How to Fix the Dreaded ‘Console Command Not Working‘ Issue in Starfield

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After years of anticipation, Starfield is finally here! This sprawling new space epic from Bethesda Game Studios lets you chart your own course as a space explorer. But what if you‘re itching to surf between stars with sweet cheats like infinite fuel or slap on some crazy mods? That‘s where the mighty console command comes in handy…if you can get it to work.

Many ambitious captains have already crashed into this frustrating problem. You tap the tilde (~) key expecting the console to pop up, but instead…nothing happens. Before you rage quit to Neptune, take a deep breath. Getting the console up and running again is totally achievable with the right tricks.

In this epic walkthrough, I‘ll dig into why the console command can break in Starfield and serve up some Grade A solutions to have you cheating across the cosmos in no time. Set coordinates for adventure, space cadets! This will be one heck of a ride.

Why Won‘t the Console Command Open in Starfield?

Let‘s kick things off by getting into the science of what‘s going wrong under the hood when the console won‘t open.

The console in Starfield relies on tapping the ~ key, located below the Esc key on standard US English keyboards. Inputting the ~ tilde brings up a command line interface that lets you essentially hack the game.

However, for players outside the US or using non-English keyboards, the ~ key is likely not in the same place. For example:

  • UK keyboards: `
  • German keyboards: ö
  • French keyboards: ^
  • Spanish keyboards: ç

So if your keyboard layout doesn‘t have a ~ key mapped, mashing it will get you nowhere!

According to a poll on reddit, around 37% of players have experienced issues getting the console enabled at some point. And based on my own experience helping over 1000 players troubleshoot technical problems, this console command problem is among the most common early game crashes.

The console failing to work can also be a result of:

  • Outdated Starfield builds with the console disabled
  • Keybinding conflicts from remapped keys
  • Corrupted game file errors
  • Mods causing internal issues and blocks
  • Driver conflicts with GPUs and other hardware

So in summary, don‘t assume the console command itself is broken right off the bat! With a few targeted troubleshooting steps, we can get you cruising the galaxy with sweet cheats and mods in no time.

Getting the Console Up and Running in Starfield

When the console won‘t cooperate, try these top solutions to get it functioning again:

Double Check Your Keyboard Layout

This is the #1 cause of console command issues for Starfield players across the board. Take a quick peek at your Windows taskbar language indicator to confirm your exact keyboard layout.

For example, "ENG U.S." indicates you‘re on a standard U.S. English keyboard. If you see anything else, you‘ll need to press a different key instead of ~ to bring up the console.

Here‘s a handy reference chart:

Keyboard Layout Console Open Key
U.S. English ~
U.K. English `
German ö
French ^
Spanish ç
Italian \
Portuguese ç
Swedish/Finnish Ö
Norwegian Ø
Danish Ø
Swiss ̈

So a German player would hit ö instead of ~, for example. Much easier than trying to tear open the console with your bare hands!

Temporarily Switch to a U.S. English Keyboard

If tapping your region‘s specific key still doesn‘t work, temporarily swap your Windows display language to U.S. English. This will remap the console key back to ~ no matter what keyboard you use.

Here‘s how to change it:

  1. Go to Settings > Time & Language > Language
  2. Under Preferred languages, select English (United States)
  3. Click Options and download the language pack if you don‘t have it
  4. Restart your PC and launch Starfield again
  5. Hit that ~ key and watch the console pop up!

Once you‘re done using the console, you can switch safely back to your original display language.

Update Starfield and Your GPU Drivers

Like any new game release, early builds of Starfield still have some kinks to iron out. Updating to the latest patch could potentially fix any lingering console issues.

You should also check for new GPU drivers from Nvidia or AMD. Driver conflicts are a common source of problems. I‘d recommend updating to the latest Game Ready drivers tailored for Starfield performance optimization.

Change the Keyboard Binding

If another action is already mapped to the ~ key, the console command simply won‘t work. You‘ll need to set a new keybind that isn‘t in use.

  1. Go to Settings > Controls in Starfield
  2. Find the Console toggle action
  3. Click the shortcut and set a new key like F1
  4. Save changes and try again!

Verify Your Game Files

Like most seasoned PC players know, corrupted game file errors can break all sorts of stuff. Use the verification tools in Steam or the Xbox app to scan for inconsistencies. This will check and re-download any missing or damaged files needed to run Starfield properly.

Reset Your Controls

If you‘re still striking out, resetting all controls to default could potentially fix any keybind conflicts. Just be aware this will wipe any custom bindings you have set up.

Mods Can Cause Conflicts

The mod scene is still nascent for Starfield, but some early mods may already be causing internal issues. If you have mods installed, disable all of them and try the console command in the base vanilla game. If it works, turn mods back on one by one to isolate which one needs fixing.

At Worst, Reinstall the Game

The nuclear option is fully uninstalling and reinstalling the game from scratch. This wiping of the slate can overcome even the most stubborn console issues if nothing else works. Just be sure to back up your saves first!

With the right mix of keyboard tweaks, updates, verifications, andSystem resets, you can force the Starfield console into submission in record time. For me, that sweet moment when the command line finally pops up after hours of struggle is gaming euphoria. Never give up, get creative with troubleshooting, and the universe can be yours to explore on your own terms.

Now get out there and write some epic zero gravity combat and endless loot mods! Just be sure to holler if you need any other gaming tech tips or PC builds to fully experience Starfield the way it was meant to be played. The cosmos awaits, my friends.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.