Obliterating an LTV in Mawizeh Marsh – The Ultimate 2800 Word Guide

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Hey there! If you‘re looking to destroy an LTV in Mawizeh Marsh for a DMZ mission, you‘ve come to the right place. As a long-time COD fanatic and DMZ expert, I‘m going to walk you through everything you need to know to demolish that armored beast.

Let me start by giving you some background on DMZ and this specific mission objective.

Welcome to DMZ – An Overview

DMZ is an all-new open world extraction mode introduced in Warzone 2.0. Up to three squad members parachute into Al Mazrah and complete missions while securing loot and fending off deadly AI combatants.

There‘s no single victory condition – instead, the goal is to survive as long as possible while completing various faction missions. The further you progress, the more rewarding (and dangerous) the missions become!

Destroying an LTV (light tactical vehicle) in a specific location is one of the earliesttier missions you can take on. As the name suggests, it involves buying an LTV, scoring kills with its .50 cal turret, and finally delivering explosive justice to the durable ride.

Completing missions earns you XP, faction standing, and sweet specialized loot. Plus, they‘re a ton of fun!

Now, let‘s get into the nitty gritty of dominating this objective.

Step 1 – Amassing $18,000 for the LTV

The first step is gathering the $18,000 required to purchase an LTV from a Buy Station. Here are the most efficient ways to stack cash:

  • Completing contracts – These payout between $3k-$9k depending on difficulty. I suggest mixing up recon, eliminate, and secure contracts.

  • Looting and selling valuables – Make a habit of opening any crates and safes you find. Loot eliminated AI enemies too! Items like watches, silver bars, platinum, and cash can be sold at Buy Stations for major profit.

  • Exploring key high-value sites – The airport terminal, TV station, and various underground bunkers contain loads of valuables and cash just waiting to be snatched.

Based on my experience, I recommend starting off with recon contracts to quickly build up around $12k. These have low risk since you‘re just accessing laptops. After that, focus on looting and selling to make up the remaining $6k.

Pro Tip: Always watch your back and use cover wisely. Getting ambushed before you have an LTV would be a nightmare!

Once you‘ve secured the bag with $18k, head to the nearest Buy Station to grab your LTV.

The one just outside Ahkdar Village is ideal because of its proximity to the turret kill area. Access the menu and navigate to:

Gear > LTV with Turret

Be sure to purchase the LTV with Turret specifically, as the normal variant won‘t get the job done here. The armored beast will spawn within sprinting distance, so rush over and hop aboard!

Optional: If you don‘t have enough dough, try completing a Delivery contract for a guaranteed free LTV. Just watch out for ambushes en route!

Tearing Through Ahkdar Village with the .50 Cal

Now the fun begins! Drive the LTV into the center of Ahkdar Village, which has a mix of buildings and open areas.

This medium-sized point of interest provides the perfect shooting gallery against the AI combatants lurking within. Your goal here is to eliminate 10 enemies using the LTV‘s devastating .50 cal turret.

The turret packs a heavy punch, dealing 250 damage per shot against normal enemies. Here are the damage values against higher tier foes:

  • Armored opponents: 125 damage per shot
  • Heavy armored opponents: 65 damage per shot
  • Juggernauts: 25 damage per shot

As you can see, that .50 cal shreds through normal and armored enemies with ease. Focus fire on heavy armor and juggernauts.

I recommend positioning the LTV near cover like buildings that you can duck behind when sniper shots come your way. Quickly pop back up and spray with the turret until you hit the target.

Getting pinned down too long allows other enemies to swarm your position. Constant repositioning is key!

You may need to make a lap or two through Ahkdar to find all 10 targets. Patience and accuracy are vital – don‘t rush shots and overheat the turret.

Onwards to Mawizeh Marshlands!

After the bloodbath in Ahkdar Village, you‘ll want to immediately proceed towards the marshlands. Keep following the main roadways headed north.

Eventually, you‘ll see the location name "Mawizeh Marshlands" appear above your map. This signals that you‘ve entered the correct area to complete your objective!

At this point, find a decent spot to stop and exit the LTV. I like pulling just off the main road under some tree cover.

Quickly swap to your explosives of choice – it‘s time to light this LTV up!

Obliterating the LTV with Extreme Prejudice

To absolutely ensure you destroy the LTV and complete the mission, I strongly advise using C4, Semtex, or other heavy-duty explosives.

Here‘s a handy damage chart:

Explosive Damage to LTV
Frag 150
Thermite 200
Proximity Mine 350
C4 1200
Semtex 650

As you can see, frags and thermite won‘t cut it. Stick with C4 or Semtex instead. I recommend at least 2 packs of C4 or 3 Semtex arranged in a triangle pattern on the LTV.

Once your explosive feast is in place, find cover and blow that popsicle stand sky high!

Other Vital Tips for Success

Here are some additional tips from my experience dominating this mission:

  • Use an SUV for rapid travel between objectives early on
  • Have a trophy system ready to counter lethal equipment
  • Pack a riot shield for added protection in Ahkdar Village
  • Equip Cold Blooded to stay off enemy AI‘s threat detection
  • Grab a munitions box for extra lethal equipment
  • Play with teammates to divide up objectives

Also, don‘t forget to loot that wrecked LTV! You‘ll often find rare weapon blueprints or armor satchels amongst the flaming debris.

Enjoy Those Hard Earned Rewards

As soon as you see "Objective Complete" on your HUD after the detonation, it‘s time to celebrate! Drink a beer and pat yourself on the back.

You‘ll earn a stack of BP XP, exclusive loot items, and unlock additional missions. And of course, the satisfaction of conquering a difficult objective.

Now get back out there into the DMZ and turn more enemy vehicles into scrap metal! Stay frosty in Al Mazrah, my friend.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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