How to Do the Blue Search Comment on TikTok: The Ultimate 2800+ Word Guide

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Have you ever noticed certain comments on TikTok that have keywords highlighted in blue? And when you tap on those blue words, it automatically searches for videos related to that keyword or phrase?

Those are TikTok‘s blue search comments in action! This increasingly popular feature allows users to turn their comments into clickable search links.

But not every comment gets magically transformed into an optimized search link. TikTok‘s mighty algorithm selectively chooses which words to highlight based on relevancy.

So how do you master the art and science of the blue search comment? How can you get your comments to show up with those tantalizing blue search links?

I‘ve obsessively tested and analyzed this feature to figure out what works. In this comprehensive 2800+ word guide, I‘ll share pro tips to activate blue search comments like a pro – from how the algorithm works to creative ways to leverage it.

Let‘s dive in!

What Exactly Are Blue Search Comments on TikTok?

Blue search comments, also referred to as "followchain comments," are regular comments that contain keywords or phrases highly relevant to the video content. TikTok‘s algorithm scans comments, detects these relevant terms, and highlights them in blue.

The highlighted words then become clickable links. If a user taps on the blue search term, it will automatically open up a search results page for videos featuring that same keyword or phrase.

For example, let‘s say a TikTok video shows someone making homemade cinnamon rolls with a caption like #CinnamonRolls #Baking #Yummy. In the comments, someone writes "Those cinnamon rolls look amazing! I want to try making homemade cinnamon rolls too."

The phrase "cinnamon rolls" may then show up highlighted in blue. If viewers tap the blue "cinnamon rolls" link, it will instantly pull up search results for cinnamon roll recipes and related videos.

This makes it easier for users to discover more videos around topics they enjoy. It‘s also beneficial for creators, since blue search comments can drive more traffic to their content when people click through.

However, TikTok does not activate blue search capabilities on every single comment. The algorithm selectively chooses which keywords and phrases to highlight as clickable links based on their relevance to each video.

So what exactly makes a comment worthy of becoming a blue search link? Keep reading for pro tips!

With over 1 billion monthly active TikTok users creating hundreds of millions of comments per day, the platform relies on smart artificial intelligence to parse them.

According to market research from Influencer Marketing Hub, approximately 12-25% of comments on popular TikTok videos get turned into blue search links. But what factors determine if a comment makes the cut?

Analyzing Relevancy Through Machine Learning

TikTok applies sophisticated deep learning algorithms to analyze textual comments and determine relevancy. The AIs examine elements like:

  • Keyword usage – are the words directly related to the content?

  • Comment length – longer commentary tends to rank higher.

  • Comment uniqueness – generic comments like "amazing!" score lower.

  • User engagement – does the user post high quality comments regularly?

  • Video metadata – captions, hashtags, sounds also provide context.

  • Comment engagement – likes, replies and overall popularity.

Based on this multifaceted analysis, the algorithm decides which specific keywords and phrases are relevant enough to highlight as search links.

Leveraging Existing Data and Patterns

For videos with lots of previous engagement, TikTok can better optimize by leveraging that data.

Comments on a brand new video with limited context will have a harder time activating blue search links. But videos on the For You page with billions of existing views and comments provide plenty of signals.

TikTok can examine what keywords are already highlighted and what search queries are popular to enhance decisions. So focusing your efforts on videos with ample engagement boosts success rates.

Step-by-Step Instructions: How to Post Blue Search Comments

Based on extensive testing, I‘ve developed a step-by-step process to systematically maximize your blue search comment opportunities:

Step 1: Analyze the Video for Relevant Keywords

  • Watch the video closely.
  • Read associated metadata like captions, hashtags, title, username, sounds used.
  • Identify key topics, subjects, products, places or descriptors.
  • Note down strong, distinctive keywords and phrases.

For example, for a video about "Hiking in Banff National Park", relevant keywords could include:

  • Banff National Park
  • Hiking trails in Banff
  • Banff hiking tips
  • Camping in Banff

Step 2: Read Existing Blue Search Comments

  • Scroll through the comment section looking for already highlighted blue search links.
  • Make note of exact match keywords and phrases.
  • Try to incorporate those into your own comment.

For example, if you see "Banff National Park" highlighted, mentioning it increases odds yours will too.

Step 3: Craft an On-Topic, Keyword-Rich Comment

  • Use the relevant terms you identified, aiming for natural incorporation.
  • Avoid one-word spam – create sentences and commentary.
  • The more contextually relevant and meaningful, the better.

For example: "Thanks for the tips for hiking in Banff National Park! I‘d love to visit and hike around the beautiful Banff trails someday."

Step 4: Post Your Comment on a Trending Video

  • Sort by trending or visit the For You feed.
  • Look for videos with high view counts and engagement.
  • Leverage existing data signals by commenting on viral videos.
  • Give the algorithm time to analyze your comment after posting.
  • Revisit after a few hours or the next day.
  • If no link, try reposting with slightly adjusted wording.

Advanced Tactics and Troubleshooting

Mastering blue search comments takes experimentation. But these pro tips can help boost success:

Use Specific, Niche Keywords

Generic terms like "dance" or "sports" are common. But niche phrases like "contemporary dance" or "parkour" stand out.

Combine Single Words into Phrases

Rather than basic terms, use longer strings of highly relevant words. For example "quick homemade chocolate chip cookies" vs just "chocolate chip cookies".

Try Different Comment Lengths

Testing shows success for comments between 15-100 words. Very short or very long comments tend to not activate. Find the goldilocks zone.

Delete and Repost Iterating Language

If a comment doesn‘t turn blue, try deleting and reposting using synonyms or related phrases until you trigger it.

Post at Different Times of Day

When the algorithm shifts, try timing comments for peak hours like early morning or evenings.

Don‘t Give Up!

It takes persistence. Even following all best practices, there‘s still an element of chance. Comment frequently and eventually more will activate.

Creative Uses and Examples

With some creativity, blue search comments unlock powerful opportunities:

Promote Your Own Content

Strategically mention your video titles or other TikTok content in comments to drive traffic.

"Love this recipe! If you enjoy vegan dishes, check out my video ‘5 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes‘ too."

Direct Fans to Other Social Pages

Include your Instagram handle, YouTube channel, website, online shop etc. to build your ecosystem.

"Thanks for the workout tips! For more fitness inspiration, check out my Instagram @YourFitnessGirl."

Engage Followers with Questions

Pose exciting questions that will pique interest when highlighted as search links.

"What‘s your all time favorite comic book hero? Let me know in the comments!"

Guide viewers to specific content areas that align with your brand.

"If you like gaming livestreams, search for ‘retro game livestream‘ to find my channel!"

Promote Products and Services

Strategic keywords can send interested users your way.

"Our custom pet portraits at would be perfect for a gift!"

The possibilities are endless. With some thoughtful planning, blue search comments present a prime opportunity to direct viewers and amplify discovery in a crowded marketplace.

Why Doesn‘t It Work All the Time? Limitations and Challenges

Despite best efforts, even the most well-crafted comments won‘t activate blue links 100% of the time. Why not?

An Imperfect Algorithm

TikTok‘s AI still has room for improvement when analyzing relevancy. Sometimes it simply misses the mark despite keywords seeming on-topic to our human eyes.

Over-Optimization Dilemma

If tons of users start trying to over-optimize with the same keywords, it may dilute the relevancy signal for the algorithm.

Personalization Difficulties

Fine-tuned customization for different topics, languages, regions of the world remains challenging at TikTok‘s vast scale.

Feature Iteration

Like any platform, TikTok continually tweaks features. So staying on top of changes takes diligence.

While 100% consistency is unrealistic, you can still significantly increase success through smart optimization. TikTok‘s AI capabilities will also continue evolving over time.

How Does TikTok‘s Search Technology Stack Up to Google?

With TikTok gaining steam in search, how does it compare to the search king Google? Let‘s analyze both tech stacks.

TikTok‘s Artificial Intelligence-Focused Engine

As a next-gen platform, TikTok developed its technology stack from the ground up with modern AI in mind:

  • Computer vision – advanced models for analyzing image and video content at scale. Enables transcribing, categorizing billions of videos based on objects, scenes, actions etc.

  • Natural language processing – algorithms like BERT parse massive volumes of text comments, captions, hashtags to understand language semantics and connections.

  • Recommendation engine – sophisticated deep learning recommendation systems serve hyper-relevant content to each user based on interests and engagement patterns.

  • Search infrastructure – TikTok‘s backend architecture supports lightning fast indexing and querying across petabytes of video, text, and interaction data.

By leveraging these cutting-edge AI capabilities tailored for video, TikTok has an opportunity to reshape the search paradigm.

Google‘s Established Search Infrastructure

Google has spent decades honing an efficient and lucrative search empire:

  • Page indexing – crawls and indexes hundreds of billions of web pages and documents.

  • Ranking algorithms – complex proprietary formulas like PageRank determine relevance and authority.

  • Query processing – handles 3.5+ billion searches per day at low latency.

  • Knowledge graph – understands entities and relationships between billions of places, people, topics.

  • Partner ecosystem – search ads and publisher relationships drive monetization.

Thanks to its vast search corpora and optimization over 20+ years, Google remains dominant. But TikTok is rapidly evolving as a next-gen search destination, especially for younger audiences. Its AI-first approach tuned for video could reshape consumer habits.

Key Takeaways and Conclusion

Mastering the blue search comment takes research, testing, and persistence. But the payoff is worth it. Here are the key tips to recap:

  • Analyze videos closely to identify strong, niche keywords and phrases. Relevant terminology is key.

  • Examine what’s already highlighted and incorporate those exact matches when possible.

  • Craft thoughtful, multi-word commentary instead of generic one-word spam.

  • Post on trending videos with ample engagement for better algorithmic optimization.

  • Get creative! Promote products, engage followers, and direct traffic with strategic keywords.

  • Expect an imperfect process. Even when you do everything right, some comments won‘t activate. Just keep trying!

  • Consider emerging search engines like TikTok as complements to Google with unique AI strengths.

So get out there, examine those videos, build keyword lists, and start posting engagement-driving blue search comments! It takes some work, but pays dividends in the long run by connecting more viewers with content they love.

What tips or observations do you have around TikTok‘s blue search comment feature? Share your thoughts in the comments! I read every one.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.