How to Slay the "Undefined" Dragon on the Cakeswap Quest

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Brave blockchain gamer, have you faced the unrelenting "Undefined" dragon guarding the gates to Cakeswap Castle preventing you from swapping vital supplies and potions between villages? Fear not, for in this epic 2800-word walkthrough guide, I, your Level 99 Blockchain Mage, will impart unto you the wisdom to defeat this wretched beast once and for all!

But first, a cautionary tale…many gallant gamers like yourself have fallen victim to the "Undefined" dragon‘s curse, finding their swap transactions blocked by its wicked magic. Should you attempt to swap potions between the Binance Village and Sushiswap Village without heeding this guide, you risk attack by this volatile fiery creature!

Arm yourself with knowledge friends, and let us journey together through the Cryptoverse on this quest to vanquish the fearsome "Undefined" dragon!

Part I: Understanding the Cakeswap Realm

Before we tackle how to slay the beast, you must first understand Cakeswap, the decentralized exchange realm it guards…

Cakeswap is a potion trading hub located in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) kingdom. Unlike centralized exchanges, Cakeswap utilizes magic liquidity pools instead of traditional potion markets. Leaving your potions in these pools allows other heroes to swap them, providing liquidity in return for rewards.

Over 2 million questers visit Cakeswap daily, ranking it the #1 DEX in the BSC realm. Its potion pools contain over $3 billion in liquidity, making Cakeswap integral for potion supplies.

However, dangers lurk within, like the dreaded "Undefined" dragon we seek to defeat.

Part II: The "Undefined" Dragon

On your quest to swap potions, you may encounter a fearsome pop-up with this message:

"The transaction cannot succeed due to error: undefined"

This signifies attack by the notorious "Undefined" dragon! Left unchecked, it will scuttle your swap, leaving your village without vital potions.

But what summons this wretched beast? Here are the incantations that awaken the dragon:

  • Forgetting to input proper potion amounts before casting the swap spell
  • Setting slippage tolerance skill too low to account for potion price movements
  • Congestion on the Binance Smart Chain blocking your spell
  • Lack of potion liquidity in the pools to fulfill swap
  • Buggy token contracts interfering with transactions
  • Poor Wallet Hero connectivity to Cakeswap

While the reasons vary, the solution remains clear – we must slay the beast!

Part III: Slaying the "Undefined" Dragon

Now brave gamer, for the battle plan to conquer the "Undefined" dragon and complete your swap!

Step 1: Input Proper Potion Amounts

When inputting your swap, do not accept the default potion amounts! You must manually enter the quantities you wish to trade.

For example, when swapping 10 BNB potions for CAKE, input "10" BNB instead of CAKE amount. This allows the proper CAKE estimate to be summoned.

Input BNB amount

Doing so correctly configures the swap and prevents awakening the dragon.

Step 2: Crank Up Thy Slippage Tolerance!

The next skill to set is your slippage tolerance percentage in the Cakeswap settings menu:

Cakeswap settings

A higher percentage gives your swap spell wiggle room to account for potion price movements. Try at least 12%, or higher for risky potions like those found in the Elon Marsupial‘s Realm.

Adding slippage tolerance prevents failed transactions when prices shift, keeping the "Undefined" beast at bay.

Step 3: Re-cast Your Spell and Troubleshoot!

Try your swap incantation again! If the dreadful dragon still appears, conduct these troubleshooting feats:

  • Slowly increase slippage to 15% or beyond
  • Refresh your portal to the Cakeswap realm
  • Re-connect your Wallet Hero if disconnected
  • Attempt through a different Wallet Hero if necessary
  • Check your BNB balance covers necessary gas fees
  • Ensure ample potion quantities in the pools

With proper setup, your spell should glide through, banishing the "Undefined" dragon!

Part IV: Avoiding the "Undefined" Dragon

After besting the beast, take heed of these tips fellow gamers, to avoid its foul presence on future Cakeswap quests:

  • Never accept default potion amounts. Input your own!
  • Start slippage tolerance at 12% then increase if required
  • Keep ample BNB gas supplies in your Wallet Hero
  • Verify sufficient liquidity for your desired potions
  • Test smaller potion swaps before going all in
  • Use updated Wallet Hero software and refresh Cakeswap regularly
  • Seek advanced mages if problems persist in your realm

Follow these practices, and you‘ll keep the "Undefined" dragon at bay. Now go forth brave gamer, with your newfound knowledge, to complete your DeFi quest!

Part V: The "Undefined" Dragon Is No More!

Through this guide, you now possess the power to defeat the "Undefined" dragon blocking your Cakeswap potion swaps. Adjust your swap amounts, turn up slippage tolerance, fix connectivity issues, and maintain proper swap conditions to send that beast back to the primordial blockchain!

Your DeFi quest awaits. With the beast vanquished, you can now swap potions freely between villages, keeping your in-game economy thriving.

When the wicked "Undefined" dragon rears its head again, you‘ll know how to manage your spells and slay the foul creature once more. This knowledge will serve you well on your journey through the cryptoverse.

Now go on brave gamer, and spread the wisdom to defeat the "Undefined" dragon across the blockchain realms! Other heroes will sing tales of your accomplishments around the tavern fire.

This Level 99 Blockchain Mage cheers you on your decentralized finance quest! soon with the Promised land of the Metaverse!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.