20 Top Los Angeles Instagram Influencers To Collaborate With In 2023

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Influencer marketing spend is projected to grow to $15 billion by 2022 (Source), and Los Angeles remains one of the major hub fostering Instagram influencers across niches like fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and more.

As an iconic global city and the epicenter of entertainment, Los Angeles nurtures digital creators who attract highly-engaged niche communities on Instagram. Brands can tap into these audiences by partnering with relevant LA-based influencers for campaigns targeting customer acquisition, brand awareness, engagement goals and more in the local market.

In this post, I’ve compiled this list of the top 20 L.A. Instagram influencers that brands should definitely consider collaborating with this year based on audience reach, high engagement rates, and relevance to popular verticals.

Why Work With Local L.A. Influencers

Here are some of the key reasons why partnering with local LA-based creators can be highly beneficial for brands targeting the market here:

  • Hyperlocal Relevance: LA influencers create hyperlocal content specifically catering to viewers and trends here compared to bigger macroinfluencers with dispersed audiences all over.
  • Niche-Specific Audiences: Most top LA influencers focus on a clearly defined fashion or beauty enthusiast community that would be receptive to well-targeted brand collaborations.
  • Opportunity to become an authority: By regularly appearing across the content of top LA nano and microinfluencers, brands can build authority and become go-to options within their niche for local audiences

Now, let‘s explore the top 20 L.A. influencers that brands should consider connecting with:

1. Alisha Marie (@alishamarie)


Niche: Lifestyle, fashion, beauty

Followers: 3.6M

Typical Engagement Rate: 2-3% on Instagram posts

Alisha Marie tops this list as the #1 most followed influencer in the L.A. market. She first drew fans in with her makeup and beauty tutorials back in the late 2000s, though her content focus has now expanded more broadly into lifestyle, fashion and vlogs. But beauty and cosmetics brands can still find an ideal ambassador in Alisha to promote their products to her aspirational, predominantly young female audience.

2. Blair Fowler (@blairfowler)

Niche: Beauty, makeup

Followers: 1.5M

Engagement Rate: 3-4% on Instagram

A seasoned beauty influencer and one of YouTube‘s OG gurus back in the late 2000s, Blair remains a popular source of makeup inspiration and education for her Gen Z and young millennial audience. As one of the most influential beauty creators from L.A. with over a decade of audience goodwill, Blair can lend immense credibility to upstart cosmetic brands trying to earn consumer trust in a short time.

3. Chris Klemens (@chrisklemens)

Niche: Fashion

Followers: 815K

Typical Engagement: 1-2% on Instagram posts

With his signature colorful style incorporating bright hues, patterns and standout accessories, Chris Klemens is an exciting fashion influencer for brands targeting men‘s fashion and the streetwear demographic. He also bridges both accessible fast-fashion and luxury sensibilities, thereby appealing to a wide spectrum.

4. Anna Azerli (@annaazerli)

Niche: Music, Creative Arts

Followers: 2.5M

Engagement Rates: 1-1.5% on Instagram posts

A singer and model based out of LA, Anna Azerli taps into a young, artsy audience through her stylized Instagram content and YouTube music. For brands related to creative fields like music, fashion or art trying to appeal to younger millennial and Gen Z demographics, Anna can act as the ideal ambassador blending these spaces.

I hope this guide to 20 top LA influencers across fashion, beauty, lifestyle and other verticals gives you inspiration on influencer marketing campaigns tailored for the LA target market. Compelling, creatively talented influencers based in the LA area have their fingers on the pulse of local culture. By tapping into their highly-engaged communities of loyal followers, brands can effectively expand awareness and drive conversions in this major market.

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