over 60,000 players and allows for a clean gameplay experience.



Style: Black and white theme based on the light novel Arifureta


Views: 136.5k

Downloads: 65.9k

Reviews: 12

Inspired by the light novel series Arifureta, this black and white skin cleverly incorporates artwork and elements from the story into the gameplay.

Closing Thoughts

Osu! has one of the most creative playerbases that continually pump out fresh, stylish skins. This list compiles the most popular options that long-time players keep coming back to.

Whether you like minimalist, anime-inspired, or colorful skins, you‘re sure to find a great fit for you in this top 20 selection. Each one brings something unique to the table.

Try out a few that catch your eye – skins are a big part of enjoying Osu! and making the game feel tailored to your personal taste. Don‘t be afraid to experiment to find your perfect skin.

For more skins and customization inspiration, check out the rest of the OsuSkins library which contains thousands of options. The possibilities are truly endless when you get creative and immerse yourself in the Osu! community.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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