Top 10 Biggest Titans in Attack on Titan (AOT)

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Attack on Titan has some of the most terrifying and awe-inspiring titans in anime. Their massive size and grotesque appearance will send shivers down your spine. As a hardcore Attack on Titan fan, I wanted to showcase the 10 biggest titans in the series based on their heights provided in the anime and manga.

Get ready for a deep dive into titan trivia as we count up from number 10 to the absolute largest titan of them all! I‘ll provide lots of juicy stats, abilities information, and trivia facts to give you a full picture of what makes each of these titans so gargantuan. Let‘s get started!

10. Female Titan – 14 Meters

Kicking off our list is the intelligent Female Titan, standing at 14 meters tall. Now 14 meters may seem small compared to some of the other giant titans we‘ll discuss, but let me assure you, her height is still nothing to scoff at!

To put it in perspective, the Female Titan is over 3 times taller than a 4-story building. Imagine seeing something that enormous running towards you! Here are some more key traits of the Female Titan:

  • Made her first appearance in Episode 17 of the anime.

  • Possesses the ability to harden her skin and mimic the abilities of other titans.

  • Uses her high agility to perform powerful kicks and punches.

  • Can let out a deafening scream that attracts pure titans to her location.

So while she may be the shortest titan in our top 10 list, the Female Titan more than makes up for it with her versatility and unique skill set. She proves brains and brawn go together when taking down enemies and titans alike.

9. Attack Titan – 15 Meters

Next up we have the fierce Attack Titan piloted by our hot-headed protagonist, Eren Yeager. Coming in at 15 meters tall, the Attack Titan is an intimidating foe.

Let‘s look at some key characteristics and abilities that the Attack Titan brings to the table:

  • First appeared in Episode 1 of the anime.

  • Possesses considerable fighting skills for combat.

  • Has the unique ability to see the memories of future Attack Titan inheritors.

  • His stats according to the official guidebook are:

    • Power: 9/10
    • Speed: 10/10
    • Agility: 10/10
    • Operation Skill: 7/10
    • Cooperation: 3/10

So while he may not have the brute force of some larger titans, the Attack Titan makes up for it with his speed and combat abilities. His imposing 15 meter frame also gives him an edge against smaller titans.

When Eren inherits this titan, his unbreakable resolve and freedom fighting spirit make him a force to be reckoned with. The Attack Titan earns his spot among the top 10 biggest titans!

8. Armored Titan – 15 Meters

Our number 8 titan matches the Attack Titan‘s height at 15 meters – it‘s the heavily armored Armored Titan!

As the name implies, the Armored Titan‘s most noticeable trait is his thick armored plating that covers his body. Here‘s a breakdown of his stats and characteristics:

  • First appeared in Episode 2 of the anime.

  • His armor can withstand cannon fire and steel blades.

  • Has the ability to harden his armor even further for added defense.

  • Possesses incredible strength, using his armored fists to break through walls.

  • His armor adds an estimated 20 tons to his already massive frame.

The Armored Titan is like an unstoppable tank that destroys everything in his path. His 15 meter size combined with that bulky armor makes him a true titan powerhouse. I certainly wouldn‘t want to be on the receiving end of one of his armored punches!

7. War Hammer Titan – 15 Meters

Up next is the elusive War Hammer Titan who also stands tall at 15 meters in height. This titan is shrouded in mystery and makes strategic use of its size and unique skills. Let‘s analyze some key stats:

  • First appeared in Episode 62 of the anime.

  • Can manifest weapons and structures out of its own hardened flesh.

  • Weapons created include a war hammer, spikes, swords, and more.

  • Operates its Titan body remotely via a cable tether.

  • Possesses great strength and precise striking skills.

While not much is known about the War Hammer Titan, its versatility, mystery, and combat prowess definitely earn it a spot among the top 10 biggest titans. I certainly wouldn‘t want to end up on the business end of that giant war hammer!

6. Beast Titan – 17 Meters

Now we‘re starting to get into titan territory that truly lives up to the name "colossal". Kicking off our 16+ meter titans is the Beast Titan, measuring at 17 meters tall.

The Beast Titan strikes fear and awe into enemies with his immense size and powerful throwing capability. Let‘s analyze what makes this titan so beastly:

  • First appeared in Episode 1 of the anime.

  • Possesses an ape-like appearance with exceptionally long arms.

  • Can hurl stones and debris with great force and accuracy.

  • Other abilities include Titan creation, control over Pure Titans, and hardening.

  • Serves as Zeke‘s main combat titan with siege weapon capabilities.

At 17 meters tall with physically imposing animal-like features, the Beast Titan grabs the number 6 spot on our list. His brute strength and ranged attacks would strike terror in anyone he besieged. Definitely not a titan you‘d want to make angry!

5. Wall Titans – 50 Meters

We‘ve officially entered the 50 meter titan realm with the massive Wall Titans! These colossal beings stand at 50 meters tall and reside within the three walls of Paradis Island.

The Wall Titans may be immobilized inside the walls, but their impressive size and abilities still earn them the number 5 spot on our list:

  • First appeared in Episode 57 of the anime.

  • Over 3 times taller than Eren‘s 15 meter Attack Titan.

  • Approximately 145,000 Wall Titans make up the three walls.

  • Hardened skin and high body temperature allow them to emit scorching steam.

  • If unleashed, they could trample everything in their path.

Just imagine standing below a 50 meter titan! Their immense size and numbers make the Wall Titans a force to be reckoned with in the Attack on Titan world. Seeing them brought to life in the anime was truly a monumental moment.

4. Colossal Titan – 60 Meters

What list of giant titans would be complete without the Colossal Titan himself? Living up to his name, this titan measures a whopping 60 meters tall!

The Colossal Titan is an absolute behemoth, towering over buildings, people, and even the 50 meter high walls. Let‘s break down key stats:

  • First appeared in Episode 1 of the anime.

  • His 60 meter height allowed him to peer over and break through the walls.

  • Known for producing scorching steam and explosive transformations.

  • Statistically the largest "standard" sized titan in the series.

  • Possesses incredible strength and hardening abilities.

When the Colossal Titan appeared in Episode 1, it was one of the most shocking titan reveals in anime history. His massive size and destructive capabilities cement him as one of the most fearsome titans around.

3. Rod Reiss Titan – 120 Meters

Thought the Colossal Titan was big? Meet Rod Reiss‘ monstrous Titan which takes the number 3 spot at 120 meters tall.

Some key facts about this skyscraper-sized abnormal Titan:

  • First appeared in Episode 55 of the anime.

  • Stands at over double the height of the Colossal Titan.

  • Possesses a disproportionately large torso with exposed organs.

  • Constantly emits steaming hot vapor.

  • One of the largest "abnormal" titans ever encountered.

Rod Reiss‘ unexpected transformation into a 120 meter Titan was one of the most shocking moments in Attack on Titan. Seeing the Scouts try to battle this massive deformed Titan really emphasized just how powerless humans are compared to these giant beings. The image of this behemoth Titan will be burned into your mind.

2. Ymir Fritz‘s Founding Titan – 250+ Meters

Legend tells that the first ever Founding Titan belonged to Ymir Fritz herself. While her exact height is unknown, estimates place her at around 250 meters tall.

As the original Founding Titan, Ymir Fritz‘s size reflected her power as the beginning of all Titans. Some key notes:

  • Height estimates place her around 250 meters.

  • She stood well above the treeline and towers in her Titan form.

  • Possessed the mighty powers of the Founding Titan.

  • Had the abilities of all Nine Titans combined in one body.

  • Was the sole ruler of the Titans in her day.

Though her full height remains a mystery, as the original Founding Titan, Ymir Fritz deserves the legendary number 2 spot on our list due to her progenitor role in the story. Just imagining how massive a 250 meter Titan would look is incredible!

1. Eren Yeager‘s Founding Titan – 360+ Meters

Claiming the number 1 spot as the biggest titan of all is Eren Yeager‘s Founding Titan form, estimated to stand at 360 meters tall based on comparisons to the 60 meter Colossal Titan.

This Titan form demonstrates just how large the Founding Titan can grow at its full power. Let‘s analyze the key stats:

  • First appeared in Episode 75 of the anime.

  • Stands over 6 times taller than a Colossal Titan.

  • Total length is estimated at 720 meters, over half a mile!

  • Possesses the Founding Titan‘s signature scream to command other Titans.

  • Dwarfs the landscape and all humans in its presence.

When Eren‘s Founding Titan emerged, it solidified this form as the undisputed biggest titan in Attack on Titan. At 360 meters tall, it epitomizes the awe-inspiring size and power of the Nine Titans.

Seeing it loom over the horizon leading an army of Colossal Titans was one of the most iconic scenes in the entire anime. This is one titan size comparison that nothing else can top!


And there you have it – the top 10 biggest titans in Attack on Titan, culminating with the 360 meter beast that is Eren Yeager‘s Founding Titan. From the intelligent 14 meter Female Titan to the towering Founding Titan, each one of these titans has earned their legendary status thanks to their unique skills and of course, their massive size.

This just goes to show that in the world of Attack on Titan, size really does matter! These larger-than-life titans have abilities and stats proportional to their enormous heights. I had a blast geeking out over all the measurements, stats, and titan trivia with you! Let me know which of these titanic titans stood out to you the most!


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