20 Top Real Estate Influencers to Follow in 2023

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Influencer marketing has exploded in the real estate industry, with agents leveraging popular social media personas to promote listings and grow their personal brands. As we head into 2023, connecting with the right influencers provides unmatched opportunities to reach targeted new audiences.

This guide profiles 20 of today‘s top real estate influencers on Instagram that realtors should follow and potentially work with. We‘ll analyze their expertise, content style and audience reach to showcase why they are effective voices in the space.

The Rising Importance of Influencer Marketing in Real Estate

In a highly competitive, referral-based industry like real estate, agents have to constantly put themselves in front of potential clients. 73% of recent home buyers say social media influencers impacted their purchasing decisions in some way, whether through recommendations, background research or discovering new properties.

While buying a home is still primarily done through an agent, home shoppers today are self-educating more than ever before across social channels. They are turning to real estate influencers for property spotlights in desired neighborhoods, market insights, home staging ideas, and more aspirational lifestyle content.

Savvy real estate professionals now identify and collaborate with relevant influencers in their local markets as a conversion and lead generation strategy. When done right, influencer marketing provides authentic peer validation and builds trust with the target demographic.

  • The average real estate influencer post engagement rate is 5.14% — much higher than non-influencers. Their established, engaged audience offers valuable exposure.
  • 89% of U.S. marketers who used influencer marketing in 2022 found it to be effective. Their promotions with influencers reached 10 times more consumers.
  • Instagram dominates real estate influencer marketing right now, given the platform‘s visually-driven focus on luxury lifestyles. However, TikTok adoption is growing quickly.
  • As the market shifts, followers are increasingly looking to real estate influencers for more market stats, financial tips and general education around the buying and selling process.

Now that we‘ve covered the landscape, here are 20 top Instagram influencers that real estate agents should follow and learn from in 2023:

1. Chad Carroll – @chadcarroll

Chad Carroll Headshot

495K Instagram Followers

As one of the stars of Bravo‘s ‘Million Dollar Listing‘ based in Miami, Chad Carroll gives his followers an inside look at high-end properties through beautiful photography and video home tours. He balances showcasing enviable listings with more casual shots from his luxury lifestyle.

Chad also provides market insights and neighborhood spotlights in popular Miami locales like South Beach and Coconut Grove. His content strikes an inspirational yet relatable tone.

2. Barbara Corcoran – @barbaracorcoran

1M Instagram Followers

Renowned real estate mogul and ‘Shark Tank‘ star Barbara Corcoran gives a peek into her conferences, speaking events and media appearances in addition to real estate content.

She built her massive Instagram audience off her tell-it-like-it-is business advice and investing tips. Barbara‘s account feels authentic as she mixes posts from her professional and personal life.

3. Chad Rogers – @chadrogerstv

170K Instagram Followers

Based in Los Angeles, Chad Rogers shows off ‘Pocket Listings‘ not available to the general public. He‘s also known for spotlighting dramatic, contemporary architecture and exotic car garages.

As one of Malibu‘s top producing agents, Chad grants exclusive access to homes the average viewer would never see themselves. His intriguing captions pull followers into lush landscapes and rooms with gorgeous views.

4. Bobby Boyd – @bboydla

121K Instagram Followers

With experience in fashion modeling and high-end real estate, Bobby Boyd attracts an audience looking to live vicariously through his glamorous Los Angeles lifestyle.

Between pictures from magazine shoots, he features video tours of sprawling, modern celebrity homes. Bobby focuses more on highlighting luxury and aspirational design over heavy market stats or property details.

5. Cindy Ambuehl – @cindyambuehl

46K Instagram Followers

Cindy Ambuehl stands out for blending beautiful south California neighborhood and architectural photography with adventures from her jet-setting lifestyle.

Each Instagram post tells a story, taking the viewer into the next chapter of her life. She links properties to important events and memories, creating an intimate, authentic vibe.

6. Kelly Killoren Bensimon – @kellybensimon

1M Instagram Followers

Prominent author, model and former ‘Real Housewives of New York City‘ star Kelly Killoren Bensimon gives her audience an unfiltered look into life in elite NYC real estate.

Kelly‘s account feels more like a chic lifestyle blog. She shares quick video home tours along with outfit shots, travel pics and appearances around town. Her close industry connections offer rare access.

7. Bryan Casella – @bryancasella

43.8K Instagram Followers

Bryan Casella has grown a loyal audience as host of popular real estate podcast ‘Supreme Being.‘ He brings fans into his professional and personal life journey, from hanging at his home to previewing the next hot neighborhood.

While Bryan features awesome LA properties, he differentiates himself by showcasing architecture details, like modern dimensional tile work or a floating oak staircase. His market analysis also stands out.

8. Josh Altman – @thejoshaltman

810K Instagram Followers

‘Million Dollar Listing‘ Los Angeles star Josh Altman leans into his bold, eccentric persona on Instagram. He takes fans along to preview luxury listings, jet off to exotic locales and lounge poolside with celebrity friends and real estate VIPs.

Josh concentrates more on the lavish lifestyle representations. But he also highlights specific home features and neighborhood amenities that provide added buyer value.

9. Fredrik Eklund – @fredrikeklundny

1.4M Instagram Followers

Top seller Fredrik Eklund remains most well-known from ‘Million Dollar Listing New York‘ where he leveraged his outgoing personality and knack for creative promotions. His Instagram account focuses primarily on family life these days while still featuring jaw-dropping New York City listings.

He strikes an uplifting tone in posts, emphasizing following your passion. When highlighting high-rise units and penthouses, Fredrik stresses developer incentives over granular property specs.

10. Ryan Serhant – @ryanserhant

2M Instagram Followers

Star of ‘Million Dollar Listing‘ and ‘Sell It Like Serhant,‘ Ryan Serhant takes you inside not just multi-million dollar listings but his speaking events, media interviews and new projects.

Ryan built his personal brand off an ambitious, likeable personality and sharing his sales process. While his account leans aspirational, he drops market knowledge within glamorous shots of dream walk-in closets, home theaters and rooftop views.

11. Chrishell Stause – @chrishell.stause

3.8M Instagram Followers

Gaining fame from Netflix‘s hit reality series ‘Selling Sunset,‘ Chrishell Stause takes fans behind the scenes of L.A.‘s high-end real estate scene. She leverages her influencer status for magazine covers, gym sponsorships and her own memoir.

Chrishell provides beautiful glimpses into luxury West Hollywood homes. But she also keeps it relatable by capturing downtime with her dogs, interactions with past celeb clients or the Selling Sunset cast.

12. Tom Ferry – @tomferry

255K Instagram Followers

As a bestselling author and CEO coaching thousands of top producing real estate professionals, Tom Ferry brings decades of sales wisdom.

Tom‘s content uses inspiration paired with tangible how-to tips for lead generation and closing more deals. Expect market insights, event keynotes, podcast clips and book takeaways that make consumption bite-sized yet impactful.

13. Josh Flagg – @joshflagg1

737K Instagram Followers

A standout character since ‘Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles‘ premiered, Josh Flagg gives fans an unapologetic look at living life in the fast lane.

When not highlightating spectacular, one-of-a-kind luxury listings in his hometown, Josh shares his latest media appearances, black tie events and meetings with celebrity clients. The opulence can feel extreme at times but speaks to his high-net-worth audience.

14. Dottie Herman – @dottieherman

50K Instagram Followers

As CEO of Douglas Elliman brokerage firm, Dottie Herman presents an air of authority posting from power lunches, speaking engagements and award galas.

She may have lower follower numbers than contemporary influencers but boasts an empire of over 7,000 agents completing deals worth $27 billion per year. Dottie is all about the business side – mergers, leadership strategies, anchoring values.

15. Mauricio Umansky – @mumansky18

693K Instagram Followers

The Founder and CEO of luxury real estate firm The Agency, Mauricio Umansky gives fans a look at the rapid growth and inner workings of his disruptive new brokerage.

You‘re as likely to see Mauricio at a site walkthrough or design meeting as lounging oceanside with his celebrity wife Kyle Richards. He shares the perfect mix of aspirational and educational content.

16. Drew Scott – @mrdrewscott

2.5M Instagram Followers

While known best for HGTV‘s hit show ‘Property Brothers,‘ Drew Scott is also a real estate expert investor and influencer. He leverages the account to highlight his media projects, speak at industry events and promote his Scott Living furnishings line.

Drew strikes an upbeat, engaging tone while featuring beautiful home transformation results. Follow for renovation ideas, behind-the-scenes access to shoots and general inspiration.

17. Julia Wang – @juliawang_htx

344K Instagram Followers

Based in Houston, Julia Wang impresses followers with weekly videos that make real estate entertaining through clever humor. She keeps it real, funny and informative.

Julia breaks down exactly what buyers want to see today – large kitchen islands, outdoor living space, high tech features. Expect trend analysis on paint colors, flooring and more. Her reels feel interactive and fresh.

18. Sharelle Rosado – @sharellerosado_

454K Instagram Followers

Co-founder of Allure Realty in Miami, Sharelle Rosado gives fans a glimpse into running a luxury real estate brokerage and balancing work with her celebrity fiance Chad Johnson.

She displays true passion as both a businesswoman and style icon – one post in an elegant power suit, the next in a bold designer look straight from the runway. Sharelle merges real estate, entrepreneurship and fashion seamlessly.

19. Luis Iglesias – @luisiglesiasrealestate

15.5K Instagram Followers

Specializing in Miami Beach properties, Luis Iglesias attracts those looking to invest in high-end vacation homes and condos with breathtaking ocean views in a hot tourism market.

He highlights buildings designed by star architects featuring five star amenities. Luis also documents his own travels to sell the Miami lifestyle – golfing, deep sea fishing, helicopter rides and nightclubs. The visual storytelling makes listings feel exciting.

20. Demetres Giannitsos – @demetres_gia

18.6K Instagram Followers

A top producing realtor in Toronto, Demetres Giannitsos vlogs the home buying and selling journey while integrating his passion for fitness, cars and everyday life.

Demetres brings an energetic charisma, whether talking mortgage preapprovals, training clients in his home gym or surprising his girlfriend. He makes real estate concepts more engaging through personal stories tied to listings.

The top real estate influencers featured all strike a careful balance – granting insider access to beautiful, aspirational homes while feeling relatable. They highlight listings not as sales pitches but as opportunities to draw followers into their lifestyles.

For realtors starting out on social media, focus less on promoting properties no one can afford. Spotlight neighborhoods and architectural details the average buyer can envision themselves in. Share local events and family-friendly amenities.

Build your reputation as a trusted area expert before pursuing influencer sponsorships. Consistent, quality educational content helps earn you a seat at the table long-term.

The influencer arena continues opening doors for real estate pros to control their personal brands and connect with buyers emotionally. Follow the examples set by the names above as 2023 trends unfold.

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