The Complete Guide to Backing Up Your Camera Roll on Snapchat

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Do you have precious memories and photos on your phone‘s camera roll that you want to make sure never get lost? What if you could securely back them up and access them anytime right within Snapchat?

Well, you‘re in luck! Snapchat‘s Memories feature allows you to save your camera roll photos and videos to the app‘s cloud storage.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you step-by-step through how to fully back up your camera roll to Snapchat Memories on both iPhone and Android. You‘ll learn:

  • Exactly how the Snapchat Memories backup process works
  • When you should and shouldn‘t use Snapchat to back up your camera roll
  • How to fix common backup issues and recover deleted Memories
  • Tips for organizing and managing your Snapchat photo storage

So if you‘re ready to never lose your favorite snapshots again, let‘s dive in!

An Introduction to Snapchat Memories

Before we get into the nitty gritty of backing up your camera roll, let‘s do a quick overview of what exactly Snapchat Memories are and how they work.

Snapchat introduced Memories back in 2017 as a place for Snapchatters to store and access their saved Stories, Snaps, and imported photos/videos in the app. Think of it like a camera roll inside Snapchat.

When you save something to Memories, it gets backed up remotely to Snapchat‘s servers in the cloud. This means your Memories are still there even if you lose your phone or reinstall the Snapchat app.

Plus, the content in Memories is private to you. Nobody else can access your backed up photos and videos.

Now let‘s look at some key facts about Snapchat Memories:

  • Storage limit: No official limit, but Snapchat recommends keeping Memories under 1GB
  • File types: Photos, videos, Snaps, Stories
  • Viewing: Only visible to you in the Snapchat app
  • Recoverability: Can‘t be recovered if deleted, unless you contact Snapchat support immediately

The benefits of backing up to Snapchat Memories include having your camera roll accessible directly within Snapchat to easily share photos with friends. And since Memories are stored remotely, you don‘t have to worry about losing your backups if you get a new phone.

However, there are limitations – the 1GB recommendation, no local storage, and inability to recover deleted content. For your only backup, services like Google Photos may be better. But as a secondary backup for your most important Snapchat photos, Memories are great.

Now let‘s go over how to actually back up your camera roll!

How to Back Up Your Camera Roll to Snapchat Memories

The process of backing up your camera roll to Snapchat involves importing photos from your phone‘s storage into the Memories tab.

Here are the steps to back up your camera roll on both iPhone and Android:

On iPhone:

  1. Open the Snapchat app and tap on the Memories tab, denoted by the small clock icon in the bottom-left corner.

  2. In Memories, tap on the Camera Roll icon near the top-right to view your device‘s camera roll photos.

  3. Tap on the Select button at the top-right once you‘ve picked the photos you want to import and back up.

  4. With your photos selected, tap on the share icon at the bottom and choose "Create Story" to add them to Memories.

  5. You‘ll be brought to the editing screen – tap on the save icon on each photo to back it up!

On Android:

  1. Open Snapchat and tap on the Memories tab on the left side of the capture screen.

  2. Tap on the Camera Roll option at the top of the Memories screen.

  3. Select the photos you want to back up by tapping and holding each one.

  4. Tap the three-dot menu at the top left and choose Export.

  5. Select the Snapchat icon from the share menu and your selected photos will appear.

  6. Tap the down arrow on each photo thumbnail to save it to Memories!

And that‘s all there is to it! The selected photos from your camera roll will now be backed up and accessible in the Memories tab for safe keeping.

When Should You Use Snapchat Memories for Backups?

Now that you know how to do it, when should you actually use Snapchat Memories as a backup option for your camera roll? Here are some things to consider:

  • As a secondary backup: Use Snapchat Memories as an additional backup, but don‘t rely on it solely to store your photos. A service like Google Photos should be your primary backup.

  • For your Snapchat photos: Memories perfectly complements your Snapchat usage by letting you easily save the photos already in the app.

  • To share photos within Snapchat: Backing up makes the photos readily accessible to share with Snapchat friends.

  • To free up device storage: Once photos are backed up, you can delete them from your phone‘s storage if you‘re running low on space.

  • To enhance Snapchat Stories: Use Memories photos to create more engaging, personalized Stories for your friends.

When NOT to use Snapchat Memories:

  • As your only backup: Due to potential data loss, don‘t depend solely on Snapchat to store your photos. Use another service as well.

  • To store other file types: You can only back up photos, videos and Snaps. For other files like documents, use cloud storage like Google Drive.

  • To share high-res or edited photos: Memories saves an compressed version, so the quality may decrease.

  • To store photos you want to edit later: You can‘t edit the photos once they‘re backed up in Memories.

By keeping these use cases in mind, you can determine if saving your camera roll in Snapchat Memories is right for your needs or not. Used properly, it can be a convenient secondary backup!

Troubleshooting Common Snapchat Backup Issues

Sometimes the backup process doesn‘t go smoothly. Here are some common issues and how to fix them:

Can‘t find Camera Roll option – Update to the latest version of Snapchat and make sure you have granted the app access to your photos.

Backup not working – Check that you have a stable internet connection. Backups can fail on slow/unstable networks.

Certain photos won‘t backup – Videos longer than 10 seconds and some image file types may not backup properly to Snapchat.

Backed up photos disappeared – Unfortunately, Snapchat doesn‘t allow you to recover deleted Memories. To be safe, create multiple backups.

Running out of Memories storage – When you hit the 1GB limit, Snapchat will prompt you to delete old Memories. Manage your storage by saving just your most important photos.

iPhone camera roll out of order – The Memories tab shows your backed up iPhone photos chronologically. Use the ‘Sort‘ option to reorder them.

If you‘re still having issues backing up your camera roll after troubleshooting, you can reach out to Snapchat‘s support for personalized help.

Tips for Managing Your Snapchat Memories Backups

Once you‘ve successfully backed up your camera roll to Memories, here are some tips for managing those backups within Snapchat:

  • Create albums: Organize your Memories into different albums via the "Edit Memories" option. For example, make albums for family, travel, holidays, etc.

  • Use My Eyes Only: This private album lets you hide photos and restrict them with a PIN. It‘s perfect for sensitive photos you still want backed up.

  • Delete old Memories: Over time, remember to prune your Memories by deleting content you no longer need backed up.

  • Review Memories monthly: Make it a habit to browse your Snapchat Memories once a month. Delete outdated content and make space for new backups.

  • Enable Travel Mode: If you don‘t need access to Memories while traveling, enable Travel Mode to temporarily free up storage.

  • Disable auto-save: Turn off auto-saving for Stories and Snaps if you only want manually selected photos to back up.

  • Share Memories sparingly: While it‘s easy to share a Memory, keep in mind the photo/video quality may decrease after backing up.

Following best practices for organizing, deleting, and reviewing your Snapchat Memories will ensure your camera roll backups don‘t get out of hand!

Final Thoughts on Backing Up Your Camera Roll with Snapchat

I hope this guide has given you a complete overview of how and when to use Snapchat Memories to back up those precious photos from your camera roll!

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Memories provides secondary backup storage for your camera roll directly within Snapchat.

  • The backup process is quick and easy on both iPhone and Android devices.

  • Use Snapchat‘s cloud backup for your favorite Snapchat photos, but have another primary backup like Google Photos.

  • Manage Memories backups by organizing into albums, pruning old photos, and enabling options like Travel Mode.

So try out backing up your camera roll to Snapchat Memories today! Just be sure to also have a primary backup solution in place as well. Enjoy having your favorite snapshots securely stored and easily accessible, while freeing up space on your phone‘s storage too!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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