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Ten Important Facts About Business to Business Marketing

The term business to business marketing describes a public relations strategy designed to promote transactions between two different businesses. Examples might include interactions between a manufacturer and a wholesaler, a wholesaler and a distributor, and a distributor and a retailer. The tools used for business to business marketing differ from …

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Top Ten Types of Marketing

It doesn’t matter the industry a business is operating in, marketing is essential to its success. And regardless of a company’s marketing budget, there are plenty of ways to carry out effective marketing strategies; however, smaller marketing budgets tend to require a bit more creativity because funds are limited. As …

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Best TV Commercials of All Time

Whilst the face of advertising is changing in line with new technology, TV advertising still remains a strong way to market your product. On-demand services and successes of websites such as YouTube has simply meant that TV advertising now takes on slightly different process. Industry experts like Jonathan Disegi know …

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Go Programmatic and Enjoy the Difference!

In advertising, the purpose of digital operations is to improve efficiency while collecting something valuable for media planning. Data operations, as a result, overlap many advertising functions. Ad platforms nowadays allow advertisers to optimize spend by letting them know parametric details in a scientifically-quantified manner. Programmatic buying platforms are primarily …

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Top 10 Podcasts for the Savvy Digital Marketer

When it comes to social media and the digital world, we are constantly evolving. What’s popular one day, is gone the next and something new has taken its place. It’s hard to constantly check the news, Twitter, Facebook and every other source out there. When it comes to digital, companies …

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