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How to "Do a Barrel Roll 100 Times" on Google: The Epic Quest for the Ultimate Spinning Search

Have you ever felt the need to rapidly spin around in an office chair 100 times, just because you could? Or perhaps you fondly remember pulling off insane aerial barrel rolls while playing StarFox 64 on the Nintendo 64 back in the day. If you have an innate urge to push the limits of spinning searches, you‘ll be thrilled to learn Google has the perfect Easter egg just for you: "Do a barrel roll 100 times."

In this comprehensive guide, you‘ll become a master of the legendary barrel rolling Google Easter egg. From its origins in beloved 90s video games to step-by-step instructions to spin like an out-of-control dreidel, I‘ve got you covered. Follow me on this deep dive into the dizzying world of virtual barrel rolls!

A Brief History of Google‘s Hidden Gems
Before jumping into the crazy spinning search, it helps to understand the broader phenomenon of Google Easter eggs. Google is renowned not only for their industry-dominating search engine, but also for the entertaining Easter eggs tucked away inside their products.

These hidden features often reference beloved movies, video games, memes, and pop culture. They delight users who manage to stumble upon them during an otherwise mundane Google search.

Google‘s very first Easter egg appeared back in 2000, when searching for the company‘s name triggered a server error joking "This search engine is SO last year!" Since then, Google has stuffed their products full of surprises to reward inquisitive users.

Typing "askew" tilts the results page slightly askew. Searching "festivus" results in an aluminum pole next to the search bar, referring to the faux holiday in Seinfeld. Even complex queries like "the number of horns on a unicorn" generate witty responses.

Tech-savvy users compete to uncover the most mind-blowing or obscure pop culture Easter eggs, sharing their favorites on Reddit and specialized blogs. Getting that surprise laugh or reference boosts loyalty towards Google.

Over the years, Google has added thousands of Easter eggs, even hiring dedicated programmers just for this purpose. But eventually they remove older eggs, both to clear space for new ones and keep their search algorithm focused.

That‘s where comes in – it serves as a museum preserving retired Google Easter eggs for nostalgic visitors. And that brings us to the epic "barrel roll 100 times" Easter egg awaiting you…

The Origin Story of the Barrel Roll Easter Egg
Before unveiling the 100x version, it‘s important to understand the origins of the original "Do a barrel roll" Easter egg. This iconic search has its roots in the Nintendo classic StarFox 64, released in 1997 for the Nintendo 64 system.

In StarFox 64, you play as heroic fox pilot Fox McCloud as he battles evil forces across the galaxy. During aerial dogfights, your rabbit sidekick Peppy will urge "Do a barrel roll!" as enemy ships close in. Quickly tapping the Z or R button twice executes a barrel roll maneuver, protecting you from incoming fire.

The barrel roll perfectly showcased the processing power of the N64 console at the time. And it became a signature move in the StarFox series thanks to Peppy‘s memorable voice line.

So when Google introduced the "Do a barrel roll" search in 2011, it was a loving homage to StarFox 64 by a programmer on the Google Doodles team. Typing the phrase and hitting enter makes the page gracefully rotate 360 degrees just like Fox McCloud‘s ship.

This Easter egg demonstrates two key facets of Google‘s corporate culture:

  1. Pop culture nostalgia – Googlers grew up gaming just like the rest of us!

  2. Delighting users – Adding whimsical surprises increases search satisfaction

But the fan who created took it even further with the epic "Do a barrel roll 100 times" Easter egg…

Step-by-Step Instructions: Doing 100 Barrel Rolls
Normally, Google limits you to one gentle 360 degree roll. But using, you can crank the barrel roll all the way up to 100 back-to-back spins!

If you dare tempt motion sickness, here are step-by-step instructions to do a barrel roll 100 times:

  1. Open your favorite web browser and navigate to

  2. In the search bar, type "do a barrel roll 100 times"

  3. DO NOT press enter! Instead, click the "I‘m Feeling Lucky" button

  4. Buckle up! The page will rapidly spin 100 complete times

  5. When it finishes, the page will "shatter" and display extra options like 20 rolls and 10,000 rolls

That‘s all it takes to absolutely destroy your sense of direction with this extreme Easter egg. I advise having a vomit bag handy just in case!

Pro Tip: Forgetting to click "I‘m Feeling Lucky" and just hitting enter does the normal single roll, so be sure to follow step 3.

If 100 barrel rolls seems beyond your tolerance, the page thoughtfully includes options like 20 rolls, 5.6 rolls, and 2 rolls. Or dial it up to the max with 10,000 barrel rolls if you really want to obliterate equilibrium.

This gag page is hosted at rather than Google itself. The creator likely optimized the animation code to remove limitations on the number of rolls. We all owe them thanks for modding Google‘s Easter egg for our spinning pleasure!

The Power Behind Google‘s Easter Egg Algorithm
With Google processing over 3.5 billion searches per day worldwide, how do playful Easter eggs avoid getting filtered out by its search algorithm?

Google‘s ranks pages primarily on:

  • Relevance to the search keywords
  • Authority of the information source
  • Quality of the content

Google carefully tweaks its ranking algorithm to surface the most useful results for any query. But the exact details are a closely guarded company secret.

Most Easter egg triggers use obscure phrases like "do a barrel roll" that are irrelevant to normal searches. So Google can safely add special animations or responses to them without cluttering everyday lookups.

Their search engineers embed flags that detect and react to those quirky search phrases. That‘s why you‘ll see a surprise result for "askew" but regular pages if you search for "askew definition."

Google retired older Easter eggs often disappear from search results as algorithms evolve. Elgoog preserves them for the Internet‘s nostalgia and delight.

For Google to keep improving search relevance while preserving Easter eggs takes world-class engineering. But it ensures that searching Google stays surprising and unpredictable.

Why Do Tech Companies Hide Easter Eggs?
Google isn‘t the only tech giant that hides special features and references inside their products. Microsoft, Apple, and others embrace Easter eggs as part of their company cultures. But why invest time building features most users will never see?

Creative Easter eggs bring several benefits:

  • Generate brand love – People appreciate unexpected humor and personality from corporations.

  • Encourage exploration – Rewarding users for trying wacky things promotes product tinkering.

  • Unify company culture – Shared jokes and references bring employees together.

  • Spark viral buzz – Easter eggs get shared wildly on social media, fueling free marketing.

  • Attract talent – Engineers want to work at companies with engaging cultures and perks.

While non-essential, Easter eggs demonstrate that companies are run by real humans, not faceless entities. A quick laugh discovery makes customers feel part of an inside joke.

For Google, Easter eggs perfectly complement their primary mission – organizing the world‘s information. What better way than making searching itself a surprising adventure?

My 10 Favorite Google Easter Eggs of All Time
Now that you‘re an expert on the legendary barrel roll Easter egg, let me share some other delightful hidden gems scattered across Google‘s products:

  1. Askew – Searches for "askew" tilts results page slightly askew

  2. Do a Barrel Roll – Rotates page 360 degrees

  3. Zerg Rush – Searches for "zerg rush" starts an arcade game

  4. Blink HTML – Searches with "blink" shows blinking results

  5. Recursion – Searching "recursion" gives a recursive result

  6. Anagram – Find an anagram for your name

  7. Breathing Exercise – Results for breathing exercise lead you through a program

  8. Spinner – Tons of fidget spinner games to waste time

  9. Solitaire – Instantly play solitaire through the search bar

  10. Atari Breakout – Images search for "atari breakout" lets you play

Part of the fun is stumbling onto Google‘s Easter eggs accidentally. But for the full experience, be sure to search out the most entertaining ones.

The Journey of Discovery Never Ends
Like any great adventure, uncovering Google‘s Easter eggs often leads to more questions. What other hidden surprises await? Who originally built this? What does that reference mean?

Allowing yourself to get delightfully lost down the rabbit hole of Easter egg searches can eat up hours. But isn‘t that part of the joy?

Sometimes we just need to set aside productivity, get curious again, and recapture the excitement of exploring undiscovered virtual worlds.

So if you ever need to add some whimsy into your day, take Peppy‘s advice and "do a barrel roll!" With the 100x Easter egg, you can now spin until delightfully dizzy. Just be sure to stock up on motion sickness meds first!

I hope this guide has inspired you to tinker and rediscover Google‘s hidden surprises. Easter eggs showcase programmers creatively playing with the capabilities of their platforms. What will you build today?


Written by Alexis Kestler

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