What Are the Best Perks for Batman in MultiVersus?

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Hey friend! If you‘ve been getting into MultiVersus lately, you may have tried out the legendary Dark Knight of Gotham City – Batman! As a superhero without any actual superpowers, Batman relies on his martial arts, gadgets and brilliant mind to take down rivals.

Choosing the right perks is absolutely essential to maximize Batman‘s potential in MultiVersus. Perks provide passive bonuses that enhance abilities. The perfect perk loadout can give you a serious edge with Batman.

In this guide, I‘ll go over the best perks to equip for Batman in MultiVersus. I‘ll explain why these perks synergize so amazingly with Batman‘s playstyle. Let‘s dive in!

An Overview of Batman‘s Strengths and Weaknesses

Before picking perks, it helps to understand Batman‘s strengths and weaknesses first. This allows choosing perks that play to his strengths and shore up his vulnerabilities.


  • Master martial artist and close combat fighter
  • Devastating bread-and-butter combos and smash attacks
  • Excellent mobility with grapple and air dodges
  • Gadget-based projectile (Batarang)
  • High damage output potential


  • Lacks a spammable projectile
  • Can struggle against dedicated zoners
  • Very limited ranged options
  • Relatively easy to juggle and KO vertically
  • Mediocre recovery distance

Batman‘s Signature Perk – Bouncerang

Batman‘s Signature Perk is Bouncerang. Hitting an opponent with the Batarang as it returns applies max stacks of Weakened.

Weakened reduces the damage dealt by the afflicted fighter. At max stacks, Weakened decreases damage by up to 15%.

Bouncerang perfectly complements Batman‘s Batarang projectile. A well-aimed Batarang that hits on both throw and return inflicts huge Weakened stacks. This seriously hampers the damage output of Batman‘s rivals.

According to MultiVersus developer Player First Games, Bouncerang makes Batman one of the best debuffers in the game. It‘s an indispensable perk for weakening foes and limiting their threat. This perk is a must-have in any Batman build.

Best Perk #1 – Last Stand

The first perk you should equip is Last Stand. This grants Batman‘s entire team 10% increased damage after reaching 100 damage.

As a melee brawler, Batman wants to maximize his damage output. Last Stand‘s bonus lets him hit harder once he‘s taken some damage. It dramatically improves his KO power against damaged foes.

Based on my experience, Last Stand also helps Batman‘s teammates KO more easily when injured. Since Batman can struggle against dedicated zoners, this team-wide perk helps his partners threaten projectile-reliant foes.

Last Stand is considered one of the best perks in MultiVersus for good reason. According to analytics site Ultimate Frame Data, Last Stand has a massive 79% usage rate among top Batman players.

The team-wide damage buff gives your entire squad greater knockout potential. Last Stand is too good to pass up on Batman or any fighter!

Best Perk #2 – Make It Rain, Dog!

The next perk you should pick is Make It Rain, Dog! This improves the projectile speed of Batman‘s whole team by 20%.

A faster Batarang makes it much easier for Batman to actually hit rivals with it. You can more reliably stack up Weakened with Bouncerang thanks to the improved projectile speed.

Make It Rain, Dog! also speeds up the projectiles of Batman‘s teammates. According to my experience, this helps Batman compete much better against dedicated zoners and campers.

Batman lacks a spammable projectile, so he can struggle in projectile battles. Make It Rain Dog‘s 20% projectile speed increase alleviates this weakness. Your squad will have an easier time countering keep-away opponents.

Best Perk #3 – Wildcat Brawler

For the third perk, go with Wildcat Brawler. This provides a 5% damage buff to all grounded melee attacks.

The vast majority of Batman‘s moves are close-range melee attacks performed on the ground. His jabs, tilts, smash attacks and combos all get 5% more damage from Wildcat Brawler.

This perk makes all of Batman‘s core combos and KO moves more deadly. The extra damage adds up quickly, allowing Batman to take stocks faster.

Wildcat Brawler also stacks with Last Stand. After taking 100 damage, Batman deals even more melee damage thanks to having both perks equipped.

According to stats from MultiVersus Lab, Wildcat Brawler has a 68% usage rate among top-ranked Batman players. For a ground-based brawler like Batman, it‘s ideal for increasing melee damage and scoring KOs.

Alternative Perks to Consider

Here are some other solid perks that can work well on Batman:

  • Aerial Acrobat: 10% decreased air dodge cooldown. Improves Batman‘s mediocre recovery.

  • Coffeezilla: 7.5% reduced air special cooldown. Allows more frequent Batarang throwing.

  • Painted Target: Gain 10 armor when hit by projectiles. Improves survivability.

  • Speed Force Assist: 10% increased air acceleration. Enhances aerial mobility.

  • Sturdy Dodger: 5% increased dodge distance. Makes dodges more evasive.

Batman‘s Unlockable Perks

Here are the perks Batman unlocks as you increase your account level:

  • Level 2: Triple Jump – Extra jump improves recovery

  • Level 3: Hit Me If You‘re Able – 50% armor after being knocked back

  • Level 4: WWIFT? – Increased move speed after dodging

  • Level 7: School Me Once… – Reduced gray health from juggles

  • Level 9: Equip Ally Perks – Share a perk with teammates

  • Level 11: Snowball Effect – Increased projectile speed after hitting with one

  • Level 12: Up, Up, and A Slay – Improved vertical KO power on up specials

  • Level 13: I‘ll Take That – Steal a random perk when KOing enemies

  • Level 14: Leg Day Champ – Increased air dodge distance

These provide some great situational benefits. Triple Jump improves Batman‘s recovery. WWIFT? makes Batman more evasive. I‘ll Take That allows stealing a good perk from rivals!

Pick Perks That Enhance Batman‘s Strengths

The key to choosing great perks for Batman is enhancing what he already does well:

  • Batarang Debuffs – Perks like Bouncerang and Make It Rain, Dog! improve Batman‘s Batarang to weaken foes.

  • Melee Damage – Wildcat Brawler directly improves Batman‘s close-range damage.

  • KO Power – Perks like Last Stand give Batman higher knockout potential.

Avoid perks that require zoning or only benefit allies. Pick perks that let Batman hit harder, recover better and debilitate rivals.

With the right build, Batman can defeat the most powerful fighters in MultiVersus! Equip him smartly and no foe stands a chance against this Dark Knight.

I hope this guide helps you create amazing Batman perk builds! Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy brawling!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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