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Finding the Cavern Boat Dock Key in Warzone 2‘s New DMZ Mode

The brand new DMZ mode in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 provides players with an open world extraction shooter experience where they can keep weapons, equipment and other loot between sessions. One of the most valuable items to find is the Cavern Boat Dock Key, which offers safer extraction options. This guide will provide complete details on the Cavern Boat Dock Key‘s location and strategies for retrieving it safely.

DMZ Overview – Open World Extraction Shooter

DMZ takes place on the large new Warzone 2.0 map called Al Mazrah. Up to three players team up to enter the zone and complete faction missions, engage AI combatants, and hunt for valuable Intel and gear. Players keep their inventory and equipment between DMZ sessions, allowing them to build up a stockpile over time. Extraction helicopter exfils must be secured to safely exit and bank loot.

How to Find Sattiq Cave Complex for the Cavern Boat Dock Key

The Cavern Boat Dock Key spawns inside Sattiq Cave Complex, located east of the main cave icon near some buildings on the eastern side of Al Mazrah. The entrance can be located by referring to the map screenshot below:

[Map screenshot showing Sattiq Cave location]

Once inside Sattiq Cave, proceed deeper until you locate a small shack called the "Cavern Boat Dock Shack" on the west side. This shack, pictured below, is where the Cavern Boat Dock Key can spawn:

[Screenshot of Cavern Boat Dock Shack interior]

The key can appear in this shack from enemy AI drops, high value target contracts, and loot containers. Multiple runs into the cave may be needed to get the key to appear.

Safely Clearing the Cave and Obtaining the Key

Since Sattiq Cave is populated by Ai enemies, caution should be taken when trying to obtain the Cavern Boat Dock Key. Bring armor plates and automatic rifles to safely clear the interior. The key can potentially drop from any enemy, so be thorough in engagements.

It‘s recommended to enter from the southeast entrance, then sweep clockwise to the shack to avoid dead ends. Use suppressors to avoid drawing more enemies at once. With a tactical approach, the key can be obtained with minimal combat.

What the Cavern Boat Dock Key Unlocks

This key provides permanent access to the Cavern Boat Dock exfil location, according to data miners and internal game files. Having another reliable extraction option in southern Al Mazrah gives more flexibility in planning extraction routes. The boat dock offers a quicker exit compared to the main Sattiq Cave exfil that requires climbing ladders while weighed down with loot.

Other Key Locations Near Sattiq Cave Complex

When exploring the Sattiq Cave area, also look for the Registry House and Sawah Village keys. The Registry House has valuable loot spawns while Sawah Village provides another southern extraction point.

Completing contracts and eliminating HVTs around the cave can reward intel on these other points of interest as well. Having multiple keys in the area makes Sattiq Cave a lucrative location to continually farm loot.

Tips for Securing Extraction and Banking Loot

Once you‘ve acquired keys and loot, the next challenge is successfully extracting and keeping it. Plan an exfil route that avoids combat when overweight. Use armored transport vehicles to safely traverse Al Mazrah‘s open terrain or utilize underground tunnels. Listen for enemy chatter near extraction points and watch for ambushes.

With the Cavern Boat Dock Key, surviving DMZ becomes much easier. Completing missions and contracts unlocks additional permanent unlocks like blueprint extractions, traders, and new areas. Soon you’ll be ready to extract high tier contraband loot!

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