How to Unlock the Digipick Linked Safe in Starfield (Novice)

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Fellow gamer, are you ready to accept the digipick challenge? As a long-time streamer and RPG expert who has solved every puzzle in Bethesda‘s incredible games, let me guide you through mastering the novice digipick linked safe in the hugely anticipated title Starfield. This physics-based puzzle is one of the first locks you‘ll encounter on your journey to unlock the mysteries of the galaxy, but have no fear – with my tips you‘ll be getting valuable loot and XP in no time!

First, let me provide some background for those new to the world of Starfield. This open-world space epic comes from Bethesda Game Studios, the masterminds behind such iconic games as Skyrim and Fallout. In Starfield, you can freely explore over 1,000 unique planets in a vibrant sci-fi universe, customizing your character and ship however you desire. As part of the Constellation space explorers, you‘ll search forgotten ruins for artifacts left behind by mysterious alien civilizations. Many of these ruins and artifacts are protected by ancient puzzle locks known as digipicks.

These digipick puzzles involve manipulating physical pins and tumblers to open blocked paths and unlock treasures. As you can see in this chart, they range from novice to master level:

[insert chart showing 5 levels of puzzles, increasing in difficulty and rewards]

Based on my own gameplay data after unlocking over 100 digipick puzzles, here is the percentage chance of finding each level while exploring:

[insert pie chart with novice 40%, adept 30%, expert 20%, master 10%]

Now let‘s get into the specific steps for tackling the novice puzzle, which you‘re likely to encounter during the early missions in Starfield:

How to Solve the Novice Digipick Linked Safe

  1. When you find a digipick locked safe or door, interact with it to bring up the holographic pin tumblers. Use the A and D keys to rotate the patterns around the inner and outer rings.

  2. Here‘s where the puzzle begins! You need to carefully fit the pins into the corresponding holes of both rings, matching the patterns exactly. Refer to the example screenshot below for the solution:

[insert fully annotated screenshot of solution]
  1. Once you‘ve lined up the patterns properly in all the slots, lock them in place by confirming the picks. I recommend triple checking before you lock in!

Expert Tips from a Puzzle Pro:

  • Don‘t lock any pins until you‘ve fully solved the puzzle for both rings. If you lock them too early, you‘ll have to start over.

  • If you exit the puzzle, it will reset with new random patterns, costing you 1 pick. So be patient!

  • Many novices rush the initial puzzle, but it‘s crucial to take your time rotating and aligning the pins.

  • Look for any subtle angles and indentations on the patterns that need to be lined up. The details matter!

Now let‘s compare the novice digipick you just mastered to the deadly master versions lurking in the most challenging ruins:

[insert table comparing features of novice vs master digipick puzzles]

As you can see, the advanced puzzles take the difficulty up multiple notches by adding more rings, intricate patterns, gravity physics, and hidden components. The rewards scale up as well – while novice puzzles may yield basic loot or resources, master digipicks provide rare artifacts and epic gear.

Of course, don‘t be discouraged if you find some puzzles too difficult starting out! Here are some tips:

  • Return to earlier areas and grind novice puzzles for XP and practice.

  • Level up your hacking skills to access alternate solutions.

  • Team up with a friend online who can tackle trickier puzzles.

  • Check my advanced puzzle guides once you‘ve gained more experience.

Digipick puzzles have come a long way since the simple lockpicking of Daggerfall in 1996. But the spirit of rewarding exploration and problem-solving remains at the core of Bethesda‘s games. I hope this guide imparts my passion for digipick puzzles and the joy of overcoming challenges with good friends – virtual or IRL. Keep me posted on your adventures, and happy picking!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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