Unlocking the Bomb Maker‘s Supply Cache in Warzone 2 DMZ: A Comprehensive Guide

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Warzone 2‘s brand new DMZ mode has taken the Call of Duty world by storm, providing heart-pounding, high-stakes infiltration missions in the war-torn city of Al Mazrah. As an operator, your objectives include extracting valuable resources, completing faction assignments, and making it out alive. But DMZ also offers tantalizing optional goals – tracking down supply cache keys scattered across the map to unlock hidden stashes of powerful contraband loot.

In this complete guide, you‘ll get all the intel needed to locate and open the Bomb Maker‘s Supply Cache using a rare key in DMZ season 2. I‘ll provide tips from my experience as a DMZ expert to help you gear up with devastating explosives to take on the deadliest enemies. Let‘s get into it!

What Exactly is the Bomb Maker‘s Cache Key in Warzone 2 DMZ?

DMZ introduces a dynamic loot economy where the location of weapons, items, and keys randomizes in each match. Among the most valuable finds is the Bomb Maker‘s Supply Cache Key. As its name suggests, this unlocks a cache stuffed with explosives, lethal equipment, and rare blueprints tailored for dishing out heavy firepower.

Securing the key and extracting the Bomb Maker‘s loot gives you an arsenal of tools to bombard enemies controlling Al Mazrah. This guide will teach you precisely how to locate the cache, obtain the key, and utilize your hauled explosives effectively.

Overview of Warzone 2‘s New DMZ Mode

For those just jumping into DMZ with the launch of Warzone 2, here‘s a quick primer on how it works:

  • Infiltrate Al Mazrah sections – Up to 40 players load into quarantined zones of the map with randomized loot.

  • Complete objectives – Mission types include assassinating HVTs, securing intel, and destroying antiair systems.

  • Kill enemies – Hundreds of AI occupy the map across a range of faction types and difficulties.

  • Find valuable items – Weapons, equipment, keys, cash, and contraband spawn in random locations.

  • Extract via helicopter – Reach exfil sites to safely escape with your gathered loot.

  • Persistent loadouts – Weapons/items you escape with remain between matches for future use.

  • Permadeath – If you die, the match immediately ends and you lose everything that raid.

This creates intense, high-pressure matches where strategy is paramount. You must balance mission priorities, survival, and gearing up. Master operators often focus on extraction above all else.

Where to Find the Bomb Maker‘s Cache

So where exactly is the Bomb Maker‘s Supply Cache located? In DMZ season 2, it can be found within the crashed remains of a plane just south of the Sattiq Cave Complex, around coordinate D5 on the map.

Look for a wrecked aircraft on a hillside in this southern highlands area. Approach the exposed rear section to find the prompt allowing you to unlock the cache with the key in your inventory.

Bomb Maker's Cache Location

I recommend approaching from the Sattiq Caves to the north, using the riverside terrain as cover from enemies.Travelling south from the Fath Lands Bridge exfil site also provides a safe route.

Be ready for combat when entering the plane, as AI Squads often patrol this sector. Quickly clear the area before exposing yourself to unlock the supply cache inside.

How to Get the Bomb Maker‘s Supply Cache Key

The biggest challenge is obtaining the key, as it randomly spawns each match just like mission objectives. Only one Bomb Maker‘s Key exists per DMZ raid.

Based on community data tracking and my own experience, here are tips for getting the key:

  • Complete contracts – HVT assassination and Intel contracts commonly reward keys

  • Loot everything – Check all crates, lockers, and bodies thoroughly

  • Kill HVTs – Heavily armored enemies have higher drop rates

  • Do Legion missions – This faction provides keys more often

  • Kill AI squads – Take on groups for more loot chances

  • Get to objectives early – Keys become scarce late in longer matches

Essentially, remain active with missions, engage all enemies you encounter, and extensively sweep areas for loot to find keys. Prioritize this key in early game before the situation gets too hot.

According to community stats, your chances of obtaining a Bomb Maker‘s Key in a match is around 25% on average. But this fluctuates based on luck and playstyle.

The Devastating Loot Inside the Bomb Maker‘s Cache

So what devastating explosives and ordnance can you expect to find within the Bomb Maker‘s Supply Cache?

Unlocking it provides:

  • C4 Charges – Remote detonation provides precision destruction

  • Proximity Mines – Plant these traps on entryways or vehicles

  • RPG-7 Launcher – Critical for destroying Juggernaut tanks

  • Lethal Equipment – Grenades, throwing knives, and thermite

  • Tactical Equipment – Flashbangs, gas grenades, decoys, and more

  • Sentry Turret/Explosive Drone – Temporary automated fire support

  • Weapon Blueprints – Rare variants for the Rapp H, BAS-P, and more

This impressive arsenal ensures you‘ll have the right demolition tools for any situation. The kited out explosives loadout complements the Bomb Maker Cache‘s aligned faction mission rewards too.

Overall, the Bomb Maker‘s Cache offers a loot haul on par with the Medic and Smuggler caches. Its standout explosive ordnance is perfect for the pyromaniac operator.

Extracting Safely With Your Explosive Haul

Getting the key and unlocking the Bomb Maker‘s Cache is only the first step. Safely extracting your hauled explosives back to your DMZ loadout is the real challenge.

Here are some tips to escape with the cache loot:

  • Have a getaway vehicle – Quickly drive to an exfil site after unlocking

  • Toss smoke grenades – Obscure movements if engaged by enemies

  • Don‘t get greedy – Extract once you have the loot without risking more

  • Watch your six – Be wary of flanking enemies when carrying explosives

  • Avoid combat – Only kill who you must to reach extraction

  • Know exfil routes – Have a plan to quickly reach the helicopter

  • Leave no operator behind – Help squadmates extract their loadout too

abort your mission immediately after securing that sweet explosive loot. Getting it back to your loadout is a huge boost for future DMZ raids.

Using the Bomb Maker‘s Cache Loadout Effectively

So you successfully extracted your C4, mines, RPGs, and other ordinance – excellent work! Now let‘s cover how to utilize these explosives most effectively:

C4 – Perfect for setting ambushes and traps. Place them on objectives, stash piles, or avenues of approach, detonating them when enemies are in the blast radius.

Proximity Mines – Use these to cover your six. Place them on entryways to defended positions to protect your flanks from aggressive enemies.

RPG-7 – Critical for defeating Juggernaut minibosses. Rockets decimate their heavy armor allowing you to finish them off.

Lethal Equipment – Frags and thermite are great for area denial. Cut off enemy advances or drive them out of cover with a barrage of explosions.

Sentry Turret – This temporary automated ally helps lock down areas and provides overwatch. Use it to guard an extraction point or breach room.

With the tools provided by the Bomb Maker‘s Cache, you‘ll have explosive solutions suitable for both aggressive and defensive scenarios. Just take care not to catch yourself in the blast!

Comparison to Other DMZ Supply Caches

While the Bomb Maker‘s Cache is an explosive goldmine, it‘s not the only supply cache available in DMZ. Let‘s compare it to the other cache rewards:

  • Medic Cache – Self-revive kits, armor plates, gas masks. Improves survivability.

  • Engineer Cache – Killstreaks like Sentry Guns and Weapon Crates. Provides firepower.

  • Smuggler Cache – Contraband weapons, exotic blueprints. Offers unique loot.

  • Bomb Maker Cache – Explosives, equipment, blueprints. Maximum destruction.

All cache keys are worth pursuing based on your needs and playstyle. As a DMZ veteran myself though, I recommend prioritizing the Medic and Bomb Maker caches earliest on.

The extra armor, revives, and explosives give you an edge in firefights and unlock more tactical options. Then branch out to the other caches as you master the mode‘s mechanics.

The Evolution of DMZ Since Call of Duty 4

DMZ has come a long way from its roots as a side mode in 2007‘s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. There, it was a basic 16-player deathmatch on standard multiplayer maps.

The new Warzone 2 DMZ provides a full revival that takes the concept to new heights. Features like:

  • A massive playable zone on Al Mazrah

  • Objectives beyond just killing enemies

  • Replayable raids with a persistent loadout

  • Supply caches adding dynamic loot goals

This iteration of DMZ fully realizes the mode‘s ambitious scope as an open-world extraction shooter experience. It has clearly taken inspiration from escape-style raids in games like Escape from Tarkov.

Early reception from Call of Duty players indicates DMZ has successfully reinvented itself for a new generation of tactical shooting fans. Supply caches like the Bomb Maker‘s add meaningful optional objectives beyond the core modes.

The Future of DMZ in Warzone 2

DMZ still has plenty of potential to evolve in future Warzone 2 seasons. Based on developer communications, we can expect:

  • Expanded sections of Al Mazrah to explore

  • New dynamic objectives and emergent factions

  • Additional legendary supply cache rewards

  • Limited-time events with unique loot

  • Mechanics such as radiation zones or civilian survivors

  • More nuanced social interactions and economy

  • Loadout perks and base upgrades

  • Continued weapon/loot balancing and economy tuning

I‘m excited to dive into all the new experiences and challenges the DMZ team has planned for this ambitious mode! The core gameplay already provides near endless tense extraction shooter action.

In Summary: Master DMZ With the Bomb Maker‘s Cache

Claiming the Bomb Maker‘s Supply Cache grants lethal explosives to take your DMZ domination to the next level. Learn the key location, unlock the plane stash, and extract this demo kit for devastating results against Al Mazrah‘s deadliest enemies.

As you drop C4 ambushes and unleash RPG warheads, you‘ll gain the firepower and tactical flexibility fitting an elite DMZ operator. Combine the Bomb Maker‘s ordinance with the other major cache rewards to round out your capabilities.

DMZ delivers a fresh competitive extraction shooter experience to Warzone 2. I hope this complete guide to tracking down and utilizing the Bomb Maker‘s Cache helps you thrive in its tense survival missions. Now get out there, operators, and rain explosive destruction onto those Al Mazrah occupiers!


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