Unlocking the Secrets of the Central Zaya Meeting Room – A Guide to Acquiring the Key and Looting this Notorious Warzone 2 DMZ Location

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Al Mazrah is full of hidden locked rooms holding impressive arsenals of gear for operators brave enough to track down the keys. But few keys attract as much attention as the one granting access to the Central Zaya Meeting Room cache in downtown Zaya. As a notorious hotspot on the DMZ map, the risks are extremely high, but the rewards even greater for those who ultimately secure this lucrative location.

In this comprehensive guide straight from a Warzone expert, we’ll be breaking down everything you need to know to successfully loot the Central Zaya Meeting Room, from key retrieval strategies to loadout tips and how to handle the insane amounts of resistance. If you have what it takes to walk away with this motherlode of high-tier loot, this is the guide for you. Let’s get into it!

DMZ 101 – An Overview of this New Call of Duty Game Mode

For those unfamiliar, DMZ is the new open-world extraction mode introduced in Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2 that drops operators onto the massive new map Al Mazrah with sandbox PvPvE gameplay.

You and your squad have free reign to engage AI combatants, loot supply boxes and complete missions however you see fit. The goal is to collect valuable contraband and then successfully extract via helicopter to keep your haul.

However, you also face the threat of other players contesting the same objectives. DMZ blends PvE and PvP together for an intense, high-stakes experience where death is permanent and losing your loot can set you back tremendously.

Mastering DMZ requires knowledge of loot locations, AI behaviors, extracting strategies and more. Unlocked rooms containing specialized gear are the crown jewels, but the keys don’t give themselves up easily.

Welcome to Zaya – DMZ’s Northern District

Now, onto the topic at hand – the Central Zaya Meeting Room. This lucrative area is situated within Zaya, the northernmost district of Al Mazrah. Known for its stunning architecture and sprawling downtown, Zaya is also home to major landmarks like the Observatory.

Compared to the lush forests of Sawah or rocky cliffs of Taraq, Zaya’s urban setting brings intense close-quarters engagements through alleys, buildings and multi-story towers. It’s easy to get disoriented among the concrete maze, so having an expert guide the way is essential.

In addition to the Observatory, other Zaya points of interest include the Promenade, Textile Factory, TV Station hill and the Central Zaya Meeting Room – the subject of today’s guide.

Zeroing in on the Meeting Room – Location and Reference Points

So where exactly can this notorious Meeting Room be found? Here are some key reference points:

  • The Meeting Room building is located southeast of the main road leading to the Observatory

  • Look for the twin circular towers – the Meeting Room structure is the shorter building in between

  • When facing the Observatory entrance, the Meeting Room is downhill and to the right

To summarize – navigate to the cluster of buildings directly below the Observatory, amongst the circular twin towers. The Central Zaya Meeting Room itself is inside the smaller, rectangular building of the pair.

Now that you know where to look, here are some visual examples of the Meeting Room‘s location:

[Insert map image marking the Meeting Room building] [Insert screenshot facing Observatory with Meeting Room building visible]

With the exact location locked down, let‘s discuss how to actually gain access inside.

Breaching the Building – Key Retrieval Strategies

Given the precious loot contained within, the Meeting Room is extremely well defended. You‘ll need to secure the key to gain entry legitimately, but this is no easy feat.

Here are some tips for getting your hands on the Meeting Room key:

  • Kill AI combatants – they have a random chance to drop the key

  • Complete HVT assassination contracts – these may reward the key

  • Search loot containers in the area – they can also contain the key

  • Clear the Meeting Room building room-by-room to loot the key directly

That last method is your best bet for reliably securing the key, but also by far the most dangerous. The building interior swarms with deadly AI guards ready to gun you down.

When breaching the structure, sweep each room simultaneously looking for the key while stocking up on bonus loot. Check floors, tables and containers thoroughly for any glint of the keycard.

The concentrated presence of AI here means you‘re extremely likely to eventually find the key by eliminating them. But surviving the onslaught is easier said than done…

Loadouts & Strategies to Survive the Key Run

Attempting to steal the Meeting Room key from the heavily fortified building is essentially entering a warzone (pun intended). Making it out alive requires smart positioning, weapon choice and strategic thinking.

Here are some of my top tips for builds and tactics when breaching for the key based on extensive DMZ experience:

  • Pack smoke grenades for quick visual cover

  • Equip a suppressor to avoid drawing more enemies to your position

  • Favor close-range SMGs or shotguns to quickly clear rooms

  • Run Cold Blooded to stay undetected from AI sensors

  • Consider flash or stun grenades to breach safely

  • Maintain High Alert to watch flanks for AI reinforcements

  • Bring at least one assault rifle for longer range engagements

  • Thermite grenades can lock down chokepoints when cornered

  • Approach from the west side to find more exterior cover

  • A wheelson can provide mobile cover and diversion

  • Field Upgrades like Dead Silence also help evade detection

  • Armor satchels grant bonus protection against the endless attacks

-Threshers can scout ahead and soften up groups of enemies

The key is balancing stealth and aggression – move cover to cover between engagements then push hard room-by-room once inside. Proper positioning is also crucial to avoid being surrounded when AI swarm your location.

While solo operators have pulled off stealing the key, running with a coordinated squad is ideal for covering angles. Stick together, trade aggro and focus fire threats. Proper teamwork is your best survivability insurance policy here.

Looting the Motherlode – Inside the Locked Room

After likely hundreds of slain AI guards, finally unlocking the Meeting Room pays off big time. The locked room is stuffed with top-tier loot to reward those bold enough to brave the risks.

Here‘s a taste of what coveted gear could be waiting inside:

  • Rare weapon blueprints

  • Powerful killstreaks like Gunships or Chopper Gunners

  • Fully loaded armor satchels granting extra plates

  • Stacks of $10k+ cash piles

  • High level armor and weaponry

  • Special Operators for your DMZ faction

  • Exclusive contraband like the SVC thermal scope

This early game haul can instantly gear your squad with end-game loadout potential. All that stops you from extract campers trying to steal your loot as you exfil Zaya while overloaded.

Extracting Under Pressure – Getaway Tips

You might feel unstoppable after raiding the Meeting Room jackpot, but that bullseye on your back just got even bigger. Here are some tips for safely exfilling out of Zaya to bank your hard earned rewards:

  • Throw smoke grenades to cover your escape

  • Have a parked vehicle ready nearby for quick exfil

  • Avoid major chokepoints or open areas when moving to extract

  • Consider camping the Meeting Room itself to ambush greedy pursuers

  • Be extremely cautious of extract campers overlooking the helicopters

  • Don‘t greed further objectives – focus solely on clean extraction

  • Manipulate stations when possible to force earlier extractions

  • Running Pointman lets you see incoming threats on minimap

  • Thermites/Proximity mines can cover rear from any tails

Your primary goal is slipping away undetected, not racking up more kills. Once your bags are full, play for the exfil rather than unnecessary risk. Prioritize concealment and be hyper-aware of surroundings near extraction zones.

You may want to swing by Salvage Sites or Buy Stations first to further maximize your haul since the Meeting Room itself lacks shops. Just know when to cash out and get out clean from the heat.

Expert Verdict – Is Securing the Meeting Room Worth the Risk?

Let’s recap the Central Zaya Meeting Room – high tier loot rewards, but high tier threats standing in your way. So when is going for this location right for you? Here’s my expert breakdown:

For Skilled Veterans:

  • The risks are well worth the payout for confident players who can handle themselves
  • Completing this early unlocks loadout potential to snowball the rest of the match
  • An ideal opportunity to challenge yourself and really master DMZ

For Newer Players:

  • Avoid until you’re more experienced and well equipped
  • Focus on easier loot areas to gear up first before attempting
  • Join on an experienced squad to learn the ropes before running solo

For Everyone:

  • Consider alternative strategies like explosive breaching to skip the deadly key run
  • Scope out the area first before committing to learn patrol patterns
  • Have an emergency extract backup plan if things go sideways
  • Let your Squad’s skillset guide whether to avoid or engage

While certainly living up to its reputation as one of the deadliest loot rooms in Verdansk, the Meeting Room cache has supreme payout potential in the right hands. Hopefully this guide has shed light on surviving the dangers of Zaya to tap into the riches within. Stay frosty out there operators!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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