Binance Address Verification Failed? Here‘s Why It Happened and How We Can Fix It

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Hey there!

So you tried verifying your address on Binance but ran into some trouble. I‘ve been there myself, so I totally understand how frustrating that failed verification message can be!

Not to worry though – this is a common issue and can definitely be fixed if we work through it step-by-step. In this guide, I‘ll explain exactly why address verification fails and show you how to get it working properly.

Why Binance Requires Address Verification

First, a quick primer on why Binance needs us to verify our addresses in the first place.

As one of the biggest crypto exchanges, Binance has to comply with strict know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) regulations. These laws require them to verify users‘ identities and home addresses in order to:

  • Prevent illegal activities like money laundering, tax evasion, etc.
  • Ensure account security by linking users to their real-world identities.
  • Give users access to higher withdrawal limits, lower trading fees, and other benefits.

Makes sense right? By verifying our home addresses, we help keep Binance compliant with regulations and get rewarded with extra features – it‘s a win-win!

Binance has three main account verification levels:

Basic – Email and phone number verification

Intermediate – Photo ID and facial verification

Advanced – Address verification plus earlier steps

As you can probably guess, we need that advanced verification in order to access all of Binance‘s features with the highest possible withdrawal limits.

So how does the address verification process work?

Step-by-Step Address Verification Process

Here are the key steps we need to complete for address verification:

1. Gather Valid Documents

We‘ll need documents less than 3 months old showing our full home address, such as:

  • Utility bill (gas, electricity, internet, etc)
  • Bank statement
  • Government-issued ID (driver‘s license, passport, etc)

2. Enter Our Full Address

When prompted, we carefully enter our complete home address, including:

  • Street address and apartment number
  • City
  • State/province
  • ZIP/postal code
  • Country

3. Upload Documents

We take clear photos or scans showing all corners of our documents and upload them.

4. Binance Verifies Our Address

Binance checks that the address we entered matches what‘s shown on our documents.

And voila, address verification done! If everything checks out…

Unfortunately, it‘s those middle steps where things often go wrong. Let‘s look at why.

Common Reasons Address Verification Fails

Based on user reports, these are the most frequent reasons for address verification getting rejected:

1. Uploading invalid documents

This trips up a lot of people. We have to remember Binance is really strict about only accepting valid documents that meet all their criteria:

  • Issued within last 3 months
  • Shows our full name and address
  • Has visible dates and full corners (no cropping)
  • Good resolution (not blurry)

Upload anything that doesn‘t tick all those boxes, and verification will fail immediately.

2. Entering an incomplete address

When typing in our address, we can‘t leave out any part of it – that guarantees rejection. Be sure to include:

  • Full street address + apartment/suite
  • City, state/province, ZIP code
  • Country

Seriously, even missing something as minor as the apartment number can botch the whole thing.

3. Real address doesn‘t match documents

This is another big one. If the address we enter doesn‘t precisely match what‘s shown on our documents, it‘s lights out for verification.

We have to be 100% consistent across the board. No sneaking in our new address if the documents still show our old one!

4. Name mismatch

Our full name on Binance must be identical to the name on our documents – right down to middle names and suffixes. James Dean and Jimmy Dean? Different people as far as Binance is concerned!

5. Multiple failed attempts

Here‘s a pro-tip: we get ONE shot at address verification. If it fails first time, we‘re locked out from trying again.

So don‘t rush uploading random documents in a panic. Do it carefully the first time!

Alright, so now we know why address verification fails. What can we do about it?

Fixing Failed Address Verification

Don‘t panic! There are steps we can take to get address verification back on track:

1. Contact Binance support

Explain that our verification failed. If it was for an eligible reason, they can reset our attempt counter so we can try again. Phew!

I‘d recommend submitting a ticket here:

2. Gather new, valid documents

Once our attempts reset, we need to get together a brand new set of valid documents that check all of Binance‘s boxes:

  • Dated within last 3 months
  • Shows our full name and address
  • Includes apartment numbers, city, ZIP code, etc
  • Good quality photos/scans with visible edges

Triple check they meet all requirements!

3. Re-enter address carefully

When we submit again, let‘s re-type our address super carefully based on what‘s shown on our new documents:

  • Match apartment numbers, street address format, city spellings, etc.
  • Make absolutely sure country, state, and ZIP/postal code are right.

4. Upload new documents

Now we can (finally!) upload our shiny new valid documents. This time, provided all the details match up, verification should complete successfully!

5. Try again later

In rare cases, verification might fail due to a temporary tech glitch. If that happens, just wait 24-48 hours and try again later.

And that‘s what I‘d recommend for getting past a failed verification. Patience and an eagle eye for detail will serve us well!

Pro Tips to Avoid Verification Failure

Of course, it‘s better to avoid problems in the first place. Here are some pro tips when verifying:

  • Read requirements carefully – Binance‘s rules change, so always check their site for the latest criteria before uploading documents.

  • Match details perfectly – Double, triple, quadruple check that your name, address, and other details are identical across your account, ID, and documents. Typos = failed verification!

  • Capture good quality images – Use a steady hand or flatbed scanner to get crisp, high-resolution shots of your documents with all edges clearly visible.

  • Try again later if needed – Occasional tech issues might mean waiting a day or two and trying again does the trick. Slow and steady!

Do all that prep work, and address verification should go off without a hitch.

Why Is Address Verification So Tricky?

Alright, final thing I want to touch on: why is address verification so hard compared to the other steps?

A few reasons:

  • It‘s the final stage – By this point, we‘re so close to being done that we just want to rush through verification. Slow down!

  • More chances of errors – We have to match addresses across multiple places, remember apartment numbers, careful document uploads – more to go wrong.

  • Only one attempt – Unlike earlier steps, we only get one shot. No room for trial and error.

  • Advanced ID needed – We need more stringent ID types like bank statements and utility bills, which many folks don‘t have on hand.

So in summary, address verification requires more care, preparation, and harder-to-obtain documents. But don‘t let that intimidate you! Just take it slow and you‘ll get there.

Wrapping Up…

Phew, that was a lot of information! Let‘s recap the key points:

  • Binance requires address verification to comply with regulations and unlock account features.

  • It involves uploading documents proving your permanent residential address.

  • It often fails due to invalid documents, address mismatches, name errors, etc.

  • You can fix it by contacting support, getting new valid documents, triple checking details, and trying again.

  • Avoid issues in the first place by reading requirements, matching details perfectly, taking good photos, and being patient.

I know address verification can be a headache. But now you know exactly why it fails and how to fix it – so you‘ve got this!

Let me know if any other questions come up. I‘m always happy to help fellow Binance users master address verification.

Here‘s to smooth sailing verification from here on out 🙂


Written by Alexis Kestler

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