How To Delete Your OnlyFans Account – A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

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Hey there! If you‘ve been thinking about deleting your OnlyFans account, you‘ve come to the right place.

Deleting your OnlyFans account is a big decision that can‘t be reversed. Once your account is gone, there‘s no way to get it back. So before you take that permanent step, let‘s walk through everything you need to know about how to delete your OnlyFans account.

I‘ll provide detailed steps to delete your account, what happens after, and answers to frequently asked questions. That way you can make an informed decision on whether to remove your OnlyFans profile for good.

Let‘s get started!

Why Might You Want To Delete OnlyFans?

There are a few common reasons people decide to delete their OnlyFans accounts:

  • Privacy – You may no longer want your personal info or content tied to OnlyFans. Deleting removes your data for good.

  • Career changes – If you now have a more mainstream job, you may want to dissociate from OnlyFans.

  • Security concerns – Worries about hacking or leaks could prompt deleting your account.

  • Boredom – If you no longer use OnlyFans, deleting can provide peace of mind.

  • Relationship issues – An S.O. may take issue with you being on OnlyFans. Deleting could help.

  • Financial reasons – The income may not outweigh OnlyFans fees/taxes. Removing your account cuts those costs.

According to OnlyFans, over 50 million people have signed up for the platform since launching in 2016. But many eventually ask “how do I delete my OnlyFans account?” Let‘s look at how to do it.

Step-By-Step Guide To Deleting OnlyFans

Deleting your OnlyFans account takes just a few steps, but it‘s irreversible. Follow these instructions to remove your OnlyFans profile permanently:

On Desktop

  1. Login to OnlyFans and click your profile picture.

  2. Select “Settings” from the drop down menu.

  3. Scroll down and click “Delete Account” under “Account Management.”

  4. Enter your account password when prompted.

  5. OnlyFans will email you a confirmation code. Enter it and click “Confirm.”

  6. Your account will now be scheduled for deletion!

On Mobile

  1. Open the OnlyFans website in your mobile browser and log in.

  2. Tap your profile picture, then tap “Settings.”

  3. Scroll down and tap “Account.”

  4. Enter your account password when prompted.

  5. OnlyFans will email you a confirmation code to enter.

  6. After entering the code, tap “Confirm” to schedule deletion.

Once you complete these steps, OnlyFans will permanently erase your account and data. This can‘t be reversed!

What Happens After You Delete OnlyFans?

When you delete your OnlyFans account, here‘s what you can expect:

If You‘re A Creator

  • Your account stays active until current subscriptions end.

  • Once the last subscription expires, OnlyFans deletes your account.

  • Let subscribers know you‘re deleting so they can cancel auto-renewals.

If You‘re A Subscriber

  • You‘ll have access until your subscriptions end.

  • You won‘t get subscription refunds if a creator deletes their account.

For All Users

  • OnlyFans permanently erases your account info and data.

  • Your profile, content, and data get deleted. Fans lose access.

  • Any pending payments or wallet balance is forfeited. Withdraw first!

  • You can make a new account later if desired. But your old one can‘t be restored.

According to OnlyFans, over 130 million posts have been shared on the platform to date. But once your account is deleted, your posts and data are gone for good!

OnlyFans Account Deletion Statistics

  • 50+ million people have created OnlyFans accounts

  • OnlyFans has paid out over $7 billion to creators

  • There are over 2 million OnlyFans creator accounts

  • The average OnlyFans creator earns $180 per month

  • Top OnlyFans creators make over $1 million per month

  • 70% of OnlyFans users are between 18-34 years old

  • Over 90% of OnlyFans creators are women

While OnlyFans has millions of users, many eventually ask “how do you delete OnlyFans permanently?" Let‘s look at some common questions next.

FAQs About Deleting OnlyFans

Let‘s review answers to some frequently asked questions about removing your OnlyFans account:

Can I reactivate my OnlyFans account if I delete it?

Unfortunately no. Once deleted, your OnlyFans account is gone forever and can‘t be restored.

What if I change my mind – can I get my account back?

No, there is no way to recover a deleted OnlyFans account. The deletion can‘t be reversed even if you have regrets.

What happens to my content if I delete my profile?

All your OnlyFans content will be permanently erased when your account is deleted. Fans will no longer be able to view your posts.

Will my subscribers get refunds if I delete my account?

Subscribers will not receive refunds if you delete your account as a creator. They‘ll retain access until any active subscriptions expire.

Can I delete my account if I still have active subscriptions?

Yes, but your account will stay active until the last subscription ends. Once all subs expire, OnlyFans deletes your account.

Is there any way to get my account back after deleting?

Unfortunately no. The OnlyFans deletion process is designed to be permanent for privacy. Once it‘s gone, your account is gone for good.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of what happens when you delete your OnlyFans account. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

The Bottom Line

Deleting your OnlyFans account is a big decision that can‘t be reversed. If you do choose to delete your profile, make absolutely sure it‘s what you want.

Then follow the steps here to permanently remove your OnlyFans account and data for good. Although you can create a new account in the future, your old one will be gone forever.

I hope this guide gave you a detailed overview of how to delete your OnlyFans account. Let me know if you need any other info! Wishing you the best.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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